Sunday, December 24, 2017

"Dog and Pony Show"

Religion, Politics, NASA/Hollywood, Public Education, Mass Media News, TV, Movies, Pro Sports, Video Games, etc., all just. Pieces of a much larger puzzle of a, 'Dog and Pony Show'. The message, 'we are all powerful'. And you Peasants, 'you came from Nothing'. Keeping everyone on edge, and hatred for each other. Have to say, working quite well, practice, practice, practice!!! The 'Dog and Pony Show', like practicing on the public. Throwing Bones out, to find the reaction. Like all the Fake Shootings, just what will the public tolerate? How dumb are the masses now, what's the limit? Mass Shooting are more about convincing the American citizen. How Gun Crazy Whites are. If the powers wanted Gun Control, that would have happened by now. Guns keep the population thinking they are safe from the powers tricks. While the powers plant stories in their controlled mass media. That keep the masses divided, racially and religiously.

The so called 'Cold War' is a perfect example of 'Divide and Conquer'. With the Russian and American powers, setting up the masses. Stealing billions of Tax dollars,  to build more and more weapons. Telling the American masses they needed Nukes to keep safe from the stinking Russian peoples. While charging billions of dollars to the American and Russian citizenry. To build Nukes that don't even exist. How would 'Joe Six-Pac' even know, if Nukes were actually built? Like how much Gold is really in Fort Knox?

The ultimate 'Dog and Pony Show'. Hiding "God" behind a Spinning Ball! This would be history's (his story) Greatest Lie. To convince humanity they they came from Nothing and "God" is Dead. Yet 500 years ago, that was accomplished, via the Catholic Church. The same Rome that gave humanity religions to divide the masses, from each other. Before the Jesuit Spinning Ball, humanity believed they were "God's" chosen ones. That Heaven and Earth were created just for humanity. Not only for Life, but Spiritual Development. Now most Americans believe the came from nothing and evolved from Monkeys. Sad part, without even knowing they have been Tricked again. Most folks know nothing about the Big Bang BS and how Darwinism tied it all together. All these lies taught in school about Evolution Theory being Facts. With absolutely nothing to back this up. If humanity evolved, why aren't other Species Evolving around humanity. Where are the Neanderthal Man, evolving from a Monkey. How about some Fishes just jumping out of the water. Instantly getting lungs upon hitting on the soil. How about some Bird's wings, transforming into Arms and Hands. Just all BS Mind Control. How did Evolution suddenly Stop??? Be cause it never happened in the first place.

Now enter the 'Flat Earth Reality' again. Being brought back by some unknown outsider. Like a 'Wet Fist in the Night', Flat Earth and "God" are back. Be cause you can't have 'Flat Earth Reality' without a Creator "God". Big Bang and Darwinism removed "God", in the Spinning Ball equation. Not sure how this came about, but nothing seems Organic anymore. Just to many ways to influences the public. With everyone having a computer in hand now, via the Cell Phone. 2012 was all the talk about Mayan End "Times". Flat Earth, was nowhere to be heard. Now Flat Earth topic is everywhere. Those for and those attacking Flat Earth. Another 'Divide and Conquer' tactic? If so, working quite well. Nothing gets folk's Dander Up like the Flat Earth topic. Either for or against.

And now the public is being prepared for the Ultimate 'Dog and Pony Show'. The Stinking "Aliens" (unknown) are coming. This week's release of US Navy F-18 Super Hornet's footage of one of their aircraft recording of a UFO. That was a 'Soft Disclosure'. With the government using US Navy footage of the recent UFO. To tell the public, the "Aliens" are here. Using US Navy footage, gave the powers a way of saying. 'We the government, are not hiding anything from the public'. The powers have now, put the Stinking "Aliens" in everyone's head. Been doing it for centuries. Just recently (John McCain) brought back the Stinking Russian threat, just like the 'Cold War' BS. Rewind, NASA discovers water on Mars, every couple of years. Told me in the 50s, Mars had Canals.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landing.

Merry Christmas

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