Saturday, January 20, 2018

"The "Aliens" are Coming"!!!

The recent release of  an, U.S. Navy pilot, chasing a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Was in fact, a 'Soft Disclosure'. A way of saying, 'see, we (government) aren't hiding anything'. The masses are being pre-programmed, like 'German NAZI Krauts' and 'Japanese Thieves' before WWII. The so called 'Cold War' with Russia. (Trying their best, to drag that Dead Horse, out again.) The new villain, the 'Stinking Aliens' from outer Space. Terrorism is getting old, running out of Arab gangs with Nukes, everywhere. With Muslim kids coming to America, and are changed from the past forever. In the Reagan speech about, an "Alien" invasion, 'uniting the World'. Just another precursor in the build up to an 'Stinking Alien' invasion from Space. NWO, but is it way to late? Will holograms in the night Sky, of "Alien" invaders works? Just how do the powers, pull off such a giant accomplishment? I guess after convincing most of the World's population into believing. They evolved from Monkeys, starting from Lichen Moss on a Volcanic Stone. A 'Stinking Alien' invasion,  should be easy, right?

These plans are laid out many years in advance, as many are awaking to. Like all the pre-programming before 911. When you look back on it, even to children's Saturday morning Cartoons. Which is no more than Programming, as in 'TV Program'. Space and "Aliens" agenda appears to have started in the early 1900s. With Silent Movies starting about the Space in 1902, with the movie 'A Trip to the Moon'. That was only the beginning, with approximately 372 "Alien" type movies since. You can see how the Baby Boomers were singled out for the Space "Alien" agenda. With such movies from the 50s. 'Invaders From Mars' 1953, 'Killers From Space' 1954, 'It Came from Outer Space' 1953, 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' 1956, 'Earth Verses Flying Saucers' 1956, etc., etc., etc.. With the introduction of the series and movie 'Flash Gordon' in 1936. Became a giant show, dragging a generation into Space Travel. With the Baby Boomers being the most programmed into the "Alien" Agenda, being put on the masses. Throw in Roswell "Alien" crash landing and a generation was hooked. Including myself, long before any of my own UFO sightings. Now I wonder if I wasn't single-out, for the push of the "Alien" Agenda? After all my UFO sightings, I once believed in "Aliens" from Outer Space. Now after becoming a Flat Earther, I'm sure the "Aliens" are here with humanity. Inside a Dome or Eternal Flat Earth Plain. This fits perfectly with the Hopi 'Ant People'. Who were "God's" helpers, to the Hopi.

Are the Chem-trails being laid out to become a giant Movie Screen? Holograms of Tupac Shakur and others have been tested already. 'May you live in interesting "Times"', is  ancient Chinese Proverb. And this surely must be the 'Most Interesting of "Times"'! As the final push to get the World's population under one "God" and one government. The technology has caught up with the powers plans for domination of the masses by the few elite. 'Fear Porn' is a term heard a lot these days. 'Godlikeproductions' is a type of 'Fear Porn' site. Turn on the radio or TV, nothing but 'Fear Porn' being produced. Mind Control through Fear is the name of the game. With the idea of physical people or races being used as 'Fear Porn'. Has used it's term life up, a whole new much larger 'Fear Porn' enemy is now needed. And nothing can bring more fear to the masses than, an 'Stinking Alien' invasion. The stage has been set for years now. The idea of "Aliens" from outer space has been set in the masses minds. And it all couldn't happen without Rome. The very people who gave mankind a "God" and religions to divide the masses. Is now going to take away "God" from the masses via "Alien Attack. And give the masses one "God" to believe in, their "God". As the Pope has now acknowledge the existences of "Aliens". And the "Aliens" should be baptized into the Catholic religion. Rome gave the masses religions, some 500 years ago. Then took it all away with the 'Jesuit Spinning Ball' BS. Rome using their priest like the puppets they are. Used Copernicus and others to remove "God" from the masses and hid "God" behind a 'Jesuit Spinning Ball'! Rome introduced the Spinning Universe and Galaxies, to hide "God". Once mankind was the 'Center of the Universe'. Has now been reduced to a 'Fluke of Nature' or 'Darwinism'. The 'Big Bang' of life, from nothing was introduced to the masses. Humanity was once the product of "God's" creation. Then Rome removed "God", via the 'Spinning Ball Universe.

And folks will defend the idea, that they are living on a 'Jesuit Spinning Ball'. Not even realizing they are defending, that they came from a Monkey. I defend the Flat Earth Reality by pointing out this fact. Saying if you believe you live on a 'Jesuit Spinning Ball'. Then you must surely believe you came from a Monkey. This tends to wake folks up. Never realizing the two went together. You can't have a 'Jesuit Spinning Ball'. Without claiming to be an Monkey!!! And the fact humanity came from nothing. Tell folks they have no chance against you, being a 'Child of God'. And them being, the 'Child of a Monkey'. If "Aliens" from outer Space do exist. What Created the "Aliens" from Outer Space? Humanity and all about humanity is a creation of "God". The "Aliens" are already here, their the Hopi 'Ant People'.

"God" Bless


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