Sunday, January 13, 2019

"Just, Who is the Enemy"???

We can see the faces, the powers want humanity to see. Just who's really, behind those masks? Rome, Jerusalem, London, DC, puppets, are what we see. This is all far above, 'lets talk'. Not like a bunch of guys were sitting around one day and decided, 'Lets Rule the World'. Let's convince the World's population, they are living on a Spinning Ball. And "God" is non-existing. They are all flukes of nature, nothing more. And they the populace, has no ability to rule over themselves. Who directed this thought? Mere mortals could never accomplish the incredible amount of control over the masses. If you will notice, no matter the country. Their Space Agency logos are all similar to NASA. All done to keep the Worldwide lie going. America and Russia were all self complacent in the Fake Space Race programs. Now China and Japan have chimed in on the World's greatest lie. Just where humanity is and who or what is humanity? Is humanity "Godless"? Your masters want humanity to think this way.

It would appear that all nations fall under one central control. The Fake wars and enemies, have kept the World's population divided. The masses programmed to hate everyone. Who doesn't worship the same "God" as them. Was Hitler a hero or a zero? The controlled media says, 'Hitler was a monster, killing millions of j$$$$s'. A few Muslims with box cutters, can overwhelm an entire airliner (3). Japaneses Navy snuck up the US Naval fleet, tied up in Pearl Harbor. Every day it seems is a new False Flag. Every other week, NASA discovers water on Mars, again and again and again!!! Weirdo White guys are Killing children at schools, theaters, Christmas "Time" in the malls BS. Was this all Organic in Nature? A few White guys or something much greater. I'm reminded of the Hopi Tale about, humanity is lazy by Nature. And left to their own devices. Would never advance Spiritually without a shove from behind. This direction however, would appear to be far more sinister, to say the least. To the point of wiping-out humanity.

Who's to say, if World's population are, on the increase or decrease? China may be so far beyond population control. To where they may be a declining race. China will drop below 1 billion population within a decade or so. 'One Child' propaganda did them in. Now the Gay Agenda World wide. Is having the same effect. All part of World depopulation, it would appear. Diet is doing it's part, as the World wants the American diet. Same Fast Food joints, in damn near every country in the World now. 'Death through Diet', is a fitting term. When food is suppose to be Health and Medicine naturally. Now your medicine comes, via a Barrel of Oil. Eliminating "God" on every front. From where your place in the Big Picture, to how long and healthy you live. The NWO has been here for as long as anyone can tell. The powers just give humanity, crumbs of truth. They the masses, will make the rest up.

Meanwhile humanity swings hopelessly at the enemy presented. While the true powers are hidden. A true 'Dog and Pony' show, politics are. While the masses are being Murdered Off, unknowingly. The Ones pulling the Strings hide in the background. Who or what will humanity be in a 100 years? Somethings, will probably never know. Like what is the true shape, of where humanity lives? Why was humanity presented such a place? And a million other questions, about life? For sure, this is no Fluke of Nature. And a much greater plan is in store. Than meets the eye. A true Max, 'shut up and Ride'!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday night, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

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