Friday, October 26, 2007

"Alcoholism, Ethanol, Sugar"

Alcoholism is not a disease, it's self inflected punishment, now days they want to let everyone of the hook for their weaknesses. Fat people all of a sudden, have a diseases, were now suppose to fell sorry for them, not pissed off at them for taking more than their share. Have a young friend going through some bad "Time's" with alcohol right now. Have to hand it to him, he's willing to come over and talk about it with me. Believe it's mainly due to the loss of a daughter, unfortunately I've been down this road. Happy people are not drunks, drunks are happy, started hanging with the boys at age thirty five. Soon found out the reason people hang out in bar's, they got the blue's, just like me at the "Time". Before you know it you need a beer for breakfast, like smoking, all of a sudden it controls you. Now you have to make your plans around your new drinking problem. Embarrassed, broke, know the problem can't get a Handel on the monster. For what ever reason everyone has a different journey their to the same destination. Mine was learning their was no loyalty, only people loyal to taking, where ever I came from, I was not prepared for this. Didn't have a chance, a snow ball in hell line, kind of a chance. Now the hard part, getting the proverbial monkey off your back. The "Pima" kids I used to play little league against, would a another kid bring you out a sip of strawberry Barq's soda if you got on base. Today their having their problems with alcoholism on all reservations now. Theirs a good chance, if I meet them today, they would be alcoholic's. Simply went from one sugar to another, same addiction, different recipe, same basic ingredient sugar. Ethanol and Alcohol are same, derived from sugar in ,corn, potatoes or what ever you choose. Alcoholism is just another form of suicide, a pain killer, mental death, trying to erase the past. Like anything else, self induced, it's a life of "Free Will", the weak brother, unable to stand unassisted. Now able to blame it on social injustice, a disease, or as someone said to me, I have no social skills because of the system, he was gay, no children to learn from. Everybody got an excuse issued by the government, thats wants you unhealthy, drunk, unable to fight back or think. Watch the tube, I'm suppose to be happy just staying drunk and fucking, no need for knowledge, might start a revolution. Your need for sugar come from a diet of processed foods, no real nutrients, your starving to death. The kid next door knows he's a problem, I'm trying to help him, by harping on him about his diet. A breakfast of whole grains and fruit, no meat, no dairy, make his brain know it doesn't need any more is half the battle. A combination of diet and plane old teaching your self not to be weak, be proud, not the weak brother. "Christ" isn't going to solve your problems, like the "Sun" coming up, your still on your own.

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