Sunday, July 8, 2018

"Life and Health"

Talking to my good bud, Santos Bonacci about my health. Being 20 years older than Santos and in better health. The main reason is I've lived a healthy life style most of my life. Even during the Cocaine days of the 70s. I knew to visit a local health food restaurant to replenish my body's essentials vitamins. As cocaine was touted as a drug to make you work longer and harder. Unknowingly we were all killing ourselves. Today's generation is doing the same thing using all these so-called Energy Drinks. That are loaded with Caffeine and Sugars. Both of which will shorten your life. As in the 70s, we compared sugar to Heroine. Now the kids running around, look like thin and frail. Just as if they were addicted to cocaine. Just show how controlling the mass media is.

Yet like no matter how well you take care of your self. "God" will decide you fate, based on your Reality. You hadn't notice that car just ran a Red Light. And now you are dead. Karma, life's Roulette Table, any guesses??? I bring this up. because Santos is having some medical problems. No matter how hard you try and take care of yourself. You never know what problems the environment can bring. So trying you best to defend yourself from the environment that has been polluted by our out of control corporations. As America has become a Fascist State. To where big business, controls the government. I've seen this for years in my electrical business. How things are made safer and safer. To the point of overkill. Telling everyone, 'it's all about the children'. Now you have this same mentality in every aspects of American life. 'It's all about the Children', while in the same breath. Polluting everything Americans eat, drink or breathe.

Yet you can defend yourself. By simple fighting back with your diet and exercise. At 71 years old, you would be hard pressed to find someone in my health. I can do, all I can do. yet you still need "God" on your side. As I like say in construction, 'you need "God" on your side out here'. To many outside factor to effect what you are doing. You are truly at the mercy of others around you. Same thing goes for your life. By treating other as you would like to be treated. Is a mayor step, in you Karma Fate. Tibetan Book of the Dead, states your current life. Is a refection of your Past Lives. As you go through life, growing Spiritually hopefully. Hard work is another key to your health. As my Earth father always said, 'quit working, Die'. And you see that a lot, here in Arizona. As retirees comes here to retire in the warmth of Arizona. Not knowing, they have sentenced themselves to death.

For my own health, I added Seafood to my diet. I was eating no animal flesh for years. Something in my mind (Duality), decided I needed an extra protein. I've noticed I feel a bit stronger now. Only trying to eat seafood, every other day. My good friend who is 85 years old and owns 'The Blue Fin' restaurant in Phoenix. She is of Chinese descent, and corrected my seafood intake. Me being programmed to believe Farm Raised, meant better. Learned from her that to only eat wild seafood. And unfrozen if possible. Like any vegetables, the fresher the better. As I always like to say.

'What Part of Them (the powers) trying to kill you, don't you Understand'!!!

"God" bless on this HOT Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


"Time" "Aliens"

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