Sunday, March 17, 2019

"They Can't Kill You"

Look up Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hoover, you'll be surprised. Associated with Dr. John Mack of Harvard. Group called, 'Program for Extraordinary Research' (PEER). Where they studies after dearth experiences. And the 'Abduction Experience, aka; "Alien Abduction". That has in recent years, expanded profoundly. Ruth was also appointed to the presidents, 'Youth and Children' conference. Was voted to the 'Who's Who of American Women'. Ruth later became the main researcher in metro Phoenix of MUFON. And that is where I first meet Dr. Ruth. She was at a local mall with a, MUFON information booth. You see I had this 'Crescent C', on my right shoulder. And I needed some answers!!!

At the "Time", MUFON was the leading UFO, Abduction researchers. And Dr. Ruth was associated with John Mack's group out of Harvard. That short meeting with Dr. Ruth, changed my life forever. She had a book for sale, on the cover. Was a lady with the same 'Crescent C' on her right upper shoulder. Told Ruth that I had the same marking. You said, 'you are special and you can't be Killed'. Started to feel a who lot better about my situation, for sure. Ruth said 'you were an Abductee'. After so many recent UFO sightings, this seemed to make sense. With all of my UFO sightings, with others with me. A few months later, I realized how controlled my life was. As I was always on large government project. Without even knowing why. Then at the largest computer room facility west of the Mississippi. Doing Fire Control wiring, because the greatest fear of computers is Water. An older than me electrician, walked up to me and asked. 'Do you know why your always on these big government installs'? 'That's because the government, knows who they want on their projects'. This made total sense to me now. Forced to learn these skills, after many years of being, a residential, small commercial electrician. 

Just what did Ruth mean by, 'they can't kill you'. First of all, just who exactly is, 'They'? This word is used for everything mysterious. Are 'they', the guy in the Wizard of Oz, behind the curtain? Do 'they' live in the Sky or Underground? Are 'they', the so called, 'Fallen Angles'? I'm not smart enough to know who 'they' are. But I'm pretty damn sure, their are controlling outside factors. That are behind the scenes, out of site. And what the media presents. Are simply, talking heads like the news reporters. All politicians put in place, freedom my ass. Once I believed this BS, no more. 

Recently I have been following or learning a bit about Kabbalah Gematria. The use of Letters having numerical values. Numerology for example is one. Learning what 'Death by Numbers' mean. Such as the '27 Club' of celebrities. Who have died mysteriously at 27 years of age. Push some buttons, you'll soon see, what I mean. Do 'they' use a certain hidden type of numerology? To control the masses thinking through'staged events' or killings. Take the JFK assassination, look how it changed America. Rock-stars deaths, bring front page news. As the Rock Stars are created and killed by the numbers? All part of  soft, 'mind control'. Your life could end at any moment. Does everyone fall under this category?

You truly can, be 'taken out' by the numbers? Scary though that!!! All wars are stage 'death rituals' I feel now. Not population control as taught. What did Dr. Ruth, know I didn't know? I went and meet with Dr. Ruth, over the control over my situation. Ruth wanted to put me on the stage with her and travel the UFO circuit. Big no on my part. Ruth pursued me for years, trying to get me in her private group, of UFO connected individuals. Ruth doesn't know, what I know either. My birth situation and all that entanglement. Ruth died in 2012 of Cancer, sadly. Looked always in great health, on her second husband. Well Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hoover, so far so good. "God" Bless you.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, my you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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