Sunday, March 4, 2018

"3 13 2013"

Add them up, magical 13. Also the date the World changed. Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio became the first Jesuit Pope, the 266th Pope. First non European in 1,300 years and first Jesuit. Pope Francis, ruler of the World? Representative of "God" here on Mother Earth? Do all roads truly 'lead to Rome'? Not sure who's behind the Numerology of everything it seems, Rome? Like the number 911 and how the World changed after September 11 2001!!! 911 the number you call for emergencies. Another well known number the j$$$$ws, will never let anyone ever forget. 6,000,000 j$$$$ws some how ordered to be killed, by Hitler during WWII. A j$$$$w himself.

The number 6,000,000 in j$$$$wish history. A firm believer that I never meet a j$$$$w with a original thought. So here is some proof of that, you'd think they would have change it up a little. But then again, that falls into that non j$$$$wish thing. An 'original though'.

Some Examples

11 June 1900, New York Times 'There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering augments in favor of Zionism'.

1902, Encyclopedia Britannica 10th addition 'While there are in Russia  and Romania, six millions of jews who are systematically being degraded'.

1 November 1905, New York Times 'From 1800 to 1902 he (?) caused 6,000,000 jewish families to be expelled from Russia'.

17 March 1908, Desert Evening News 'poverty, starvation and disease are the affliction which now beset 6,000,000 jews in that country and Romania'.

14 October 1915, New York Tribune 'What the Turks are doing to the Armenians is child's play, compared to what Russia is doing to 6,000,000 jews, her own subjects.

5 April 1919, El Paso Herald, 'to save from starvation, 6,000,000 jews who are the helpless victim of German terror.'

1 June 1933, New York Times, 'Dr. Margoshes said he had received a letter from the poet in Zurich a few days ago, stating that she had 'ran away from the holocaust'

15 November 1940, The Jewish Criterion 'JNF to raise $6,000,000 for Palestine for the coming year, the jewish National Fund voted to raise $6,000,000 for the holy land's war this coming year'

10 October 1945, The Chester Times, 'It was our very unhappy convictions all along that the responsibility for the extinction of 6,000,000 jews in Europe was not Hitler's alone, the entire Christian world shares that responsibility.

September 11th or 911 is also another date or number throughout history, used over and over. Here again are some examples of 911.

911 September 11 2001:

September 11 1786, 'Convention of Annapolis' Revised Articles of Confederation, United States of America was born.

September 11 1789, Alexander Hamilton was appointed the 1st Secretary of Treasury

September 11 1936, FDR dedicates Boulder Dam, now called Hoover Dam. Opened southern California expansion with Electricity, Las Vegas was reborn.

September 11 1941, Ground Breaking day the Pentagon.
Same day, FDR authorizes warships to open fire German and Italian Warships. WWII began

September 11 1948, Death of Jinnah, founder father of Pakistan, 'Jinnah Day'

September 11 1977, The death of Nikita Khrushchev 77 yrs. old

September 11 1973, Chili's president, Salvador Allende was assassinated.

September 11 1990, president H.W. Bush delivers his NWO speech to Congress.

September 11 2001, 911 to remove Americans Freedoms and put America in constant Wars.

6-4-1947 = 21 The date of birth, given me. What does your name or birth date add up to? You can see how pro sports games are rigged by the numbers. An old major league baseball player friend Terry Mullholland always called the Major Leagues, 'the Big Show'. When you got called up to the majors. You were called to 'The Show'. Now I know, what he was trying to say to me. One Big Ass Game, 'The Show'. The NY Yankees are the Evil New Yorkers! New England Patriots, are the American lie. Control, Control by the numbers. Only now like Flat Earth Reality are folks awakening to Numerology. The Christian bible is pure Numerology, listen to some of my old friend's vids Santos Bonacci. Using ancient books to explain Numerology and the Stars. The reason most religions sound the same. That's because they were all based on Numerology. Only fixed thing in Life are Numbers that rule our World. The Symmetrical Cosmos. Hard to sit on a chair with only 2 Legs.

Speaking of Santos Bonacci calling me on 3-11-13  'Santos Bonacci and Me'   Asking me to be a guest on his American Freedom Radio Show. Saying 'that if I don't come on. He won't do a show that night'. Did a much larger force push Santos into calling me? Why of all the shows Santos does, that I had to be on 3-11-13=9. The Jesuits could have replace Pope Ratzinger on any day. Not on 3-4-13 or 3-5-13, why? The only Pope to resign in 600 years. Had to happen on 3-13-13 and no other day. Folks have been pushed from the knowledge of Numerology. This is to keep the working masses as sheep. The powers have taken Numerology and turned it into several religions. All based on the same idea. And turned the World's citizens against each other. When if the citizenry only understood the numbers. The famous painting of the ' Lords Last Supper'. You see the Sun Halo around Baby Jesus head. And the Twelve Disciples in groups of 3. That represents the Seasons and the Astrological sign each represents. By the action they are in. Before the calendar was changed, "Time" was measured by 13 months with 28 days. All was change to confuse and control the masses. Just as the Jesuit Spinning Ball was created, for Mind Control. Their those who want to learn and grow. And their are those who do, just enough to stay alive. It's your journey, where are you going??? Was Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams and soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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