Saturday, September 8, 2018

"You Need "God", on Your Side"

A lesson I learned quickly, as a young Electrical Contractor in the 70s. Far to much can go wrong around you, that you have absolutely no control over. Rain, delays, price increases, injures, an example of things. "God' or the "Gods" control, 'best laid plans, of men and mice', thingy. 'Murphy's Law', seems to never escape my old ass, even now. Must have taken a 100+ screws out and in. Installing a 2000 Amp SES service, last few days. Last bolt, you know the story. A struggle, then the bolt falls back into the SES, all BAD!!!

In 'Today's World', "God" is trying to be removed. Copernicus and the Spinning Ball, Then Darwin with his 'Evolution Theory'. For hundreds of years, the powers have been slowly removing "God". And replacing "God" with themselves. With the masses being simple cattle, to be herded around. And in the modern World, that's what you have. The controlled media has corrupted the human mind. Have mankind believing they live on a Spinning Ball, somewhere out in the Universe. Have humanity believing they came from a Monkey. That humanity is no more than a Fluke of Nature. Get up, go to work and pay your taxes. They powers even created the monetary system for control of the masses. For without money, you don't survive long in the modern World. Everything you need now cost, even a "God" given drink of water. "God" provided humanity with everything they could possibly need for free. That has all been corrupted.

From the original Hopi Hunter-Gather. To where it's illegal to feed the Homeless and Poor. No more "God" given plants to cure everything humanity needs. To where all medical treatments, are from Oil based petroleum. A "God" given natural diet, has been replaced with GMO plants. Animals are feed growth hormones to speed up the growth. To where it used to take 3.5 years before a young cow could be harvested. In the Modern World, it only takes 6 months before harvest. All those Cancer causing chemical now in the consumers body. Giving the consumer, Cancer before 60 years of age. With CHEMO the only cure, the patient is told. Just a cycle from birth, removing "God", replacing with the powers. From a Mother's Breast milk, to Soy based poison. With no thought of the health of humanity. Just how much money$$$, can be made from the Cattle. The 'Bottom Line'!!!

Mankind doesn't need a "God" for protection anymore. Their is no "God" on a Spinning Jesuit Ball. Only Monkeys and those to be herded. The only "God" you need, is the one the powers gave humanity. You can see all around you. How the preparation to move the cattle into the cities is happening. Will the folks be slowly herded into the concrete jungles. Never even noticing what has been done to them? Like the Frog in the warm water!!! Look how quickly the masses started being covered in Tattoos. Getting piercing in unknown places. How bazaar is that? And how quickly it all happened. You are now a freak, if your not all Tattooed up. The same propaganda is being done to move the masses in to cities. Removing "God", showing the Jesuit Spinning Ball at every chance. It  appears the Flat Earth Movement has the powers concern. Unless the Flat Earth is a way to introduce the NWO one "God". That lay above the Dome. My generation got fooled so many "Times", along the way. Into thinking they were way Cool. Only to be just another Pawn in the game. 'Tune in, Dropout', propaganda. Turning a generation's of top thinkers, into 'Dead Heads'. Running around the country on LSD! Influencing the unknown masses. 'Gerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead'. And all the other bands out of San Francisco and Laurel Canyon in SoCal.

Without a "God" on your side, your defenseless. And the powers know this. After all, the powers gave the masses religions, to divide them. Making the cattle more easily controlled. Telling each different religion, they have the only true "God". That will surly keep the masses, killing each other off forever. Like how the j$$$$ws use their bible to remove the Palestinians and other Middle Eastern peoples, from their lands. Saying their "God" told them they could. What a mess, but perfect for control. (All roads lead to Rome or some other singular place.) What has happened to humanity in recent generations is unprecedented. TV sped everything up. Just as it did to the poor old Hopi isolation. Throw in the music and Cha-Ching. A "Godless" society, bent on Self, Self and more Self. Thus the Selfie was born. Tattooed, Pierced and Controlled. Limp wrist-ed, to weak to know what is being done to them. All to perfect, it would appear. What could stop this Steamroller? Only an outside intervention. And that's what the Thinkers are hoping, as in Hopi. Where is the 'Blue Star Kachina', when humanity could really use Him. Now billions of citizens need, "God" on Your Side.

Good Luck

"God" Bless


PS: "Alien"

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