Sunday, December 30, 2018

"Stinking Aliens are Coming"

The "Aliens" are sure getting lots of press now. Even NASA is jumping in, with news of "Aliens". When for years, NASA denied the subject. Call it a, soft 'Disclosure'. A firm believer myself, of the "Aliens" in space idea. With all my UFO sightings, a big "Time" believer. Now being a Flat Earther, the idea of "Aliens" is still alive. Just not coming from Space somewhere. Makes thing easier, with the Space BS. Making me feel better about myself. Rather than stuck here, with all this crap going on around me. Enter my believe, mixed with Hopi tales and history. It all fits together now. The powers tried hiding "God", behind the Spinning Ball BS!!! It trapped me and most, with this massive propaganda system in place. From the crib through your education system, the spinning ball. All around you, the spinning ball.

Then the Space propaganda got going, via the media, movies first. First the spinning ball, now the stinking "Aliens". Arthur C. Clark, the true inventor of the Satellite, was a Fiction Writer. In 1945 Arthur C. Clark, suggested the idea of orbiting communication satellites. Then on October 4th 1957, Spudnik, a Russian satellite was born. Earth Orbit(?) had been attain. The 'Cold War' was on. And militarized Space, was surely coming soon. ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) would soon follow!!! Instant World Nuclear Destruction, in a Heartbeat, the World's population was programmed! How perfect, wouldn't you say??? Like 911 and Pearl Harbor did. Turned a country, the USA into instant Wars. Robbing the citizenry, of their lives and money. This has all been played out, as the citizens awaken to the lies. Like Chem-trails, most everyone seemed to notice. Thus the powers had to admit to the spraying. In the name of, 'protecting the environment from Global Warming' BS. The Ultimate War, Space War. After all, look how easily the masses have been programmed into Space (throw me in).

And now the Trumpster has started creating a new agency called, 'Space Force'. This will protect Americans at billions of dollars. To protect the American public from attacks from Fake Outer Space. In other words, 'the Stinking "Aliens" are  coming'. Not only are the Stinking Aliens coming, they are coming to Kill and Enslave the American population. How silly does this sound??? Yet the idea is about to become law. And who will pay for the Stinking Fake Alien attack, Joe Six-Pac. 'Legal Stealing', I call it, Just as the Fake Space program. Taking 52 million a day from the American tax payers. And all NASA produces is admitted CGI photography. aka; composites of who knows what? The programming of the American citizenry is amazing. Or you can call it, 'the dumbing of American society'. Maybe the baby Boomers were the last generation with any common sense! Because today, common sense, is very uncommon.

When the American population tires of all the False Flags, Mall and School shooting. The 'terrorist' BS gets old. What next to rob the American citizens of the hard earned money and Freedoms? Just what the powers, have been setting up for years, the 'Stinking Aliens Invasion'!!! Who better than Orson Wells, to get the ball rolling with. 'War of the Worlds' radio broadcast in 1938. (link to recording)  A test run by the Rockefeller Institute, on the American public. To just see how receptive the general public would react to such a "Alien" invasion. Orson Well's radio broadcast showed just what the powers wanted to see. How easily the masses can be put into a Panic Mode. With a simple radio program. Since the day of 'War of the Worlds', the idea of the "Alien" threat. Has been programmed into the American public's heads. Just as 911 and WWII was programmed into the Americans heads. Once convinced Yellow people were all bad, the other. All Brown people are bad and just might be a terrorist. After the War with Japan was over. America kept up the attacks on the Yellow race. With Wars in Korea and Vietnam. Killing millions of the same Yellow folks. Now, no end to killing Muslim or middle easterners. Until the public awakens to what is happening to them. Fear is the greatest weapon. And the powers have used it on the masses, from the beginning of religions and governments.

With no place left to turn, but Fake Space. Until the masses awaken. The idea of "Alien" presences, cannot be denied. Just to many folks, like myself. With UFO sightings that cannot be explained away. Are the "Aliens" that so many have experienced. Be no more than the 'Hopi Ant People'. Who are helpers of a local "God"? The next few years will tell, how far the powers are willing to stretch the truth. As the old Chinese line goes, 'my you live in, interesting "Times"'!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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