Sunday, December 3, 2017

"No Birth Certificate, No Death Certificate"

As Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover told me, 'they can't Kill you'! I guess, meaning the powers. Without a Birth/Death Certificate, I don't fall under 'Maritime Admiralty Law'. And that explains it all, some 70 years later. Just what is 'Maritime Law'? When you are born, you are given a Birth/Death Certificate. When you are born, you arrive via your Mother's Birthing Channel. Same as a Ship arriving in Port Docking. When you arrive in Port Docking, you are a Live Birth. You are given a Certificate of Arrival or Birth/Docking. You are now part of Maritime Admiralty Law. Your mother unknowingly, gave you to the State. Now when you go to Court, you get a Docket Number. You are Property of the State. If you don't pay your Taxes, because you are property of the State. You can be incarcerated by the State. The term Money comes from Water and River Banks that control the Water Current or Money. When you get out of jail on Bail. It comes from 'Bailing Water' out of the Boat. When you are losing your home is, 'your underwater'. When you are heavily in debt, you are 'drowning in debt'. A few other term for the Vessel/Ship. Citizenship, Lordship, Ownership, Partnership, Worship, Township, Scholarship, Fellowship, Friendship, etc.. America is a Corporation and if you have a Birth/Death Certificate in America. You are owned by the Corporation called America. That is why your name on your Birth/Death Certificate in in all Capital letters. You are not a human in the eyes of the State. You are a Taxable corporation. If you notice, most all you bills (water, electricity, etc.), you name is in Capital letters. On your Driver License, you name is also in all Capital letters. Your Credit Cards, your name is in Capital letters. Your not John Doe, your JOHN DOE the legal corporation operating in the USA Corporation. Scary isn't it???

You as a corporation operating on USA soil. You must have permission to do almost everything. Getting a job, you'll need a State issued Social Security number 1st. Want to leave the country, better ask permission from the USA corporation. The USA corporation will issue you a Passport. Telling you, you may now leave the USA. You are not Free from the USA, you are only on Liberty from the USA. That's why the Statue of Liberty isn't called the 'Statue of Freedom'. You are not Free to come and go as you please. And the USA corporation can tell you, if you may reenter the USA corporation. You can't even get Married without asking permission, to get Marry from the State. The State will issue a Marriage License. You think you own your home, land, automobile, wrong. Stop paying Taxes on those items, see if you really own them. No new TAGS on you vehicle from the State. Your car doesn't move along State Roadways. You can't even own a Dog without the States permission. yet like the Jesuit Spinning Ball. Most citizens of America, will defend their so-called freedoms to their Death. The mental programming has been so effective on the American walking corporations. They are defending those who are poisoning their food, water, air and stealing their hard earned money. Just try an think of how many freedoms, one really has?

This is why the powers, feel they have the Rites to Kill,whom ever they want. Never knew this until Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover explained it to me. When I went to see Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover the 1st "Time". It was because I awoke with Bloody underwear on, one morning. And I needed some answers. An x-girlfriend told me of the 'Crescent C' on my upper right shoulder. Which I had no idea existed. Then came the Bloody Underwear, I needed answers! That I wan't going to find in the Scottsdale Public Library. Dr. Ruth was associated with Dr. John Mack of Harvard and the book, 'Abduction', by Dr. John Mack. She was having a UFO Show at a local Mall. One of her (Dr. Ruth) books for sale. Had a picture on the cover, of a women with the same 'Crescent C' as mine. I introduced myself to Dr. Ruth. With only a few words of wisdom, Dr. Ruth said, 'you can't be Killed'. Not knowing at the "Time", just what all that meant. Now some 15 years later, I know all to well, what Dr. Ruth meant. Dr. Ruth said the Bloody Underwear, was a 'Wake-up Call'. To far bigger Realities than I was currently experiencing. And Dr. Ruth said the 'Crescent C' was to say, You can't be Killed'! My World flopped over, instantly. I still remember like it was yesterday, walking around the Mall, stunned. No know where to turn, or even tell anyone. After all, who would believe me!!!

Dr. Ruth remembered and knew the answers. And for several years, until Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover's death (cancer). She would have one of her personal friends contact me. 'Would I please start coming to meetings with her and a few others'. At the end, asking for meetings with me. I was promised it would only be me and Dr. Ruth at the meetings. Dr. Ruth wanted to parade me around and I was having no part of it. When it's "Time" to be awaken, you will be awaken. Not sure if this is for everyone, not quite sure if everyone is Created Equal anymore. Or is that just some BS from the powers. Trying to dragged the self knowing/educated ones, down with the rest. More than likely, Yes! Their are those that pretend to know and those who know. The World is full of those who pretend to know. They are dragging down, those who want only the Truth. Religions and cults have the same results. They both divide the masses and create wars of Killing. Killing over one's personal "God". Verses another human's personal "God". My "God" is better than your "God"!.

Until 'Maritime Admiralty Law' is swept away. The World will only know appointed shortages. In Health, Diet, Knowledge, Spirituality. and day to day needs. Making the masses suffer from stupidity and malnutrition needs. Will keep the powers, in power. Myself lost also, until I was awaken. How many else will get what I call a, 'wake-up call'? After all, we are all Children of "God". Not some Fluke of Nature about to become part Mechanical. Just as the Jesuits brainwashed the masses into believing, they evolved from Monkeys. And came from nothing, while spinning on a Ball. Nothing Changes!!!

A firm believer that the "Gods" pretty much control everything. Outside of you personally imputing, your own Karma into the situation. The "Gods" had me take last year off. I bid over 1.5 million in commercial/industrial electrical project, during that "Time". I got one project for over $330,000, by being $30,000 low bid, ouch!!! It was the same school I'd graduated from Junior High School from, 'Eagle Park'. The $30,000 low bid didn't scare me. If you don't miss items on your estimated. You will never get a project anyway. It's called, 'I missed just enough Boss'. I never got that project, as my quote was peddled. aka: Shopped Around. 'Lord acts in mysterious ways', thingy. The "God" did recently give me two project. They total nearly $140,000 in Electrical. The City of Phoenix bailed me out, by giving me a good sized warehouse/office building. And I got a Fire House addition on the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community reservation. Here next to Scottsdale. Both projects being only 10 or 15 minutes away. By fate the owner of the General Contractor, I got the rez Fire House project with. Is a member of the one SRPMIC tribes. Maybe Good Karma on my part, as I just recorded the Pow Wow on the SRPMIC rez. And have about 10 other Pow Wow videos from the SRPMIC. The "Gods" surly knew. I'd burned through $20,000 this past year. keeping the Company and my own ass alive. Diet, Diet, Diet being the biggest part of my budget. I'm constantly foraging for the freshest, organic fruits and vegetables (not Cheap). You can never forget, 'you are what you eat'. Eat poisons, die young from Cancer. Avoid all of Baby Jesus, cows, pigs, sheep and all hoofed animals. Most have a Birth Certificate, so Killing You by the powers. Is no skin off their noses, they believe. War, Starvation, GMO foods, no matter the way, your still Dead. A reminder, you are at War with the powers. Don't Roll Over, Fight Back, as Best You Can.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweat dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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