Saturday, October 27, 2007

"We need a big scare from the Alien's"

Looks like I wasn't the only one that had noticed Bush, Cheney and their coup. PBS did a great program on it and Sunday Morning had a commentary about it. Whats the point of having elections anyway, if everything stays the same. Cheney was a snake in the grass waiting for someone to come along who was weak. GW Bush come along and the rest is history, Cheney with Nixon and now with Bush. You always here stories of how Nixon was such a drunk and you can simply watch Bush talk. Cheney's "Time" is coming, noticed him nodding off on TV, all those heart drug. These thugs will soon be out of office, be interesting to see what happens now. Hopefully their strength has started to wane now, maybe the country can start healing. Maybe show the World were not a bunch of thug's, mend some bridges, get out of "Iraq". How fast will they die off, like Nixon and other's. Where is Rumsfeld hiding, dead men don't talk, like Timothy Mcvay of "Oklahoma City". Will "God" be their to welcome them with open arms, saying good killer, you did real good. Hopefully another monster isn't hiding in the back ground, Bush fooled me and a lot of others. Maybe it's "Time" for a female, women tend to like fighting with each other for attention, hopefully not dragging us into to wars. Election "Time" is always trying to pick the lesser of the evils, never some one strong mentally. A fresh start, a new beginning, a cleansing like after Nixon, sad their is no one out their to pick from. A new "Time" just in "Time" maybe to save us from wars and start taking care of the Planet. Most of the rest of the World has started, but the so called big dog has it's head in the sand. Can the next people in power be as corrupt as what we have now? Blatantly changing environmental studies, making up things to fit their needs, there must be only, "Godless" people in office now? To me all politicians look like their one step above a monkey, no social moral, no soul's, twisted faces. Look at the removed attorney general Alberto Gonzales face, every thing crooked, funny looking little man like Bush and Cheney. As you age your face will change accordingly to how you have lived your life. You are a constant reminder to people how you played the game of life. "Iranian" officals believe that Bush and Cheney were behind 911, like alot of "American's". The two drug us down this road to no end, and they will be dead soon, not having to worry about the side effects. All the lives torn apart, families distoryed, children killed in "Iraq", how can "America" ever say I'm sorry to those families? The World is going to hate us for along "Time" to come and who can blame them. If the "Alien's" would put on a big show on for the World to see, maybe this will shock the World into some kind of moral sense, or at a least fear of the known. Something to make a big splash, make this all seem quite petty, bring the "Universe" in the picture, a big push from above. Maybe all the people of the earth have reached their limit, like "Mud Man", and must be removed because that's all they know, is distruction. bye

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