Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Mass Poisoning"

Wasn't Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, both accused of 'Mass Poisoning'? One 'the j$$$$ws', the other, Brown Cat, killing other Brown Cats. Billions $$$$ spent supposedly, killing the both of them. They supposedly had, Weapons of Mass Destruction. And Poisoning their own citizens and other country's citizenry. In American and the rest of the World. It's now legal to simply Kill, Everyone!!! Look Up, Skies ripped with Chem-Trails. Read the label on the processed foods and liquids, before consuming. All the warnings In Your Face, We'er Killing You. Can't say we didn't warn you, it's right there! No only the Body but the Mind at the same "Time".

My last trip to record the 'Apache Crown Dancers' on 'Apache Jii Day'. I panned around to the audience. There in your face, was a dying American population. White, Native American, Black no matter the Race. Killing Americans is indiscriminate. How can this be? When it's so clear to me, what is being attempted and accomplished. The Native Americans and women, seem to be the most vulnerable. The amount of women in their 50s, needed walkers is amazing. And what do the women have in most in common with the Native American population? 'Obesity' #1 problem, so easily cured. Women have been programmed to believe, 'bigger is better'. Overweight women are now on the cover's of publication. The 'Single Overweight Mom' is now the norm. She is now called, 'Soccer Mom'. With Soccer being part of the Programming of weaken the male child. Mom is 'Soccer' or Suckered unknowingly, her child to be Weak. This is one of the reasons the NFL is being brought down now. Weaken the defenseless male population. So they may never rise-up in rebellion against their masters. All so Zionist for mass control.

What amazes me is that the 'Single Overweight Mom' could be cure overnight. If you need a Walker before age 50, because of overweight. Why doesn't the same doctor who prescribed the Walker tell the female patient. 'YOUR OVERWEIGHT', but that's never going to happen. A simple cure for a simple problem. Modern medicine knows nothing of proper nutritional needs. Instead their is a Petroleum Based pill for every cure. The female patient's joints are weak from carrying around an extra 50 - 100 pounds. Crushing the joints, causing all the pain. Yet no cure of, 'Stop Eating' so much! Pills will be prescribed for Joint Pain, then more pills for the side effects of the Pain Killers. An endless cycle designed for only one purpose, 'Killing the Patient'. This is no more than 'Mass Poisoning'. Poisons to cure a problem from eating Poisoned Foods.

Other than the constant Chem-trailing, and chemicals in everything eaten or drunken. A push for Fast Foods is also part of the plan. Their is nothing in McDonald'as that is good for consumption. Or any of the Fast Food Joints. What part of a Pepperoni Pizza is good for you? How about a Donuts for breakfast, pure poisons. Processed Grains are Killers, turning into Carbohydrates as soon as they are cooked. The Rawer the better. This after all is 'War'! A War against those in power to shorten and weaken one's life.

This is a War of Survival, being fought with Nutritional Needs. The Nutritional Needs of your "God" given body. Not the poisons being given out by the powers. Of processed chemical laden foods and GMO to make you weak and sickly. Never to reach retirement age. Sad to watch as the citizenry has been weakened before my very eyes. As a kid growing up in the (50s,) deserts of Arizona. You never seen an obese person, no A/C units helped. No Fast Food chains, no GMO foods. Never hearing of folks dying from Cancers. Old Age and Falling breaking a Hip, was the major death factor then. Not now, Cancer has become the common malady, of today's modern  foods and medicines. At 70 years old, I'm suddenly in 'Rarefied Air'. Most of my Baby Boomers generation, is dead or dying from Malnutrition. And now a sick American population, dependent on Pharmaceutical Petroleum Based Drugs. 80% Overweight, all Poisoned. This is my 'Small Part', all I can do. For most have been programmed into fighting with me about proper Nutritional Values. As my Son-in-law once said to me. 'Why do you worry so much about your diet. Why don't you, just enjoy the rest of your Life'. He's now Dead, never made it to 50 years old! Riddled with Cancers before he made it to 50 years of age. Chemo was used to kill him off. Who will ever know if he was truly riddled with Cancer? In Modern Medicine, everything is diagnosed as Cancer with Chemo the only cure. All part of the Plan. (The kid's Organs were surely sold off before Death.)

Now with all the discoveries about using Cannabis and Cannabinoids to cure Cancers. Their is an alternative to certain Death with Chemo therapy. But the very best cure for Cancer, is a proper Diet. Simple eating as fresh and raw as possible. 'The Fresher, the Better'. 'The Organic and Raw, the Better'. A High Alkaline Body keeps Cancers from developing. Processed foods, processed sugars and a high Flesh Diet, are your sure path too Cancer. As I tell folks. 'You can't afford not to Eat Properly'. Do you want to  end-up? 'With a bunch of strangers walking around your bed at death. With Tubes hanging out your arms'? No one deserves to Die like that. But that's what the powers want happening to all Americans, no matter the Age or  and Race. Surrender, Never!!!

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

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