Saturday, February 9, 2019

"The Chosen Ones"?

Learned a ton about, 'the chosen ones' this past week. Not the self proclaimed, j$$$$ish religious fanatics. No, how business really works. Kind off knew I was an inside. When I was with the Italians, at Sunbelt Electric, as the estimator. The Freemasons made first contact with me. While visiting 'Black Theater Troupe', a project we were doing for the City of Phoenix. I was left a 'Calling Card', I call it. Then gifts soon followed.

Why, was the burning question, after all these years. Had I reached some unknown level. A friend says 'I had reached the Highest Level of what I do, Electrical'. Not sure that's true. I owned my own Electrical company for years (14). Before getting rolled on for enough money, from a j$$$$wish contractor. I was forced to quit contracting. With all my self confidence destroyed by this financial blow. I went to work for other electrical contractors. Before going to work for other electrical contractor. I was mainly a residential electrical contractor. Doing custom housing and larger apartment complexes. My first company to work for, was Compel Corporation. Who specialized in Computer Room electrical installs. And did mostly government work, like McDonald/Douglas aircraft company. Overnight, I went from a residential electrician, to the highest end of the electrical trade. The education had begun. As the World was changing from everything on paper. To everything being on a computer somewhere. I was being trained in a whole new World of electrical.

This went on for years, working on different government projects. Then one day I was at Charles/Schwab Mirror Facility in Chandler. I was a temp electrician, as I was tired of always being the man in charge. Yet when I did temp work, I was put in-charge of the regular companies full "Time" employees. As was the case at Charles/Schwab facility. One day while walking down a hallway, an older electrician stuck his head out and asked. 'Do you ever wonder why you are always on these large government, high tech jobs', he asked? I responded, 'why is that'? His reply was, 'because the government, knows, who they want on their jobs'!!! Then I realized, just what he was saying. I was controlled financially, by where I could find work. Wanting a break before I knew all this. I would apply for a job, get it. Then called and told, I didn't have that job after all. Then a temp service would call and offer me work, on some government facility. Needing money, I was forced to take the job offers. With me being so naive enough, to never notice until that day at Charles/Schwab. Was I set up to fail at my own business, so I could be retrained? That would look, like a 'Big Yes'!!!

Now all these years later, look what has happened. Back in business for my self again. Now doing only government projects. Why, because a Lighting distributor, whom is stock and barrel part of the system. Gives me Lighting Packages on my bid projects. That are 10 - 20% lower than other electrical contractors get. Why does this happen? Over the years, I have handled millions of dollars worth of  lighting distributors light fixtures. And I install the lighting packages correctly. Then everyone gets paid on "Time". That's why I'm a Favored Son on Bid Day. The Circle stays completed with me. And in this day and age of Trick Lighting system. Due to Energy Management in all office buildings and homes. The days of simply connecting a light fixture to the power. Have ended with all the controls to control  amount of Wattage Usage. It's all about 'Saving the Children', but at great cost to the customers. Here again the consumer will be using less electricity, but of course, at the same cost. Just as the size of your box of breakfast cereal, gets smaller. But the price, stays the same.

I was saying about taking CBD oil for my fall, a few months ago. The CBD oil was the only thing, that would stop the shooting pains in my hip and legs from the fall. I have fully recovered from the fall now, but still taking the CBD oil. Maybe my fall was for a reason. Seems the older I get, the more nothing seems coincidental! The way I took the fall, was quite amazing. A lot of things had to happen, for me to fall. Was their things going on inside my body, I was unaware of at 71 years old? And the CBD oil was curing that problem. A firm believer that mankind has been programmed mentally. To think of dying in their  mid to late 60 years old. You see the programming in sports all the "Time". With major sports figures, are dying before 70 years of age. Putting the though of Old Age, at 60 years old. Here again the word government meaning, 'govern' to control physically. 'ment' for 'mind' control.

Next big subject hitting the internet, is 'Mud Floods'. Was the World hit with a Worldwide catastrophe in the 1800s? Was Free Energy a common item? Push some button on the subject. It's a fact, humanity knows nothing of their true past. Look at the pyramids, and other great structure around the World. Who did all these thing, were they really created by primitive mankind? Just a reminder that 'history' is 'his story'. And the Cats with the biggest weapons, write His Story. The powers who seem to control all. Have hidden mankind's true his story and replaced it with 'His Story'. Humanity didn't come from nothing like the j$$$$w Einstein's BS. Or the Jesuit Darwin, Darwinism of Evolution. "God" is being written from history and replaced with 'His Story'. And now the gay agenda, for both, physical and population control. A weakened male is the objective for the future 'His Story'. Humanity as created by "God", is being De-evolution. Is Baby Jesus or the Blue Star Kachina, going to arrive soon? And save humanity from this terrible "Godless" future?

Their are those who truly believe they are the 'Chosen Ones'. And those are the one's, your not allowed to Criticize. Think who that might be. Watch and listen to your daily programming, from the controlled media. Just who is herding humanity, into a soulless, do as you might Reality? Who are the self proclaimed 'Chosen Ones'???

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

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