Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Does it Really Matter?"

All the background noise of War and Doom, who's listening? Does it really effect you're  Life's Journey? Or is all this background noise, there to misdirect your life? The Las Vegas Shootings, Hollyj$$$$w Sex Scandal, North Korea attacking the US, Trump BS constantly. It never ends, does it? Their's a reason for all this, your Mind. It's all about 'Mind Control' of the masses. Who you are, where you came from are the biggest 'Mind Control' weapon. Remove "God' from the equation, you have total control. You now have a 'Mind Controlled Monkey' or as I've invented the term. ''Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkey', type of mental control! After "God" is removed, with the Jesuit Spinning Ball BS (aka: Copernicus) , Darwinism and Einstein's' Big Bang' BS. Who need's a "God"? Now the powers are programming the children into believing, the child would one day. Become an adult and merge with a machine, AI Robot, fake as Space it's self. And I thought it was crazy when kids on the job site were believed in Reincarnated Zombies.

What has to happen before complete control over the citizenry, Guns. The guns must be removed from those who will not take the programming. Majority of the masses believe everything the controlled mass media tell them. Or as Richard Nixon said it best, 'American people don't believe anything's until, they see on television'. With all the recent False Flag shootings, what do you see. Folks believing that some crazed lone Wolf, killed 59 folks in Las Vegas. And fired over 550 rounds of ammunition into the concert crowd. (Concert played in front of the Vegas Sphinx and Pyramid psyop) The same masses that bought into, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and so on. And right on Que after the shooting stopped, 'Gun Control'. With a Bill awaiting to be introduced about Automatic Weapons Control. Just as the 'Patriot Act' was introduced the day after 911. Which turned every citizen of a America into, 'a Combatant of the State'. Now the only thing left, is the drip, drip of total Gun Control. 2nd Amendment was all about, not letting the government have total control of it's citizenry. Citizens having guns is about the citizenry protecting themselves from a Tyrannical government. Exactly what the USA has become today.

So the False Flags just seem to getting bigger and bigger. The pressure keep growing to remove guns. Until the older and wiser generation have all died off. With the dumb-downed generation that's been compromised with poisons and diet. Mentally and Physically to weak to defend or learn for themselves. What will turn the Tide? End of the Hopi 'Fourth World'? Return of a Hero to save humanity? Baby Jesus, Blue Star Kachina, Buddha, Allah, Adonai, etc.. Folks better save themselves, mentally. No one's coming, never has, only cycles of Life. Every so often, the Landscape changes, look around. Who ever comes along in the Planet's history, comes and goes. Far greater things are evolving than anyone could possibly know. Yet these morons come along and try to direct history. One day, it could all end in a Heartbeat!!! One never knows. Your last Breath, everyone's last Breath, gone in a Heartbeat. Does it Really Matter, is everything? Just in your head, your soul?

Is the 'Fix' in? Are all Politic and Sports, Fixed? You bet ya!!! All for a misdirection of mankind's reality. Just as in Roman "Times", feeding Christian to the Lions. The NFL is nothing more than modern day Roman Coliseum Gladiators. The NE Patriots are the greatest of all. Red, White and Blue, just like the USA. TV has only one Job, programming the viewers. Music industry has only one Job, programming the listeners. Politics have only one Job, controlling through legislation. Breaking away is simple, stop Listening to all the Noise! It all really doesn't effect True Reality. Folks only let it get to them mentally and physically. The bad news Bombardment is designed to hurt you Physically and Mentally. Nothing kills you faster than Stress. With the powers using the media to create all these unwanted outside Stresses. That's why nothing you ever hear or see from the controlled media. Is for your own benefit. It's all about tearing you down. That's why, 'Does it Really Matter', what powers say? No, your life is your own, not the government, not the church. Your own "God" given common sense is your leader.

"God" Bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS" "Aliens"

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