Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Soft Kill"

Today in central Arizona, is another 'Soft Kill' day. By blocking the "God" given Sun, Chem-trailing the skies. The powers are, 'Soft Killing', the masses, 'bottom line'. As Sunlight is the Father of all Life!. Water, Food, Shelter, etc., are mankind's Mother. Soft Kill comes in many packages. Big Pharma, Corporate Farming, FDA Food and Drug Administration, AMA American Medical Association, EPA Environmental Protection Agency, are the big players. Set up as agency by the government. To supposedly, protect the citizenry of the United States of America, a corporation. When in reality, these agencies were designed to Cull and Control the citizenry. Because all government ever wants, is more and more control over it's citizens. That's why this final giant push to remove Guns from the citizens of the USA. That will be the final hurdle to complete control of the citizenry. But until the day come, as more and larger False Flag events take place. That all about telling the citizens of the USA. Their are crazies out  there, with a AK-47 going to kill you at any moment. Religion is a great 'Divide and Conquer' tool, but fear of your neighbor? That is where this is all heading.

I see Soft Kill every day on my job sites. It what the guys are eating and drinking, that's the Soft Kill. Throw in Chem-trails overhead, and wallah, death before 60 years of age. As I walk the job site, I wonder. How few will make it to my age? And if they do, how terrible will life be? When a simple change in their diets, would change all their fates!!! As long as the guys are linked to their cell phones, TVs and movies. I'll be the crazy old man. That's what the powers mass communication has accomplished. Folks like me are drowning in a sea of hatred. No one want's to believe, they've been duped. When it's so obvious most have been Duped. Look at all the Tattoos on everyone, within a generation. Now that is Mental Power over the masses. Look how frail the children look, within a generation. Living on Pop Tarts, Pizza, Mac and Cheese and soda pop. Tell me, just what part of a Pop Tart or Pizza is good for you? Mac and Cheese is pure carbohydrate poisons. Yet the populace have been brain washed into believing this is a proper diet. Like Killing Brown Arabs in the Middle East. Is good for the American citizenry.

Another Soft Kill is done by killing off so called Hollywood celebrities. Seldom letting them live to ripe old age any more. 'Death by Numbers', Numerology. It's part of the mental physiological, that 70 years old, is old. While the age of retirement goes up and up. The whole idea, don't let the citizens reach retirement age and become, useless esters. I noticed when I tried being retired for a year, mental games going on in my head. A fight for survival, I call it. One part of me, wanting to rest, another par of me in fear of rest. Plenty of "time" for rest, after death, I guess. I would start to ache in my joints. This is when I realized, retirement is Death. The old line, 'quit working die', hit me right between the eyes. I'd taken such good care of my mental  and physical health. That Age was not the same for me. I'd beat the constant propaganda from my youth onward to now. Age is a State of Mind, and mine is in a good place. The exact thing the powers do constantly to break down the population with. Mental Stress, which brings on Physical Stress!!! And the body and mind finally, surrender to Death. This has missed me completely, thus I'm hated. Pull yourself out of the Mud, now your a Loner of Truth.

Suicide is another Soft Kill. You see it in returning vets now, from the Middle East wars. Kid comes back from seeing crap in combat, he never wanted to see. Done crap high on drugs, he would have never done without. And now the kid needs Mind Altering drugs, to sleep at night. Soon his head is so full of stuff. Suicide seems the only way out. Saw it in my era of Nam vets also. You see it in the children, who were diagnosed with BS mental problems. And given some Mind Altering drug at childhood. Assisted Suicide is silently being pushed. Hillbilly Heroin and Opioids, rip through America now. Just as LSD and the Hippie generation of drugs, was introduced in the 60s. Britain conquer China with Opium. Same game, new Century thingy.

The powers have no soul, when it comes to torturing the masses. While the masses naivety, keeps them in the Dark. Thinking that others, believe as they do. That's the furthest from the truth. j$$$$ws have no conscience, when it comes to dealing with the Goyim cattle. For lying to the Goyim, isn't a j$$$$wish sin. Soft Killing the masses, apparently has no Karma to the powers. Fore this has been going on for centuries. Same bloodlines, killing the same peasants. World Wars not working, on the ever multiplying masses. So Soft Kill will have to work. Starting with the child in the womb. By poisoning the child, via mom. Then a series of Vaccinations, soon after birth. Soft Kill, in the modern age. Is far more subtle. You just get old and die, in your 60s, if your lucky. My son-in-law, wasn't so lucky. He trusted what the controlled media told him. It cost him his life. Cancer, true or not, is the Weapon of Choice. When it comes to diagnosing any illness, in modern so called medicines. CHEMO is the Bullet!!! How goods the mental Soft Kill, everyone's, dressed in DEATH BLACK!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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