Saturday, March 31, 2018

"I Drown, Ya know"

The ancient Hopi were told, to create Hopi Kachina Dolls. From the root of a Dead Cottonwood tree, on the Verde River (today's name). 1st question, who told the ancient Hopi to do this and why? But thousands of years later. I would drown under the roots of a Cottonwood tree on the Verde River. This would be in the mid 50s, long before CPR. Yet I was brought back to life, some how. Now at 70 years old, still hard at work. As my Earth father always said, 'quit working die'!!! And here in Scottsdale, you see the retired wealthy come here to die. Aw the Good Life, but for how long?

Making sure that I don't die from non work. In the last three weeks. I've installed over 1,000 ft. of 3/4 EMT, over 500 lbs. over my head. 4,000 to 5,000 ft. of  #12 THHN copper wire. 50 Junction Boxes and two Sub Panels. 100 ft. each of 1 1/2" and 1 1/4" EMT, all overhead. I'm wiring a Fire Station Bay addition on the Rez, next to Scottsdale (SRPMIC). Spent a year bidding over 1.5 million in electrical projects, getting none. Laid off all the employees and now working by myself. Trying to get my savings built up. In order to bid more work. You make Money with Money, hard to get around that fact. Wiped out much of my cash saving, getting by without projects. The company bleeds money, with or without jobs. I surprise myself on how much I get done at 70 years. And their is no one near my age doing what I do. Their was older Mexican laborer on the job-site. He looked like crap, bent over and tired. Asked him how old he was, he was 63 years old. Here you see how important Diet is, in every day life.

I've learned over the years being an electrician. How important Diet is. Most folks Crap all over themselves and others, unknowingly. They work hard all day, watch the TV programming and off to bed. The Bible is correct, when it says, 'your body is a Temple'. Yet most Christians I have found, treat their body like Crap. With the proper Diet and Rest, you will look at others differently. When you respect your own Temple. Then you will have respect for others. If or not, taking care of their own Temple. One of the main reason the powers have destroyed the American Diet with Fast Processed Foods. Is all about Control, Control, Control. A nutritionally weak society will not rebel, against their masters. Diet controls the mind's ability to think correctly. Try not eating for a few days and see just how well your mental process works. You can't think correctly, just as most Americans. Who are starving to death, unknowingly. With 80% of Americans, classified as 'Obese'. Because of the TV and movie programming, of their Diets.

So you see the American society today. Rolls Over to the powers in DC. With every new legislation, takes more and more American citizenry powers away. The last Generation to 'Hit the Street' in defiance of the powers. Was my Generation of 'Baby Boomers'. You hear the line about Gun Control, 'from my dead cold hands'. Yet who is standing up, as more and more Gun Control Bills are introduced to congress? I see no one standing for Americans citizens freedoms. Only lying politicians, who are all under control. Long before they ever reach Washington DC Congress. Agenda 21 has now been turned into, Agenda 30. As the past date passed, without total control of the masses. Diet is the Weapon of choice by the powers. Just as it was used against the Native Americans. Jail prisoners are feed bad diets for a reason, Control. The same is being done to Americans, including the poisoning of the atmosphere.

I get up each morning knowing. The powers are doing their collective best, to kill me and everyone else!!! You are 'At War', whether you know it or not. Instead of Bullets, it's your Diet. I've died and have no fear, but the idea. Of my very own government, trying their best to Kill me. I'll fight until the end, for my physical and mental health. Also a bad diet, effects your mental health. With Americans committing Suicide faster than any other nation's population. This is from a poor diet. And the breaking down of the 'Family Unit'. You can't 'think straight', starving to death, nutritionally. And Dying, ain't all that Bad.

"God" Bless


PS: "Time" "Aliens"

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