Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Jews Stealing, Hopi Kachina Money $$$"

One thing the j$ws are well know for, 'bleeding to Death, anything they touch!' This was happening to the Hopi Kachina carvers every year at the Heard Museum, in Phoenix. Every spring for several years, the Heard Museum would have the 'Annual Hopi Kachina Carvers' event. My first recording of the Hopi Kachina Carvers was in 2010 (link)  The first year I attended, the crowds were massive. Every open spot, had a Hopi Kachina carver in it. In 2017, the room was half empty, where had the Hopi went? I'd notice the decline in Carvers and attendance every year, since 2010. So I started asking question about the decline, from Hopi carvers I's become friends with. The common answer, 'the Heard (j$ws) was taking to much money, on each sale'! The Hopi sales were going down each year. As the Hopi carvers were having to add extra money on the price of the Kachina Dolls. To cover monies taken by the Heard j$ws. As the prices went up, the sales went down. So the Hopi carvers decided to stop coming to the annual event. The best known Hopi Kachina carvers, like Ernest Honanie and Gerry Quotskuyva. Would still show up each year, as they had a following and buyers already. But the Hopi carver trying to make a few extra bucks $$$. Were pushed out, by the blood sucking j$ws, at the Heard. It was bad enough on the Hopi carvers. As the Heard Museum, kept their Gift Shop open during the Hopi event. Thus completing with the Hopi carvers, for sales. The Heard had their own collection of Hopi Kachina Dolls, for sale.

I'd notice no date for the Annual Hopi Kachina Carver Event. Was on the Heard Museum 2018 calendar. Heard rumors, from many of the Hopi carvers. That they wanted to move the annual event, someplace else, out of the Heard. First thought was, glad I'd recorded the last 8 events. Then put a couple of calls out, to find out what was going on. Wanted to be able to record the event at the new location As I tell the Hopi carvers, 'someone needs to record this bit of History and it's me'. 'The Martian', the Hopi carvers call me, funny. Talked to Hopi carver Gerry Quotskuyua, who lives southeast of Sedona, in Rimrock. Sounds like the Heard had heard the same rumors. The Heard was making millions in sale from the Hopi Kachina carvers event, according to Gerry. So now they want the Hopi carvers to return. By offering prize money, $$$ $2,500 for best Kachina Doll and other money rewards to the carvers. The j$ws at the Heard could care less about the Hopi Peoples. I've seen the Heard's older volunteer employees, hand out small bags of chips and a stale oranges. To the carver, for their 5+ hour bus ride back, to the Hopi rez. Thanks Hopi Peoples, the j$ws are saying, you Goyim. To the Heard, just cattle to be taken advantage of. When you think, 'your the chosen peoples'. When in reality, the real 'Chosen Peoples', are the Hopi  themselves!!!

We'll see what happens, if the Hopi carvers return. In typical fashion over centuries, the j$ws, take from others work. Until, their is nothing left of the product. As 'take, take' is all the j$wish mentality can protract or envision. From 1,000s of years, of Inbreeding. As all the j$ws are basically, cousins. Rome's Banksters, come from the j$wish stock. One thing I've notice over the 20+ years of knowing Hopi folks. They are now well aware of the j$w agenda. As the earliest Trading Post in the Western US, were j$wish. So the j$ws stealing from the Native American peoples, is nothing new. I'll be there to record the next addition of the Hopi Kachina carver's event. It will be interesting to see, who returns to the Heard. Or has over a century of lying to the Hopi peoples, win out? Will the j$ws offer of more money $$$ be enough!!! After all, the j$ws bring nothing else to the table. The j$ws took and took from the good Hopi peoples. And would have never stopped, if not for the financial losses to the Heard Museum. By not having a full house of Hopi Kachina Carvers, every year. J$ws against the World, is why over 70 nations. Have kicked the j$wish menace from their countries. 

United Nations Agenda 21, has arrived in the metro Phoenix area. With a, 'in your face punch'. As 100s of bicycles are now parked at every Bus Stop. The Green and Yellow bikes mostly, are strew all over the neighborhood now also. The bikes appear to rent for $1 an hour, but not sure. All part of the idea, that the citizens of the World. Will not own a car or even a bicycle. As a next generation of Steering Wheel less cars, are introduced. I only bid government work, so I get samplings from the General Contractors. What the governments, both federal and local have for the future planning. I've noticed lots of Bike Paths being build across the Valley of the Sun. You can now take a bicycle from the tip of north Scottsdale. Too the southern tip of Tempe. From Mesa to Glendale and beyond west. All part of UN Agenda 21. Drip, Drip, Drip is how UN Agenda 21 moves along. Nothing drastic overnight. Just the slow movement forward. Like lowing a Lobster into boiling water. The same thing is being done to the citizen of the World. The citizens are being corral and killed off slowly.

'It's all about the Children', the powers will tell the citizens of the World. When in the future, the children will be removed from the family, all together. As the citizens of the World will be deemed to not be worthy of raising their own children. That's why all the planted stories now about. Parents doing terrible things to their children. Like the recent BS from the California family. Starving and beating their 13 children. Just another planted BS story by the controlled mass media. Just as the Native American children were removed from their, so called Savage parents. The powers using the same old tired agenda, over and over.

Now the powers are slowly convincing the public that the lines in the Sky are just normal. And that if the Chem-trailing was stopped. The Planet would die from Global Warming BS. Every chance I get when the Chem-trailing is going on. I point out the Sky, to who will ever listen. Most folks are unaware of what is being done to them. Eating their poisonous GMO foods and processed diets. As I tell folks, what an Airline pilot said to me, about the lines in the Sky. Not wanting to believe that the Chem-trails were not natural. And only aircraft exhaust vapors. I called an major airline pilot, I'd done electrical work for. Asked if I could come over and meet with him, about something. When I got to his house, that day, Chem-trails were being sprayed. I asked him, 'do you know the difference between Condensation Trails and Chem-trails'? He got  right into my face, and with a hick voice said, 'I sure do Ron!!!' And said next, 'your the one who does all the investigations, who's flying the aircraft.' He was told to never talk about the Lines in the Sky, just like any UFO sighting. Is never to be mentioned by airline pilots. In fear of being grounded. He knew, but him like all other airline pilots. They have been silenced by the powers. Soon most folks will just accept the lines in the sky, as part of life. While the self educated ones, look in amazement at folks stupidity. Educate yourself, to help others, along 'Life's Path'.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

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