Sunday, July 29, 2018

"Riding Along in, Someone Else's Boat"

The older I get, the more I realize. How true little control I have over my own life. As the old line goes, 'greatest plans of Men and Mice'. Is so very true, I've realized with age. Their are those unseen things that control most aspects of my life. When I first moved to where I've been for over 20 years. My plan was to build my model race cars and get old. That plan was destroyed one afternoon. After watching a Cigar Shaped UFO (Mothership?) over my home for over 30 minutes. As I like to say, 'I was throwing all my past over the railing, onto the deck below'!!! So much for spending the rest of my life taking it easy mentally. My life was changed forever in a heartbeat. I was to soon start spending long hours in the Scottsdale library. Trying to figure out, just exactly what had happen to me. Like most folks of the World, I believed in "Aliens" and UFOs, but never had seen either.

Using mainly old writings, I found in the library, to understand the presence. A firm believer in Space and all that crap taught to me from kindergartner on. I was trying to connect the "Alien" connect to the Stars and Space travel. Having been brainwashed into that scenario. I still have very little control over my life. Just know now, that the stinking "Aliens", didn't come from outer space. So here we all sit together, under the Dome I guess? Having researched the Mayan, Hindu and Hebrew Cosmoses and my own Common Sense. Pretty damn sure we are all in here together. No physical escape only mentally. (Hotel California, the Eagles) And that this "God" given Place, isn't no 'Fluke of Nature'!!!

Now was I put here, for some Cosmic lesson? Are the ancient Hopi correct, when they say, 'everyone living in the present 4th World. Were all here in the previous Three Worlds.' The church of Rome who gave mankind religion to divide them. Also gave mankind the Jesuit Spinning Ball BS, aka; no "God". While going across the World, destroying all ancient civilizations Spiritual historic records. Was religion created when the Romans elite realized. They could not control the World's population with weapons. So instead  gave mankind a Spirit "God" instead? Telling the World they live in Sin without the believe in Jesus Christ. As an excuse to destroy all the True and Good in the World. Just ask the ancient Mesoamericans. As millions of Mayan and other indigenous populations of Central America. Were Slaughtered in the name of Jesus Christ!!! Just as the Europeans did the same to the Native American population. Is an example of the Few, controlling the Masses. Control of your life, isn't necessarily an Heavenly event. As the Evil that rules the current World shows.

Have the masses 'Reality' been created for them? With the creation of Mass Media? The powers knew they had mental control, of the citizens of the World. The moment they saw an audience cry, over Cartoon Characters on a Big Screen. 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', proved how easily the masses could be influenced. WWII was a mass media out of control. Americans turned into a War Machine, via the controlled media. The World hasn't been the same since. Just paint the new enemy a new color. Tan with a little Russian, seems to be the current enemy of yours and mine. When all else fails, drag the Evil Russians out of the closet. And the terrorist are the perfect enemy. You can never defeat a Ideology. Just give it a new name, create a new Bogyman.

The bottom line, the cloth you put on this fine morning. Were decided by others, you only picked the Style, Size and Color. Your wages, health, quality of life, are decided by others. The powers can create shortages of anything they please. They do it with Blue Berries all the "Time". Old enough to remember 'Gas Lines'? What will you do about the daily Chem-trailing? If Monday grocery stores started closing, just what would you do? How many Americans have food on the self, more more than a couple of days? Could you make yourself a cup of hot tea in the morning? If you woke-up to no electricity? The powers have made damn sure, that all are under their very daily control.

It is up to the individual to determine their own Fate. As long as you are awake to what surrounds your every move. Their is no one in power, looking out for your own interest. That is up to the individual. The powers what everyone to believe they are going to take care of the citizenry. It is just the opposite of that. The powers what only to tax the individual to death. But also to determine when the individual dies. Preferable before retirement age, to collect their hard earned retirement. Bottom line, take care of yourself, no one else will!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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