Sunday, April 22, 2018

"Modern Day, Scientism"

Science was created to hide "God". Damn good job, wouldn't you say? Starting with the Einstein's Big Bang BS. You Monkey you. hehehe You now have, Communism, Socialism, Buddhism, Darwinism, Judaism, Materialism, Taoism, Zionism, the list goes on and on. The worst one not listed is, Scientism. Scientism was brought to mankind to hide "God" from the masses. Science replace Common Sense. Science gave humanity the Big Bang. Reducing mankind from the children of "God". To a mere fluke of Nature. Mankind came from nothing, so thus mankind is nothing. Their is no "God", your life has no meaning. Just do as you are told by your masters. Pay your taxes and die.

Scientism gave way to Darwinism. That all of humanity and every other living animal, plant, insect, everything came from nothing. And mankind evolved via the Monkeys. I like how the powers like to use the term "Time" and Relativity to explain all of their short comings. Like it took a Long "Time" for 2 fish to decide to jump out of the water and develop lungs. Somehow not dying, from lack of oxygen. But before Scientism you had Rome create all religions. Christian, j$$$$ws and Muslims were all creations of Rome. This was done to divide the masses. From all being children of "God", to fighting and killing each other. And now you have a World at constant war. With this effect creating this underlying hatred in all of mankind for each other.

Yesterday, the collective power of united folks. To today the 'Selfie'. It's all about me, can't you see??? Common Sense would tell you, you live of Flat Immovable Plane. Scientism tells you, your living on a Spinning Ball at 1,000+ MPH. Common Sense would tell you, the Sun is not 93 million miles away. And the Moon only 250,000 miles away. But somehow, they are the same size in the sky. Common Sense tells you, no way every Meteor strike on the Moon is perfectly round. Yet Scientism tells you, this is normal. Scientism needs no facts, just the powers saying it's so. With the dumbing down of the World's population. Common Sense is being removed. Even questioning the a child's sex at birth. If you were born with a pepe, that doesn't necessarily mean your a boy. In today's World of total programming of the masses.

I've witness the changes in humanity over my 70 years. Mom used to look like a mom. Today mom with here tits hanging out all over, looks more like a prostitute. School actually used to educated the child, today just the opposite. The dumber the child, the more controllable. Personnel morals have been stripped by the constant bombardment of soft porn. The young girls, have been stolen of their souls. Choosing to look like some street hooker, that a future  wife and mother. Young males weak from improper nutrition. A diet of carbohydrates and processed sugars. Unable to fight back their masters taking of years of their lives away. This has all been done by replacing "God" with Scientism. The Science of removing "God" from everyday life.

The last few weeks, I've been to  tired to get a blog out. Why, because I've been pushed and pushed on my current projects. Today no one cares about other individual. In a society of Go Go Go, it's like Rats in a barrel. No one escapes, because all the other Rats, keep dragging down. Those that try and escape the Rat Race. The powers want everyone to think they are the Rats. No "God", no Future Life. Live for today and Die mentality. I'm above this, but have been part of it also. Turn off your TV, escape the current "Godless" Reality of.  Eat or be Eaten, in a Rat World.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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