Sunday, March 3, 2019


The US government, is an 'Extortion' racket. Selling Joe Six-pac protection. Since I've been alive, some created enemies. Koreans, Vietnamese, Communism, Muslims, Russians, Cubans, etc., etc.. All were coming to take my freedoms away, but what freedoms? Just what am I free to do? Can't even own a Dog, without permission. aka; Dog Tags and Shots. American troops have been in Afghanistan since 911. Guarding the Opium Fields. Does that seem like freedom? America invading countries, in the pretense of bring freedom of Democracy. Only to steal that countries assets. Who ever the government wants the general public to fear. The 3rd branch of government, the media. Will convince the masses of the new Americans enemy. Convincing millions of Americans, that 19 Muslim  hi-jackers. Took control on 911, of 3 passenger airliners. As improbably as that seems, most Americans bought into the BS, including my dumb ass!!!

The Unites States government, are the World's greatest pirates. Stealing billions of $$$ from Americans and the rest of the World's population. With 'our way, or the highway'. America bombed the  rest of the World in WWII, into oblivion. Taking with them, billions in Gold and Silver. All of American History is a Big Lie!!! Rome = Religion, London = Finance, United States of America = Military. The Trilogy that controls the World's population and finances. Planned Shortages, are just that, 'planned'. Another form of Mind Control. Country's citizens, relying on the central government for everything. Along with control of the pocketbook. Peddling Fear of others, is number #1 priority. Taxation in the pretense of making Americans safe, from all those out to take Americans. So called freedoms away. On 911, Bush the leading Pirate at the "Time". Bush told the American public  that the reason behind the 911 attacks. 'Was the terrorist were, jealous of Americans freedoms'. While the Patriot Act was waiting in the wings. To take what few freedoms Americans had, away!!! After 911 attacks, all Americans citizens were listed as 'Enemy of the State'.

$686,074,048,000 United States of America, 2019 military budget. Fears sells, as you can plainly see. This amount doesn't including taking care of the Vets, military construction and a few other items. Based on 300 million American citizens. Each share, for everyone American is $2,286.91. More than all other countries in the World combined, military's budget. US has military bases in over 160 countries, why? The only real so called threat to America, is Russia. 66 billion is all Russia spent on their military in 2017. Fourth most of all countries, in the World. America spent 10 "Times" more, than Russia. Yet you constantly hear, 'the Russians are coming'. North Korea could fire Nukes at the US any day now. North Korea entire budget is only GPD of 30 billion in 2015. Yet Americans are told the BS. When in fact, Korea is just another controlled CIA country. A Paper Enemy only, pay your Taxes for protection, get it!!!

Next comes the "Aliens" from Outer Space. Something all Americans have been brainwashed to believe in. Nothing like the movies and TV to control the masses mentally. The term UFOs, were put in America and the World minds, in 1947 (Roswell N.M.). For future considerations. And that "Time", is approaching. Trumpster just created  the 'Space Force'. A new branch of the military, that will require funding, billions. Not cheap to defend Outer Space from "Alien" attack, you know. Think how vast the Universe is, hehehe. The final enemy, to Unite the World. Under one Central Control, if that's not already happening. Something to unite the citizens of the World? Seems odd though, with all the death and misery the powers create. Bottom line is Control, via Extortion.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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