Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Act As If"

"God" just dropped your Dumb Ass off in the Forest. Because "He" did!!! But that has all been removed, successfully by the powers. Instead of mankind living at 'One With Mother Nature'. Mankind has turned it's back on Mother Nature. Not by mankind's Freewill, but by the powers propaganda. The only way to control the masses successfully, you have to create the very Place mankind thinks he lives. Convince mankind they are a Fluke of Nature. In the last 500 years, that has happened. Before the 'Jesuit Spinning Ball', mankind was the Center of the Universe. "God" had created the Heavens and Earth just for mankind's Spiritual growth and development. Now mankind is at war with Mother Nature, against their own will. How can this happen?

Something came along and decided to control the masses. Hopi tales say, 'mankind must be pushed along', or mankind will become stagnate. If life was a Beach, you'd never leave it, thing. And I can say that for myself. Mankind still has the basic instincts of , 'Shelter, Food, Sex' and 'Fight or Flight'. As for gaining Spiritual growth, that appears to need to be pushed along. Your born with the feeling that their is more to you than meets the eye. Hidden somewhere in the back of your mind. You instinctively know, Right from Wrong. You are born with a Penal Glade or your 'Third Eye'. But to control the masses, these born instincts must be mentally removed. I believe religion was the Tool used by the powers to take control of the masses. aka: All Roads lead too Rome'. Once the mind is under control. The body can be lead to Death. War, Famine, Disease, are all created for control.

Now that mankind's Spirituality has been removed by false "Gods". That "God" cannot be attained without a religious leader. That Nature and "God" are not the same. Fact that your very life is miracle of "God". Has been removed by the creation of the Jesuit's Spinning Ball Universe. A few worthless, soulless whores, who have no love. For their fellow humanity. Have now taken control of the World's population.

Once the Forest, Jungles and Deserts were mankind's pharmacy. Now mankind's modern medicines are Petroleum based. What could possibly be natural in petroleum, for the human medical consumption? Instead of eating Raw Foods as "God" intended. Almost all foods today are either GMO processed or cooked. Instead of fighting Disease with proper nutrition. Preventing disease before it can attack the body, has all been lost. Now the advertisements are full of cures, that are purely chemical petroleum based. That can have no possible help for the patient. Visit your doctor and suddenly everything is Cancer. That will require CHEMO!!! While you are dying from the CHEMO, your good organs are be peddled away for profit. As the medical powers have convinced the general public to be 'Organ Donors'. What better way to tell the medical whores, 'My body's for sale'. With wholesale attacks on mankind's 'Common Senses'. Who in their right mind would 'sign their own Organs away?' Knowing that the medical system, know's that your (Organs) are worth more to them. If you die in their Care. That's why CHEMO is used to keep the patient just barely alive. Until all medical insurances and the patients own saving have been stole. Then the Harvesting of one's Organs. The very same thing the Federal government is doing with everyone's Social Security. The powers are betting on you dying before Retirement age. And they are winning that contest, hands down now. With all the chemicals in the Foods, Water and Air.

Best Defense, 'act as if "God" just put you in the Forest and you must survive'. Everything you need to survive, is in that Forest naturally. Food, Shelter, Water, Medicines, all before you. Your a Creation of "God", not a Fluke of Nature. All that has been stolen from humanity, in just a few hundred years. From a 'Child of God', to a Mind Controlled Freak of Society. Pimple Faced Kids

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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