Sunday, September 3, 2017

"Santos Boancci, Ronald Slusher Sr."

The 'Odd Couple' we are. Santos 51 years old and me 70 years old became friends 7 or 8 years ago by fluke. I'd just started my YouTube channel and blog. Santos was already popular with all his Astrotheology lectures and videos. Santos showed how the Christian bible tales and the movements of the Stars and Planets are 'one in the same'. I'd been chasing Hopi and Mayan theology for years. After discovering over 20 years ago on the cliffs of Old Oraibi, Hopi 3rd Mesa. A Petoglyph of Mayan figure, facing south toward home of the Mayan. (pic side bar) Learning from Santos about Astrotheology and tying it to my knowledge of the Mayan Popol Vuh. The fact that all the Tales in the Pool Vuh. Are based on the movement of the Stars and Planets. I'd found someone actually doing the required readings and research. Not some mouth piece, rumbling the 'Corporate Line'. Like all the churches and the 501 c3 they must all sign. Before they can become a 'Tax Exempt' entity. To become a 'Tax Exempt 501 c3 Organization', you have to promise that you will not use your 'Pulpit', for Political purposes. You may attack any other, Religion, Government, Cult, Race, etc., you desire. But you may never ever attack the US Federal Government, from your Pulpit. It's called, 'American Freedom'!!!

Before we became friends, Santos and me. He'd banned me from his YT channel and other postings. I kept correcting Santos's Hopi comments he uses. (Red Ice Radio also banned me for same reason.) Santos knows of the ancient Hopi Tales and uses them often in his lectures. While Santos was banning me from commenting on his teachings. He had Subscribed to my YouTube channel, unknowing it was me. All I was doing was showing Santos. How even the ancient Hopi Tales had been corrupted by the powers, for obvious reasons (The Truth). And I was correcting the wrong done to the Hopi Past. The exact same thing Ahkima Honyumptewa and I were doing with his series of videos. Santos had no idea what he was saying, had been corrupted by the powers. Not quite sure how it all happened, but soon Santos and me were to email and Skype each other regularly. If I don't send Santos a message for months, then do. He always respond quickly, which seemed rather odd util recently. Long before the both of us became Flat Earthers. Santos invited me on to his 'American Freedom Radio' show on 3-11-13 to be a guest ( note date). 'Santos Bonacci and Me'.

Now Santos and me have became Flat Earthers, fighting the same battle. I'd become a Flat Earther before Santos, from simply reviewing my own videos. As I always try and do a 360 degree view of where I'm recording (no Curvature). To give the viewer a better feeling of the surroundings. So for months I never contacted Santos. Until one day, his 1st Flat Earth video was on my YT recommend list. Sent him a quick skype message and boom Santos returned my message. Now the 'New War of Knowledge' is on, big "Time"!!!

The Flat Earther attacks have began in earnest now. One of the first weapons used by the powers is always, 'Disinformation'. With NASA/hollywood being the main attack dog. And of course the controlled mass media. The oddity about the Flat Earth movement, is it's recent origins. A Sleeping Dog for centuries, has now started to divide the popular thought. Just like Race and Religions have done for history. What happened to create the sudden new interest. And 'who or what', started putting the Old Reality back? As coincidence in my life, is a thing of the Past now. No matter, it's here now, and the War is on for the Truth. Just as it's been forever.

Suddenly all sorts of videos on just how the Flat Earth model works. Government controlled groups like 'Flat Earth Society'. YouTube channels like IPS, GlobeBusters, Mark Sargent, and now 100's of others, flood the Flat Earth Reality. All adding to the confusion. And now the recent Eclipse, dividing things even further. Enter Santos Bonacci, reality. And a group on YT called 'Sun and Moon Group'. trying to fight the good battle. In a battle to free folks from the Big Bang/ Darwinism BS. Mankind isn't a Fluke and "God" less, as in Big Bang/Darwinism. A Child of "God", thus a "God". And AI aka; 'Artificial Intelligence' is near crap. Just the same BS Big Bang/Darwinism in a different Coat. Your are becoming a Machine in the future. ha ha ha 'Common Sense' being ripped from humanity, once again.

Santos is the only one doing the 1,000s of hours of research. Not only now, but on the Religions, Cults, Stars and Planets of decades. As Santos says, his own Astrology works far better on a Flat Earth model. Santos just proved the Moon never went in front of the Sun. 'Flat Earth Karen and Ceres from Holland, with Santos Bonacci'  Common Sense tells you, the Sun some 93 million miles away. Cannot make a Dot go across the USA. By the Moon, only 239,000 miles away. Moon would have absolutely no effect. Yet NASA/hollywood want you to buy$$$ into their special kind of BS. And to throw away, all your Common Sense.

Santos and me are friends, while most hate the both of us. We are hated because we have not been Compromised by the powers or religions. Santos and me will not be lead foolishly into bad Mental and Physical Health. As most bow to the pressures of every day life. As I've said many "Times" before, 'you have to get in line to hate me'. Yet Santos is just the opposite from the programmed masses. To hate my Aryan Ass. Why is that, because Santos is educated and my knowledge doesn't intimidate him. Like it does everyone else. Santos tells me, he has 'total Love and Respect for me'. No one ever says that too me. Santos tells me, 'the Hopi are lucky to have me as a friend'. Only other Hopi have ever told me that. While the rest of the World would attack my knowledge. As Santos said, 'I see the respect the Hopi have for you Ron'. Thank "God' for souls like Santos and Me, still fighting the good fight. While the masses fall to their collective knees, to their Masters. 'Prostrated'

"God" Bless on the Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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