Sunday, May 20, 2018

"The Best Slave"

The best Slave, is the Slave that doesn't know they are a Slave. That would be, most Americans! What few true freedoms Americans had. Were removed with the 'Patriot Act', just after the False Flag 911 attacks. If Americans think their not a genuine Slave. Try leaving or reentering the country, without a Passport. 'Maritime Law', is how the World operates. The child came down the mother's birthing channel. And the child, docked (was born) in America. At birth the child is signed over to the powers, with a Live Birth Certificate. Now the child id given a Social Security Number at birth, to close the deal. A Slave is born into the system. Everyone worried about a 'Chip', when in fact. The American citizen is born into Slavery. And given a SS number, that allows the new birth the right to work and pay taxes.

During "Times" of War, male and now females can and will be drafted. Your car and home can be confiscated in "Times" of National Emergency. Everything you bought with your hard earned American dollar. Was burdened with debt. Thus it has no true value. Your labor turned into debt ridden dollars. That's why everything can be taken from you by the federal government. And the propaganda machine keeps telling the uneducated American, 'they are free'. As the Slaves, cling to their Spinning Jesuit Ball!!! The Slaves don't even known, where they came from, or who they are.

The mind of the Slave, has been totally compromised. Mankind was once the creation of "God". And all before mankind was created for mankind. Now mankind has been reduced to a 'Godless Monkey'. Supposedly lost somewhere on the edges of the Milky Way. A fluke of Nature. Pay your taxes and die, kind of a Monkey. Try an escape, the other Monkey Slaves will attack viciously. Mankind's escape, is simple.

Turn off the TV, stop watching movies. Their are no free lunches. Clean up the diet, eat raw as possible. No red meat, chicken, flesh. Surprisingly how quickly, the mind awakens. Like Magic Glasses, the truth awakens. Your pissed at all you've been taught. Nothing but lies to confuse me and shorten my life. Making my life miserable, in the elderly years. You hate to realize how you've been fooled. Most never reach this point. Realizing, what a fool they've been. Willing clinging, to the past. Onward and Upward one's mental/spiritual state. I look at the past, as a learning curve. What were once mistakes, are future tactical errors. As part of age is knowledge. I've found getting older, their are no 'Dumb Old Men'. They've all stepped in front of cars.

Escaping the Slavery is impossible, physically. Realizing the Chains, is the beginning. Mental freedom is priceless. Blank-out, all the False Flag propaganda, think 'fighting back'. Share your growth with others. Trust your "God" given 'Common Sense'. If you hear anything, from any mass media, think. A child of "God", has been ripped from humanity. Never forget, your a child/creation of "God". Treat yourself and others, as such. You are a 'Temple'!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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