Sunday, June 17, 2018

"1,000 at 71"

Hard to believe, my 1,000th post. Why I write is beyond me. Their is something inside me that pushes me to write. I never see, if any are even read. Maybe an unconscious effort on my part to awaken my own. I've came from a Spinning Ball Earther that evolved from a Monkey. Now to a Flat Earther and a child of "God". Not some Fluke of Nature the powers want to brainwash me and the masses with!!! I'm not hanging on too the edge, of the known Universe. The Sun isn't moving at millions of MPH through the Universe. The Sun isn't 93 million miles away. Everything I've ever been taught about who I am and where I am. Has been a total lie built on Mind Control. Reminder that the word Government came from to words. 'Govern' meaning to control physically. And 'Ment' is Latin for Mind. All the government want's to do, is control you totally, mentally and physically. And it would appear the powers have done a great job of Mind Control of most Americans. Just bring up the word 'Flat Earth' to a stranger.

Now at 71 years of age, finally getting my stuff together. All those years of being lied to and believing most, have now stopped. No matter what I hear in the controlled media, I question. All the thing that are good for me are in reality, bad for me. Garlic is the perfect example. The government passed the 'Clear Air Act'. Now the same government is spraying Americans daily with Chem-Trails. Have turned the Sky from bight beautiful blue. Into a Milky White looking substance. 100% pure, doesn't have to mean 100%. The meat from cows, poultry, pork are loaded with Female Growth Hormones. It takes only 6 months from birth. For a baby cow to be on America's dinning room table. In nature it would take 3.5 years to accomplish that. But with all the chemicals in everything Americans consume. America has become the Cancer capital of the World. Farm raised fish is pure poison. They are also feed growth hormones in their diet. Only Wild Sea Food should be consumed. Here again the powers telling the masses their food is safe.

All Pharmaceuticals are Petroleum Based now. Thanks to the Oil's power with the American congress. Once American medical cures were from Nature's "God". Now all the Big Pharma medicines are made from a petroleum base. Just what in a Barrel of Oil is good for you? Like how Pizza is pushed on the American public as 'healthy food'. What part of a Pizza is good for you!!! Macaroni and Cheese as healthy food, my ass! Making it easier and cheaper for a family to eat Fast Foods. Than to take the "Time" to make a nutritional meal at home. All part of a much larger plan. Keeping Americans unhealthy and weak. Unable to think rationally for themselves. With the final push being.

'Agenda 30', once 'Agenda 21', but with the public push back. The powers are having to delay, removing people from rural areas, into a Concrete Jungle Armed. Nobody could sell Guns like Obummer. All part of a hopeful Race Wars, which will never happen. One day the powers are saying things, to make American rush into Gun Stores. Next day, you have a False Flag Shooting. Followed quickly with, 'take Americans Guns away'. Just adding to the confusion of most Americans. After all the American $1 Dollar bill has on it. 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' (Latin). 'Order Through Chaos'. Just like Pearl Harbor, 911, School Shootings, WWI, WWII, Nam, Korea, on and on. No more World Wars, now simply constant warring in the disguise of Terrorism. The perfect conflict for the powers, never ending conflict.

Millions of words later, an Open Book, I am. My growth, my failures, all to read. I've learned over the years. I write for my, own Mental State. Read or not, I'm still kicking along. Bending my conduit, pulling my wire. A ton smarter. Not any wealthier, just how the powers want it. Broke, broken nutritionally, American slaves. To weak and dumbed down via the media, to even fight back. Best advice at 71, 'treat your body and mind, as a temple', because, that's what you are.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS "Alien"

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