Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Ignorance has a Gun to Intelligence Head"

Once again Petraeus has proven my ability to connect the dots before they are connected. No amount of talk will ever open people eyes and minds to what is happening to them. A nation unwilling to accept the truth from any quarter. A countries President and military who wants the wars going on forever in Afghanistan and Iraq. Where failure is a winning dose for the status quotidian. Can't leave Iraq, because of the failures of the president and the military. It appears that the last thing the military and the American system wants is success in Iraq. As long as they fail they are assured they get to keep stealing money from the American citizens. In Bush's America, failure is rewarded with more money for the military. Working man fails and he gets his ass fired, military fails they get more money. Never trying to figure out why they have failed so miserably. It's always some one Else's fault, for their short comings. People must be tired of hearing, we hadn't planned on that to happen, like listening to Rumsfeld explaining all his failures on others around him. Where is Rumsfeld hiding, does anybody know? Man went from being on all the Sunday morning propaganda programs to oblivion. This is the same person who told you how brilliant he was, hello. Talked down to those around him, he epitomized the Ugly American. The Propaganda Machine had no more use for him, he had become a liability to them. So just as they did with Tillman and many others, he has been swiped under the carpet. The Propaganda Machine couldn't give America enough of the Pat Tillman, he's a hero bull shit. Then their assassination of football star millionaire, turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman blew up on them. Easy fix, just have the media not report on it any more. The same way they removed Rumsfeld from harming them with his mouth. Put him in a room, tuned off the lights. Went from one of the most famous men on the Planet, to oblivion. Wonder how a man so full of himself handles that?The Propaganda Machine hands are full right now, trying to produce enough lies. Dollar a mess, two wars going terrible, more and more truths leaking out about UFOs, still trying to fix the Katrina mess. Of course the answer is, put a gun to the peoples head who bring the truth up. Rummy knew how the game was played, he called for the torture innocent people. Now he must fear the very people he helped get them where they are today, 911 and two wars. No place for a babbling bitter old man, to destroy their cover. In this case, ignorance has a gun to ignorance head. Listened to a guy from, Operation Blue Books early days talk on You Tube. His name was Dick French, talking at the resent convention in Laughlin Nevada. Mr. French was a retired Air Force pilot flying F-86 Sabers. He was recruited into the Operation Blue Book and his thought and experiences are worth listening to. One thing he said he did learn while working for O.B.B., the "Aliens" have always been here. I agree for the same reasons, he said they discovered the same thing the Germans did in the thirties. That the story of the "Aliens" goes through out the history of the planet. When I first starting to have my UFO experiences, first thought was to head to the library. That's how I chose to attack this new phenomena in my life. When I did I discovered the Germans had done the same thing. Now to find out the people at O.B.B. where smart enough to figure that out was neat. You don't hear any of the bull shit about honky eating "Aliens" coming from his mouth. He talked of a female professor at UCLA paranormal department that had used him in some experiments. She was latter ran down by a car on campus doing 70 MPH. Scared the shit out of me, thoughts of Dr. Mack swirled through my head. Did Dr. Mack step in front of that car, or was he pushed? I've seen what America under belly is capable of doing to another citizen. I've seen an airplane full of dead Marines in person. The World knows of John F. Kennedy. Mr. French even talked of his fear for talking out, all these years latter. Power has different meanings to different people. Cover up after cover up, look to Stephenville as the latest. Watch as the governments UFO expert on Larry King tried to tell the citizens of that town they saw nothing and they were basically liars. Man couldn't even look into a camera and tell the lies he was told to tell. Having to close his eyes and look to the ground. Their appeared to be a little bit of a soul left in him. He knew the lies he was telling, deep inside of himself. He had already simply sold his soul, for a few moments of glory.Is this all the government has to offer? Then they wounder why the citizens of America don't trust them. bye

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