Sunday, May 6, 2018

"Quit Working, Die"

'Quit working, die', my Earth father always told me. He lived to be 91 years old. I tried to retire and found out just what that meant. Life's dilemma, stay active or die. The year I took off, I noticed my mind playing games. Each day, earlier and earlier I'd take a power nap. My body began to ache. My joints got stiffer. Life seemed rather short, scary thought. I had my health before retirement, now I'm suddenly deteriorating. Laying around one day, I wondered what I'd do now? Too old to get an electrician job, or electrical estimator for someone. My choice seemed simple, back to being an Electrical Contractor. Delivering pizza seemed out of the question.

Here I am some four years later. Handled over $300,000 in electrical projects, all but one government projects. At my age most men are done or dead. Just finished wiring the Fire Station addition, mostly by myself. The firemen were amazed at how hard I work. Going up and down ladders all day, carrying conduit and such. But what would be the opposite if I didn't? Would cancer grip my body and me dying an ugly death of CHEMO??? What are my real choices? Like your diet, every "Time" you eat improperly. You are being disrespectful to yourself. Most of Americans have been programmed into this behavior unknowingly. With fast food diets designed to shorten one's life. Making the citizenry dependent on the system for poor health care. Where CHEMO is the cure for everything. Where all the medicines today come from a Petroleum by product. Not for the natural cures found in Mother Nature.

Look at obese people, they all have a strange look in their eyes. That's because the Cancer in them has taken over, their will to live. This Entity that took control of the mind, to where the idea of eating never stops. Cravings for sugars and processed grains like wheat and corn. The obese person surly must know what they are doing to themselves, yet can't stop. This powerful Entity has taken total control. This Entity that must know killing the host body, kills them, or does it? The j$$$$ws will kill the host, like a deadly parasite. Why this mental parasite then. Is this powerful control your Duality? Killing you off, to start all over again? Something is going on in the obese persons mental state. Like a Serial Killer, mental illness. This Serial Killer, lives within the obese person. The obese person has no idea the burden they are on the rest of society. The Entity within, only lives for self pleasure. A symptom that is taking Americans lives down hill. 'The Selfie', it's all about me.

With an American population 70%+ overweight or obese. All taking 'Selfies', you can see the powers plan. Making Americans soft and seeking only self pleasures. That is control of the masses. This is also a type of, 'quit working die' control. A weak society doesn't rise up and rebel against their masters. See how it all works hand in hand. With most American manufacturing jobs sent overseas. Americans have become a Service Society of paperwork pushers. You see where this is all going. Americans once were the Longest Living population, not any more. With Diet and no physical work being preformed by Americans. Americans are dying at a much younger age. Americans have unknowingly succumbed to, 'quit working die'.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, my you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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