Saturday, September 22, 2018

"At 71, Just Trying to get too Heaven"

Pretty much says it all, Reality at 71 years of age. Impatient, stubborn, old and Bitter, as "Time" rolls on. Like the Chief of Old Oraibi, first "Time" I visited. He had move from the Old Oraibi, because of what his eyes had seen happening. To painful for the Chief of Old Oraibi to watch. TV and the feds encroachment into the lives of the Hopi peoples and ancient ways. Look how America and the World has changed since the 50s. Car Hops and Root Beer, turned to porn and soul stealing drugs!!! The family unit was the most important part of survival. That has all been propagandized away. TV, movies and radio killed the family unit. From sitting around the dinner table as a family unit. To TV trays in the living room. As the folks of the World were thought they were being entertained. Quite the opposite was happening, to that young mind watching the Boob Tube. Their are no 'Free Lunches' in America. Everything you see or hear from the controlled media, has a bigger meaning behind it. TV gives you a Hyper Moment every few minutes. Little scare tactics to keep the individual watching on edge.

The Terrorist, crap falling from Fake Space, stinking "Aliens", the Russians, your neighbors, the guy at work, etc., etc., etc.. Are all out to get you, you are bombarded with constantly, from the media. The Selfie was created to enforce the 'all about me' concept. Do as you please, no matter what effect it has on others. Self Pleasure is the word, of the new century. No more 'one for all, and all for one'. That was destroyed to stop the masses from going one day. 'Just what the Hell, is being done to me'??? These bastards are trying to kill me, before my "Time". They tell me I'm a fluke of nature, I have no "God". I'm out here on the edge of known Universe, a "Godless" fluke. So just do as I'm told, go to work, and pay my taxes. The government will take care of me from Birth to Death. Tell me what to thing and what to believe in. And if you think that's a big ass lie? Your ready for the insane asylum.

No more competition, everyone gets a trophy today, for just participating. Not like my childhood in the playground. Where competition was encouraged, to bring out the best. Now the Best and most Intelligent, must be controlled or destroyed. They might lead the others to revolt. Can't have that in a controlled society, can you? The smartest of the youth today. are turned into Indentured Slaves, with College loans. Colleges putting out to many worthless degrees. You have guys selling shoes, with Engineering Degrees. How many jobs for kids with 'Paleontologist' degrees? To go look for bones of Dinosaurs that never existed in the first place. Like degrees in Astronomy BS. How funny is all that? Now the Trumpster is forming Space Agency. To protect the World from a 'Stinking Alien' invasion, how funny. And just in case the 'Stinking Aliens' are stopped. You'll need protect from crap coming from Fake Space. So now an agency to stop 'Meteors', from destroying humanity. The government said, so no humans are hurt. Robotic Spaceships will do the job. And if you believe that, and most do. LOL Amazing how truly gullible the masses are. They you look around and see how yourself, has been fooled so many "Times". I'm an Old Hippie, I can't talk!!!

Now, if I was still as gullible, as in my childhood, up to age 60. I wouldn't be so worried, about Getting too Heaven. But it took most my life to awaken. Have to admit the computer changed everything. You can see why the powers want to control the flow of the Truth, via the Internet. No way to discovered what I've discovered, using the public library system. I'd run out of years, long before getting to where I am today. To me, everything about what the government said about 911. I bought into, big "Time". Even collapsing floors, bringing down the Twin towers in under 10 seconds. My 'common sense', should have seen that's impossible. But with constant bombardment  from the controlled media. I couldn't help myself. 'Turn off the TV and radio and free Your Mind', I say now.

Not sure what awaits me in Heaven, or if I even qualify. But that's not stopping my quest forward. Seen enough by now, to know I'm not alone. In fact, I may be the "God", I'm looking for. After all at death, who Judges You, 'You'? Does "God" have the "Time" even care? Are you and me a child of "God", thus making us "Gods"? So many question, that the powers have done their best to keep from humanity. Who knows what knowledge, is locked up in the basements in Rome? You don't control the masses with facts, only with Fear! Knowledge in the masses hands, is the powers greatest fear. If so, the World would be in revolt today. But the masses being kept in the dark and uneducated. You have a World like you have today. Where religions have been used to divided the World's populations. After all, 'all roads lead to Rome'. A battle for your Soul, without humanity even knowing. Is what you have today, as folks are pulled father and father from "God". Just as the Hopi in the 1st World. All was so pure in the beginning. Has been twisted and turned, into a World at War with each other. With all being simply, children of "God".

How do you get too Heaven, in today's World? When everything has been turned into 'Self' now. No respect for the "Creator" anymore. The 'Selfie' has replaced "God" now. Just as it has been planned for centuries. With most folks, waiting for some Savior, to be coming from the Sky. In the near future, to save their dumb asses. Folks been fooled into believing, others can always save them. If not the government, then "God" will surely. They have all but given up, on the idea of Heaven in their future. The powers did a great job of removing that little know fact. All just an illusions for the masses now. While I have a greater plan, Heaven in my future!!!

"God" bless


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