Sunday, October 1, 2017

"Killing the Children"

As I've written before, the attack on the White population is Maddening!!! Even the American government has turned on the American Whites. Autism among White children is growing by 'leaps and bounds' today. By the year 2030, some medical whores have predicted, that 1/2 of the White children born. Will be born with Autism or Downs Syndrome. While the American White population, submits to their own Death and Destruction. The propaganda is so powerful, you now see, 'Support Autism Awareness'. As a child of the 50s, this is craziness. The parents have been so polluted with poisons in most everything they drink and eat. They are now mentally unable to defend their own children, from a life of misery! Both the child and the parent will be handicap the rest of their lives. Trust me I've seen it a good friend. With autistic child, suffering for years. Just like in War, a wounded soldier takes several others to help them along. That's why it's better to wound a soldier, than to kill the soldier. He now become a burden instead of an asset. Just like the child's ruined life. A life meant for Spiritual development, not total misery, lost in the dark. Will need support the rest of their lives.

Those like myself will be drowned out by the control media. Only those who are able to rise above all the propaganda. Will ensure the Mental and Healthy survival of their own offspring. The rest, are in a prison of Hell. Never knowing that life was meant to be Great experiences. Instead of a constant struggles of life. The child's mind is being stolen by their Public Education. That is only meant to program the child even further. Turning the child against the Parents knowledge by experience. Isolating the family from each other even. With the child's Cell Phone, now the child's center of attention. I've watch as the isolated Hopi Peoples have been divided from the own children. With the introduction of Cell Towers on the Hopi Traditional Homelands. Hopi past Tales and History, are now, so forgotten, by the Hopi children. Once signs reading, 'Water is Life'. Now the signs are all gone. Replaced by signs reading, 'Rape is a Crime'. The Innocent Hopi Children had no chance against the Soulless Hoards. Just as the in the past. When the Christians removed the Hopi children from their parents. Claiming the parents were Savages. After the Christians in the name of 'Jesus Christ'. Slaughtered over 14 million Native Americans. Just who are the real Savages, the Christians???

A total frontal attack on the children's Childhood. An Organic childhood is being ripped from the children, with porn everywhere. Mom goes through men, like changes in the seasons.    'The Feminist Movement' was the new.

  Mom dresses like a whore, all tattooed and pierced up. How could the child have any respect for the mother. When the mother, has no self respect for themselves? Dragging the child along, as if a prop. Innocents has been robbed from the children. With the adult's self indulgence. Turning mom into the mom of today. It all got a giant extra kick start in the 60s. Women were being programmed by the mass media. They need to be free, working, look at me, programming. Gone was the loving home mom. Just as quickly as women suddenly became Smokers, in the 20s. Before media propaganda of the 20s. Women smoking was frowned upon by society. Then the programming of women was called the, 'Suffrage Movement'. Just an example of how the women are easily influenced. To what you have today. Let the powers raise the child, ca-ching! Now the poor children are so dumbed down today. Elon Musk is backing Rockets down from fake outer space. Onto a landing pad, pure CGI. Can't go back to the Moon, far to difficult, lost info. Mars, that's no problem BS. And the children go, Oh-Tay. Not their fault in any way. Common Sense has been denied the child, the parent. To the powers, the women were easy Prey. Mom's loved Child, to a Child of the State. Programmed for decades, just reporting what I've seen at 70.

Now the child is being protected from the child's own environment. No more playing outside util dark, with no fears. Physical Education is being removed from public education systems. Children are dress like Robots, to simple take a bicycle ride. Child is riddled with Vaccinations, claiming 'Preventive Medicine. Where for 100s of generation, the child was just fine without the poisons  in vaccinations. Myself with perfect health at 70, only got 1 vaccination. And the 1 vaccination ruined a many child's adulthood. That vaccination was for Polio. Telling a generation that Stagnate Water created Polio BS. Just as today giving young girls vaccination to some how prevent Cancer in the female child later in life. How would you even test such a drug. Yet the American public duped from the AMA, via the constant bombardment of propaganda. AMA is out to Kill You, before you have a chance at retirement. AMA is just part of the system obviously. Now that system wants your child to be a burden on the parent until death. This is where America is today. Defending one's self from one's own government of corruption.

"God" bless the Children, abandoned by the powers evilness. Just as the child needs the parents for Protection and Mental growth. The parents also need the child for their own Mental and Spiritual development. Destroying the Family Unit, started with the Mothers. They were first attacked, knowing the outcome. With the Family Unit destroyed, you have what America has become in Modern "Times". A Warring Nation, who's population's health and welfare have been completely tossed aside.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

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