Saturday, November 11, 2017

"Once Your Flat"

Common saying amongst the Flat Earth community, such as it is. 'Once Your Flat, You Never Go Back'. A guy called into Poncho Pete's show (Mr.PonchoPete Chan Strong), with a new twist. 'Once Your Flat, You Never Go Back, Unless Your on Crack'. The caller's buddy went to prison for making/selling Crack. When his bud went into prison, a confirmed Flat Earther. Cleaned up his act in jail. Got out and started cocking Meth again, went back to being a Ball Earther or Baller. So now even that sacred term is lost. Funny, I call it, 'As the Flat Earth Turns'. And the Flat Earth has grown so much. the Flat Earth community, is splintered. The so called self proclaimed Faces of Flat Earth, are falling on their own Swords now. 'Tea Party', Flat Earth style of inroads is now happening. I compare it, to the take-over of MUFON (If not created as  a PSYOPS). MUFON meetings went from someone's living room. To what it is today, totally infiltrated. Now MUFON is controlled by a NASA sub-contractor. here is a link that show's NASA in Hebrew means to, 'Deceive'.

Now you have Biblical Flat Earthers, Infinite Plain Flat Earthers, Dome Flat Earthers, No Dome Flat Earthers, and what ever new type Flat Earther tomorrow. I have my own Flat Earth Theory, 'I don't Know,' Theory. I'm sure I'm not on a Spinning Ball and my ancestry isn't from a Monkey. The rest of how the Flat Earth operates to me. Is a mystery, maybe at death, one will find out. Until then, only Theories abound about the true shape of Mother Earth. This need among Flat Earthers to prove just how the system works. Is also dividing the Flat Earthers.

I'm now a firm believer, that Flat Earth movement, isn't Organic in Nature. This all got started in 2015, with a Bang. Most folks, mainly male. you talk to about Flat Earth. Say they first heard of Flat Earth from a recommended YouTube video. Myself included. YouTube/Google knowing who the Creators verses the viewers are. YouTube/Google knowing, they have the Creators in hand. The idea of Flat Earth appears to be introduced to the Creators. Knowing the Creators would do the Leg Work. Much like the Hippie Movement and all that went with that. So why would YouTube which is owned by Google. Suddenly start pushing the, Flat Earth idea on their site? I've leaned the hard way, their are no 'Free Lunches'. So just why did this phenomenon get started and by who? When it may have never been rediscover on it's own. It use to be, 'In "God" we Trust'. Now it's, 'what did Google say'. In many ways, Google has become the modern day Bible. Got a question, don't research your Bible. Simple Google the answer your looking for. No need foe Deep Prayer and Meditation, looking for answers.

And now the Reality of Flat Earth followers, has turned into name calling. When something like Flat Earth Reality is between, you and your "God". How and Why this place is Flat, is now outright War. With opinions like Belly Buttons on, how, who, why and shape etc.. A Comedy for sure. Even my long "Time" bud Santos. Shoved a Sword through is own Heart, on 'Sun and Moon Group'. In a fight to say, 'who's right'. Egos have replaced 'Common Sense'. And the powers are making all the right moves. To take control of the Flat Earth Reality. It's the Tea Party all over again type play.

This week the 1st 'Flat Earth Conference' was in Raleigh North Carolina. With all the usual suspect as the main players. The powers lined up the Gay and Lesbian parade of players. As the power love doing, because these lost souls, are easily controlled. Imagine waking up each morning saying to yourself, 'am I boy today or a girl today?' As sexual deviance seems to be the powers persona!!! With the powers doing their best to lower everyone into their sick homosexuality reality. FEC had a Fag and a Transsexual as the main presenters, why not! With most in the Flat Earth community now know who they are. The whole FEC thing, has become a joke in the Flat Earth chat rooms. The Whores that were in the FEC. The media will try and present as your average 'Day to Day' Flat Earther. Crazy dumb-ass Transsexuals all messed up in the Head thing. It's worked in the past, look how the Tea Party was brought down. And just about all other good movements that started as wholesome endeavors. Just as the 'Flat Earth Society' was created by the powers. To fill the whole Flat Earth Reality, full of miss-directions. Thus turning the persons looking for knowledge away from the subject.

Flat Earth Reality will not go away, no matter how hard the powers try. Flat Earthers seem to be the most educated and least to be corrupted. They were the ones who already had no trust for NASA and the fake Moon Landings. The same folks who realized the powers were behind 911, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and so on. These folks are not going to say one day!. 'OK government, now I trust you'. Never going to happen!!! So what do the powers do now? The FEC was a giant dud, with only a few going and most following on-line. Making fun of the whole FEC. Folks are waking up to who is real and who the powers have put in place. To miss direct the movement. Flat Earth Reality is a Leaderless Reality. It's more a "God's" Presence reality than anything. As their is no denying the need for a Creator "God" for Flat Earth. This BS Darwinism and Jesuit Spinning Ball crap, just don't fly! Just ask a Ball Earther if they came from a Monkey? They will have no idea the Spinning Ball and Darwinism are connected. In the denying of "God's" presences. Folks just believe as they have been told, never questioning the truth. Me included, most of my life. But like so much of America and the World. 911 was so badly pulled-off, that awoken the masses who were asleep.

Just as the mass media has put the World's population to sleep for decades. The mass media is awakening folks, with the mass medias own mistakes. It makes one wonder if mistake are made on purpose. Or are the powers just dumb asses, which is hard to believe. As the World's minds have been compromised so well over the centuries. Flat Earth Reality is now out of the bag, one could say. As most have at least heard of Flat Earth topic now. And the funnest part of Flat Earth Reality. Is when a Flat Earther brings up the subject to the programmed masses. The uncontrollable hatred for the Flat Earther. Comes fourth like Hot Lava. As the song goes, 'Orangutans are Skeptical of Changes in their Cages'. And yes the World is a Zoo and the humans are treated like Dumb Zoo animals. It's the 'Herd Mentality' of humanity thing going. And the powers use it on the masses, to control the masses. TV and mass media, being the biggest weapon used on folks mentality.

It will be interesting over the next few years to see how the powers react. Or is the Flat Earth Reality just another card in the 'Divide, Conquer, Control' plans? Maybe a miss direction, to advance the One "God", One Government, or NWO. Flat Earth Reality needs no leaders and that must be the scariest part for the powers. Who always force the masses to decide a Leader. That helps the Control Mechanism work. Because it always divides the masses, from each other. Just as religion has done for centuries. Pick One's Own Road, is the Best Road!!!

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

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