Sunday, December 16, 2018


Just what is, True Power??? If you ran the World, what would you do to control the masses? Has a 1 True Power, conquered humanity. With the absents of a visible "God"? With no one around to control your thoughts and actions. And having no "God" or coincidence to answer to. How powerful could you become? Over the masses who are basically pure of Heart. What' your first step, in control of the masses?

Rumor has it, the powers in the past Used force along with taxation and starvation, for control. Until the masses multiplied out of, enforceable control.  In the known World outside the Americas and East, China, Japan , etc., etc.. With Death and the unknown after Death. The powers would turn this basic fear of dying. Into uncontrollable power over the masses. When brute force no longer worked against the multiplying masses. "God's" wrath would be used against the uneducated masses. As in, 'all roads lead too Rome'.

Humanity was given a "God" for control. With humanity having no knowledge of their own individual powers. That all the children, are the creation of "God". And no other shall have domain over humanity. With the lack of a visible "God". The masses fell under control, using humanities own fears. Instead of Children of "God", humanity was brainwashed into believing. They were no more unknowing creatures. That the masses needed to be lead and given a "God" to fear. Inter 'Baby Jesus' onto the uneducated Worldly masses. Al those not believing in Jesus, would be converted or killed off.

By taking humanities own fears and turning them against the masses. Fear of the unknown, is a powerful tool. And Rome the creator of all religions, did just that. The 'Inquisitions' had be started to bring the masses under the control of Rome. Beginning in the 12th Century. Rome set out to bring Europe and the Americas. Under the control of the Catholic Church. Converting the unwashed masses, into Christians for Christ. Study the history of Meso-America and the 'Inquisitions'. One sees how, the Shamans were rounded up and murdered off. Thus killing thousands of years of of the Meso-Americans Spiritual history and Rituals. Just as the Native American children were stripped from their families. And put into government and religious schools. And brainwashing all the past history from the youth's minds. Thus breaking the backs of ancient Meso-American history. And Native America Spiritual Rituals.

In today's World, you can plainly see how Rome. Divided and Conquered the masses. By using religions to divide the masses. Christians, Muslims and j$$$$ws have the World in constant war. In a War of Words, over who's "God" is correct. All 3 believing that they are the true religion. And all others must be converted or Killed!!! The Big Question always is, dumb luck by the powers. Or was Divine Intervention, aka; Satan!!! Who gave those running the World currently, this knowledge? Society is degrading now at a rapid pace. With Morals and "God" being tossed aside, like yesterday's newspaper. Will this continue, or will some Divine Energy? Change the direction of the current 4th World???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Time", "Alien"

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