Sunday, November 26, 2017


Gravity, Space, Atom, Particle, Molecule, Chromosome,  DNA, Big Bang, all just a Theory. The list could go on and on. Pretty much everything you were taught in school was a Theory. From the Disney Cartoons on Saturday morning, through High-school and College. Mankind's minds have been directed in the direction the powers want the masses to believe. And Believe, the masses do. The programming has been absolutely brilliant. Their is almost no escape of the constant bombardment of propaganda. Say anything off the 'Beaten Path' and under attack you'll become. Poor miss directed folks, defending the lies that they have been taught. Not knowing what has been done to them. That mankind has been programmed to not use their own Common Sense. That's why all the Gender-Bender crap going on now. You cannot be trusted to figure out if your a Boy or Girl at birth. In fact now, in some states. The child can decided what Gender they are. No matte how obvious that might be. The parent has been taken out of the equation.

And the biggest Theory of All "Time" is? Your living on a Spinning Ball and Mankind evolved from Nothing. And most of the World's so-called educated population, believe both Theories! With absolutely no proof, folks believe their ancestors were Monkeys. But when I confront someone, tying the Spinning Ball to Darwinism. They suddenly realize what they are defending. You hear, I'm no Monkey. Yet the same individuals will attack your senselessly about living on a Jesuit Spinning Ball. You simple can't have one without the other. It's all about hiding "God" behind a Jesuit Spinning Ball. Take away "God", you control the masses. Or give the masses the "God" you want them to have, same thing. Give the masses several "God" and religions, as we have today. And you have what you have today. A World at War with each other. Over religions that were invented to divide the masses. Just can't get away from, 'All Roads Lead too Rome'. And Rome created all religions to control the masses. Then in the last 500 years. Rome has planted the seed, mankind lives on a Jesuit Spinning Ball and they evolved from Monkeys. Starting with Moss (lichen) on a Rock! Why would Rome do this?

To eliminate "God" from this Reality, would be my guess. Rome used religions to divide the masses, for control. Now want to bring all religions under one blanket, the Roman Church and one "God". You can see how this is being accomplished. The Family Unit must be broken down first. And through the controlled media, using the women as Pawns. The Family unit is dying a ugly death before our eyes. How many families survive until the child is raised and gone? The percentages must be small as compare to my childhood. Both parent must now work to provide. this was done to the masses on purpose. 'It's all about me' from the controlled media, selfies and such now. Convincing the masses they are Lesbian or Gay, via the movies and music. Has been very effective. Putting chemicals in the food, GMOs, using product like Soy. To changes one's idea about their sexuality. With the media only showing Gay men on everything. Working on the child's mind from birth. The male is now shown as only the weaker sex. To dumb to make their own decisions. Turning the child against the male parent.

Finally flooding the media with all these tales of Space. How mankind has reached into the depths of unknown Space. All these Space probes, heading beyond one's imagination. When in fact. it's all from someone's imagination. All CGI BS from NASA/Hollywood. 52 million dollars $$$ a day CGI BS. All because of the Flat Earth Reality now upon the scene. NASA/Hollywood is under attack. like no other "Time". NASA/Hollywood had a Free Ride until now. No one questioned NASA/Hollywood before, but a few. Who realized the Space Program and Lunar Landings were Fake.

As a Flat Earther, having no knowledge of where I live or the shape of my surroundings. I do know from my own observations, Common Sense that the Place is Flat. And I know I'm a child of "God". And not some Jesuit Monkey. So when I'm confronted over being a Flat Earther. I always ask, 'are you a Jesuit Monkey?' You'd be surprised to find out. That you cannot separate the Jesuit Spinning Ball from Evolution. And most folks never realize this fact. The propaganda has been so powerful from childhood until this very moment. Folks never take a moment to figure out. Just who in the Hell they are. Close out the controlled media and Open Your Mind.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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