Sunday, December 2, 2018

"Shut Up and Ride"

It was 1954 in a sleepy little Mormon town (then) of Mesa Arizona. Riding along in my brother's (?), surrounded by my other brothers  (?), Max's 1954 Chevy Bel-Aire, blue and white 2 Door.. The best, Chevrolet had to offer. Everyone had money, back in the 50s USA. America had just bombed the rest of the World into submission. Europe and Japan were in rubble. Just as I was told by Max firmly, 'Shut up and Ride', America today has become, 'shut up and ride'!!! A country at constant war now. Genders are being torn and twisted apart, with diet and mass media propaganda. Elections are no more than a Dog and Pony Show, likely from day one in history. 'Shut up and ride', your masters will tell you what's good for you. Natural medicine and cures were made illegal by Big Pharma and the new. Petroleum based medicines, replaced the cures that were "God" given. Like pure water is a "God" given, but today you pay for that same pure water.

The best slave, the slave that doesn't know, their a slave. 'Shut up and ride'. Watched as my son-in-law, was poisoned with Chemotherapy to Death!!! At 71 now, I've seen many friends pass, long before their "Time". They all were victims of, 'shut up and ride'. Trusting and believing, what ever came across that magical box. Trusting their religious leaders and newspapers for generations. It's worst today, incredibly so. Not me anymore.

Fooled myself for decades at a "Time". Being programmed, into trusting what you've been told. After all, you don't lie and deceit others for profit and power. You judge others, from your own behavior, aka; 'a Rat smells his own hole first'. That's how a few Pirates can control the masses. The masses own naivety. Religions are based on folks naivety, fear of the unknown. In this era of total corruption of American government. You need to protect one's self, from those. Who want you dead or dying.

I recently took a bad fall on my job site. Pulled my groin severely. Started taking over the counter pain killers instantly. None of them had any effect on the shooting pain in my hip and legs. I remembered a Vet, I ran into at Bloom Dispensary. He was dancing around the  room. I had to ask him, 'what was going on?' He replied, 'the F--king VA had him on pain killers and in a wheelchair for 6 years'!!! 'Then I discovered CBD Oil', a marijuana based cure. When I realized that the pain killers I was taking. Even some Opiate based pain killers from the VA. The Opiate didn't hide the pain, just make feel so I didn't care about the pain. Then I realized what the Vet had told me. I got some CBD oil from Bloom. The kid that dispensed it, told me it would take up to 2 weeks. Before the CBD oil would take effect. Went back and told the another kid at Bloom, about what I was told. He said the stuff, CBD oil should take effect immediately. And not to buy the type CBD oil, Bloom sold. He said what you need is, 'Lazarus Naturals, CBD Tincture, 300mg of CBD'. He was correct, about the instant effect. The killer shooting pains stopped almost immediately. So I've learned that not all CBD oils are the same.

Next lesson I learned, like the Aloe Vera craze in the 80s. That unscrupulousness business souls, will cut the CBD oil they purchased. Learned that lesson, when the folks I was buying the CBD oil were closed. Then I had to find the same brand CBD oil. The next place I bought the CBD oil. I first noticed how much more medicine flavor. And seemed more effective. Not until a guy at the stored warned me about who to buy CBD oil from. He said the Head Shops will cut it down. Lesson learned, even the most down to earth type folks. can't be trusted.

Once again the ugly face of, 'Shut up and Ride', came rushing back. First of all, never trust Big Pharma to cure you!!! And even beware, of those bringing good health. Are not above the bottom line, $$$!!! Never just, 'Shut Up and Ride' in today's World. Everyone seems to be, out to get you, one way or another!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

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