Sunday, October 28, 2018


My largest contract ever, 2nd, not even close!!! Laying down Mediating after lunch. (ankles therapy ) When the phone rings. Hi it's so and so from Danson Construction. We were Low Bid on 'Central Pinal County Justice of the Peace Court', Coolidge. I'd bid the project with a couple of GCs, I normally bid with. No one called on bid day, to say. 'Were going with your number, we have a few questions'. Clarifications take away most of my Low Quotes. So I naturally asked, 'how low was I'?
 His reply, '$20,000', my reply, 'Drop Me!!!'. I had surely missed something Big. I've been bidding with Danson for, 4+ years now. Soon, another call followed from Danson came in. The owner this "Time", what do you mean, your dropping!!!???' 'Do you realize how much money it cost me to drop out from Low Bid on bid day?' On government projects the GCs must provide a 10% Cash Bond.  So on 5 million project, $500,000 Cash Bond is required. This is done on all government projects, solicited for Open Bid. If the GCs realize they are Dumb Low. The company must decide to either Forfeit the 10%, or fight through it. And do the project. Thank "God", this doesn't apply to Sub Contractors, like myself.

The owner reminded me. 'I'd just called earlier, to see if they were bidding it (this project)''. My reply, 'I was $20,000 low'. He reminded me, 'on a quarter million dollar project!' My replay, 'that makes all the difference, in the World'. That's 10%, I can fight through that. Maybe my Lighting Package, made me a winner. My brothers a RC Lurie, give me the Real Number on bid day. (RC Lurie, largest Lighting Rep in the World) Then I can decide what supplier gets the Lighting Package. This gives me great leverage with the suppliers. RC Lurie is more powerful, than the Electrical Distributors. As in the Today World of, 'it's all  about the Children' era. The Lighting Package has replaced Concrete and Steel as the largest dollar item. 'Energy Management', aka: 'Energy Star'. All federally funded project must be 'Energy Star'. Anything using Electrical Energy, must be qualified, 'Energy Star' label. Fascism at it's finest. When the Manufactures, have been put in charge of the U.L.. (Underwriters Laboratory) The Fox is now, in charge of the Hen house. Been watching this happening in my industry, since I started in the early 70s. Modern homes and offices is Maximum overkill, safety wise.. In the Today's World, it would be damn hard, to get electrocuted in your own bed. (Arch-Faults, GFCI)

Still alive, took a nasty fall. You don't fall at 71, for sure. Been in pain so no words of wisdom (hehehe) Taking CBD oil for inflammation, so far, so, so.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Time" "Alien"

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