Sunday, August 26, 2018

"Sustainable Development"

aka: You and me DEAD!!! Constant bombardment of, 'were all going to Die!!!' Over population, Climate Change, Radiated Oceans, all mankind's fault. That's what the power want, the World's population to believe. Does anyone truly know the population of the World? No mater what the powers tell humanity. How could anyone refute this? If NASA says the Planets are thousands of Light Years away. How can 'Joe Six Pac', disprove this? So Joe say;s, 'oh tay'. Take Joe's pick-up truck and park it 2 miles away, in the dark. Turn on the headlights, see if Joe can see his pick-up? Common Sense has been ripped from the youth. Believe what you are told, question nothing mentality.

'Agenda 21' has turned into 'Agenda 2030'. As the powers s had to roll back the date. Here in the Metro Phoenix area, the powers can't build enough Condos and apartments. Today for the most part. They all set empty, with more being built. What do the powers know, the rest of humanity doesn't know? 'Concrete Jungles' of the future is the plan. Rats all moved into 'Sustainable Communities' it's called. Turning the urban areas back into their original state. One reason you have reintroduction of Native Species back into the forests, such as Wolves. While for years, they were eradicated by ranchers and farmers.

So why such a vicious attack on the White population? The White Race, is the only race capable of stopping the Zionist agenda. I had to give up television years ago, couldn't take the constant attacks. It's all the Whites Fault. You can see how America has been sit-up as the World's villains. With the White Face of America, being put fourth. In South Africa, White Genocide is happen as I type. Why isn't this front page news. If this was happening to any other Race. The press would be in an outrage. Unfortunately the Zionist control the media. You can look back, and just see how things have been brought along. Drip, Drip, Drip, Frog in warm water. Slowly this has been brought about. Like the Frog, one day humanity is Cooked.

Part of Agenda 2030 is Diet. Most vegetables have been turned into a GMO by-product. Organic Gardens are being out-law in many states. Don't want the organic vegetables mixing with the corrupted GMOs. Farmers are being sued over this cross contamination, the powers call it. Any Big Pharma using Natural Cures from plants? No, if your cure doesn't come from a barrel of Oil. Big Pharma claims it's bad for you. Mass Vaccination for population control, as Bill Gates stated. Is the future of the youth. another big lie, 'it's all about the Children'. Is double talk for controlling the youths health and life expectancy. The powers could care less for the Children. Look how malnutrition the current youth appear. Do they look healthy, or Defenseless? Do the Children really look like the powers care? Do the youth of today, appear to be preparing for Revolution? Against their masters, who are slowly killing them off. No, the youth are all asleep, obviously. All started with the Diet.

A quality Diet will fight most diseases. As the body is a Miracle work of "God". Turning the youth into a diet of Carbohydrates. Processed Sugar, Grains, and GMO Vegetables. With meat products filled with Growth Chemicals. The youth look, how they look today. The powers must feel, they have won the war for control of humanity. It's only a matter of "Time", like a wounded animal. Folks are not living longer, but shorter now. As the natural Diet has been destroyed. 'Fast Foods' have replaced Healthy Food. As eating an Organic Diet has become out of the question for most. All part of the plan.

'Sustainable Development', Mind Control has been imputed into everyone's minds now. Like the Jesuit Spinning Ball, it's everywhere. And it's humanity's fault, for the World's problems of today. They drive pollution causing vehicles, they are multiplying to fast, they are always ill. Just as the illusion the powers have created. You now have Whites hating Whites, because they are White. No one treats a Mexican worse than another Mexican. Blacks can't kill each other off fast enough. Clan members killing Clan members, of the same tribe now. And now, move all the Rats in the same Concrete Jungle. Calling it 'Sustainable Development', and good for the masses.

Any Fighters Out There???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.

PS: "Alien"

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