Saturday, February 23, 2019

"Hopi Imprisoned on Alcatraz Is."

On it's way across America today. Forced Cultural Standards, just as was done to the Hopi. On the Mesas in the 1800s. In 1894 19 Hopi men from the village of Orayvi, Old Oraibi today. Were arrested and sent to Alcatraz Island prison for. Refusing the governments demands, that their children were taken from them. And put into a Boarding school, in Keams Canyon, Hopi. All part of killing off the Hopi ancient ways. No different than today's mind control media. Is doing to the youth of America and the World. Today media is doing exactly the same thing the controlled media did to the Native Americans. Calling them un-controllable Savages. Much like is being done to the White population of today. I did away with my TV years ago, because I'm White. How any White person can watch TV today, amazes me. With the constant attack on the White Class and especially the Baby Boomers. As Obummer stated, 'our generation of Whites, did nothing'!!! Just as today youth are being compromised. By telling the youth of today. Their parent generation were terrible being. bent on keeping all the minority races down. Yet the Baby Boomers were the first to open to other races.

The best way to kill off the past. Is to remove the children from the family unit. By putting them in forced education (propaganda) system. As the youth of America has been done to for years. Mandatory education or mandatory propaganda. The youth of America are taught to answer to Bells and all authority. The only way to break the Hopi ancient ways. Was for the government to remove the Hopi children from the parents. At first this was suggested that the Hopi children go to Keams Canyon for re-education. This didn't happen on Orayvi, as the Hopi elders the Hostiles. Refused to let their children be taken from the them. While this was all going on in Orayvi. You had the Split between the Friendlies and the Hostiles. The Friendlies were open to the re-education of their children. While the Hostiles refused to let their children be taken away. This led to the Split on Orayvi, 3rd Mesa. With the Hostile refusing to let their children be compromised. The government sent in the federals to arrest the leaders of the up-rising. 19 Hopi elders were arrested and taken away to Alcatraz Island for incarceration. When they spent a years, before being released back to the Hopi rez.

This not only happening to the Hopi youth. All Native American tribes children were removed for re-education. It appears that only the Hopi Elders knew of the dangers. That awaited the Hopi in future generations. As most Native American tribes were compromised by starvation and constant movement from rez to rez.. As the tribal leaders were corrupted by the government. Much like you have on the Hopi rez today. To where the Hopi ways have been lost. Drive through the village of Kykotsmovi. You'll be amazed at the amount of government vehicles. As Kykotsmove was a Friendlies village. After the split on Orayvi, and you can clearly see.

I was told by John, the owner of 'White Bear Hopi Arts'.   That the main concern between the Friendlies and Hostiles. Was that English would be taught to the youth. By using the Christian Bible. Thus for the government (Rome), you killed, 'two birds with one stone'. John's grandfather was Chief of Religion on Orayvi. You would never think of Religion tired to Hopi. Only difference in Hopi Religion=Spirituality. Religion was corrupted by the church. The Religion of your life, 'Good or Bad'. Also all Hopi, were against the encroachment of government on them. Much as the Navajo of today. But the struggles between the Hostiles and Friendlies grew. Over how to deal with, the government interference in their affairs. This grew as the Friendlies asked for government intervention and protection from the Hostiles. Who outnumbered the Friendlies, who wanted the government troops.

Then on 25 November 1894, two Calvary Companies with arms from Colorado. Came too Orayvi and arrested Chiefs Lomahanoma and Habima. Along with 17 others and imprisoned them on Alcatraz Island. The press would call the group a, 'Murderous looking Apaches' and such. As all the press is, as like today. Are simply, the 3rd Branch of the government. To Govern both physically and mentally. Thus the Friendlies along with the government, changed Hopi Ways forever. As the Friendlies living the Washington Way now. As you visit the villages on Hopi today. Their are only 3 villages still hanging on to 'Hopi Ways'. Orayvi (Old Oraibi), Hotevilla (old part) and Moenkopi (old Part). Just as is happening in America and rest of the World today. As the Old Ways are to be removed and destroyed from history or His Story. Just as ancient 'Hopi Way', or as Lonnie calls it. 'Hopi Way Today'.

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