Saturday, August 18, 2018

"Hopi" All to Perfect

'All to perfect', is my patent answer for, Hopi history. 'In the Beginning, we were all Hopi'. From the 'Beginning', to the Baby Jesus tale. Of the 'Returning of the Blue Star Kachina, too the Village Plaza'. Were the Hopi, truly the 'First Peoples"? Hopi Tales tell us that the Hopi first emerged from the Grand Canyon in current Arizona. To where the Hopi settled on what's call Old Oraibi today. Here the ancient Hopi set out to settle the World's uninhabited land masses. The Swastika originally  came from the Hopi. It was the symbol for the Hopi migration pattern to fill in all the voids of the Earth. After the Hopi settled onto Old Oraibi. Younger clan members and their families. Would be chosen to set out on new Hopi settlements. These  new settlements would ladder be come, new tribes. As the Hopi settlements became permanent villages, for the new arrivals. As "Time" passed, the new settlers would change from Hopi to their current tribal name. Such as Sioux, Comanche, Apache, etc..

The 'Great Flood' was the ending of the 'Last World'  'Third World'. And mankind is currently living in the Hopi 'Fourth World'. To the Hopi, all that lived in the 3 previous World. Have passed through the current 'Fourth World'. And all of humanity is growing together. If this is truly a Closed Environment, that all of humanity is linked together. And have been for eternity, now divided by religions and race. This was predicted by the Hopi. Who left the Underworld for the for the Surface. Now you have the same controllers it appears. Is the ancient Hopi tale about life. If Life was an easy path, Then your Spiritual Development would not progress. aka; If life were a Sunny Beach, you'd never leave it!!! That definitely works for me. I'll be about as sleazy as anyone else, if not pushed. Which is just part of being human. The 'Fallen Angles'???

As most have noted, who have done any research on religions. They are all pretty much the same. With most if not all, having the 'Great Flood', ending the previous World. How can this be? Because the Tales were originally Hopi. When all the Continents were linked together. And the ancient Hopi started their migration throughout the flat surface, of Mother Earth. Every religion, cult or mystical tales all have a Worshiping hero, who will return at 'End Times'. The original returning hero was the Hopi 'Blue Star Kachina'. aka: Jesus, of today's Bible.

The Catholic church learned in the 1500s. Not to mess with the Hopi Peoples. When the Spaniards along with the Catholic Padres. Arrived in the today, Arizona region. The Spaniards were looking for  the famous 'Seven Cities of Gold'. They found the Hopi. Who showed them the route to the Pacific ocean. Later the Catholic Padres at gunpoint. Forced the Hopi on Old Oraibi to build them a church, on Old Oraibi. With the Catholics idea was to. lay to waste, another ancient history and tales. Just as the Catholic church aka: Rome, had done to several other. Ancient religions  and teaching. The Mayan history for example. The Padres had the Hopi build the new cathedral directly over the ancient Hopi underground ceremonial chamber. As if to shove a Boot, into Hopi past history. Their is a "God" and the night the Catholic church cathedral was completed. It was hit by 2 Bolts of Lighting, and burned to the ground. That's why you won't find, any Catholic churches near the Three Hopi Mesas!!! A reminder also, the Hopi were the only Native American tribe. Not to be Genocide or Relocated to a reservation, in the Americas.

Hopi ancient Tales have been hidden from the masses for a reason. 'To Complete', no fantasized tales about Beings from the Sky. Just Reality of Hopi life and how Hopi day to day life, correlated to a Spiritual Life. No Hell or Vengeful "God", to worry your head. Just living a Spiritual Life by living Life. Bring no harm to others, be humble of those that Created you, a simple life lesson. In the Hopi 'First World', the animals had no fear of mankind. Why, because in the Hopi 'First World'. The Hopi weren't Flesh Eaters. Thus no fear of the humans inhabitants. Imagine that in today's corrupted World?

When the ancient Egyptians rulers realized. They could no longer control the masses with an Army. Religion was created, to make mankind a Sinful Beast. (Later to become Rome and the Catholic church.) And all other types of Spiritual teachings must be destroyed. The Inquisitions in the Twelfth Century were created. The poor Hopi were in the path of World domination by Rome. Which I believe you have still today. MesoAmericans, and North and South Native Americans were all victim of Rome's Inquisition. Bringing home the meaning of, 'All Roads Lead to Rome'.

And here we are today. As far as you could possible be, from the Hopi 'First World'. A world divided at constant war. With the main objective, control via Chaos. Is this the 'Fifth' and final 'World'??? Depending on which ancient Hopi tales you wish to listen to. Look how far the World has come. from the 1st Hopi emerging from the inner Earth. Only to Return to the very Beginning, of the corrupted Underworld!!!

"God" bless


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