Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Lost Rituals"???

My draw to the Hopi, was first the ancient Hopi Rituals. The more I leaned of the Rituals. The more I was drawn in. As I like to say, 'all to perfect'. As a child forced to go too Southern Baptist church, religiously every Wednesday and Sunday for yeas. Force feed the Christian bible by osmosis. The Hopi Rituals were far older than Christianity, but the tales cross path incredibly well. The ancient tale of the return of the 'Blue Star Kachina" to the plaza. Is the ancient Hopi tale of the, Baby Jesus's return. 'Jack and the Bean Stock'. Is the tale of the Hopi 'Emergence'. From inside the Earth, escaping the evil ones. Who controlled the Underworld. The Archons???  Upon arrival from the inner Earth. The ancient Hopi discovered the 'Giants'. Who the Hopi had to ask, for permission to live on the surface. 'Fallen Giants'??? The biblical, 'Fallen Angles', Nephilim'??? How did this small band of Native Americans, have so much knowledge??? This is only a sample.

It all started with the Hopi Blue Corn Seeds. Given to the ancient Hopi, for their migrations to fill the Earth. For the Hopi Blue Corn Seeds. Will grow anywhere on Mother Earth. Unlike others Corn Seeds. This would feed the new settlers, as villages were created. The ancient Hopi had protection from above and direction. As they migrated across the human-less lands. Creating new villages, before the next migration. Moved on to create a new village.Watched a Kachina Dance on Kykotsmovi Hopi 2nd Mesa. Depicting the first human Hopi, Mudhead. As he moved about, Mudhead was surrounded by the Kachina Dancers. As they were protecting the 1st human, Mudhead. (Mayan, Mudman)

The Hopi, Freemasons, Jesuits, Zionists, etc., all have their ancient Rituals. How many Rituals does everybody else have? Their's a reason for this, mankind has been denied their Rituals. A Ritual represents, one with "God". Your acceptance of a higher Power. The powers, don't want this. This breaks you from the constant propaganda. Your life is suppose to be, a constant Ritual. Just as the ancient Hopi lived. As if ,"God' was walking with them. A simple few words or gestures, in thanks, is a Ritual. Acknowledging the True Power, not the given powers. Small bands of tribe or group, with a Shaman as a Ritual teacher. This was the norm, in the beginning, as everyone was still in awe. Today the Rituals have been removed for Corporate Religions. You pay someone else (priest, rabbi, deacon, etc.), to preform Rituals, in corporate religion. You need someone else, to communicate with "God", in your behalf. In today's World. You'll need some $$$ cash though.

Modern mankind has been given a Spinning Jesuit Ball. That was created by the Big Bang BS. "God" has been removed, in today's World. Yet the same powers, sell Corporate Religion. For those that don't get it. Mainly, most of the World's population. Rome!!! Hard to believe a human being, thought is all up. Such an incredible plan, that's working. If hadn't lived all these years and the computer changing humanity. Where would I die, where I checked in. Believing the power's lies. Spinning on a Ball, somewhere in Space??? Trusting I evolved from a monkey. Starting with Lichen on a stone. All Rituals removed.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.



"Time" "Alien"

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