Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Chaco Canyon Calling"

These voices in my head keep saying, Chaco Canyon. The kicker was, my blog last Saturday went, I don't know here. That happens some "Times". I just believe, others didn't approve of my writings that particular day, and that's fine. (Too many I's maybe?) In frustration I went to GLP, to see if their was any breaking news, UFO's, etc.. Some kind person, posted one of Robert Morning Sky's talks. Robert is Hopi and hasn't been around for about ten years. Their were many kind reviews of Robert's talk, but you could tell, they where from Native Americans. Mostly you had whites making fun of, Robert's way of talking. To understand how Hopi present their views, and ideas. You must first attend one of their dances. When Robert and many other Hopi talk, they use their entire body. Much the same way Italians, use their hands, to make a point. If a Hopi speaker uses the word Eagle. He will also emulate, the flight of the Eagle. To the uneducated whites, he appears goofy. That's where the white boys, started to, dog pile on Robert. All of a sudden, I find myself defending poor old Robert on the GLP site. As soon as I posted my five cents worth. A bunch of , what I call, the debunkers who follow me. Started a mean spirited attack on Robert. Calling him ignored, stupid, 'who could buy into this crap'. Someone said he was going to dress up as a chicken and go dance on a Egyptian pyramid. During the battle, trying to defend Robert. Someone posted a short essay, by the current Mayan voice. (forgot name) He said he had just returned from America. He was saying, the two most spiritual places in America. Happen to be Sedona, Arizona and Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Sedona I've been to, many "Times". It's a hour and a half north of me. It has a beautiful clear stream running, in the canyon north of town. And tons of UFO, ESP, New lifers, as citizens and shop owners. One who now believes, everything means everything. I had no choice but to make arrangments for my new, spiritual journey. So off to Chaco Canyon I went, with these Cats who live with me.

Chaco Canyon is about fifty to sixty miles, as the crow flies, north of Gallup New Mexico. By road it's about eighty miles. With the last twenty miles, of tough dirt road. It took only five hours to reach Gallup from south Scottsdale. My computer said seven and a half, would be needed. With "Time" on my hands, I headed to down town Gallup. With my camers in hand, hoping for some good photos. Gallup has a reputation for drunk indians, lying about. This trip, I saw no evidence of that. Gallup is a town of about twelve thousands and the largest in, 'Indian Country', as it is called. It has tons of, Native American arts and crafts shops. Navajo blankets, Hopi Kachinas, jewery, carvings, pipes for music. Every where you turn their are vendor selling Native American art. You might of as well been, in some tourist town, in central America. After all, those are the Native American's first cousins. The largest and oldest gallery, shop, was the Richardson Trading Company. (photo) To set this up, I hadn't been to Gallup, in over twenty five years. As I walked into Richardson gallery, shop. Lady in photo, approched me saying, may I help you? The first thing I said was, 'too many Kachinas'. Susan nodded in agreement, too many. Asked if I could take some photos. In other areas that where off limits to most customers. Susan gave me a guilded tour. Told her of my blog and some of my history with the Hopi. Susan had great knowledge, about the Hopi also. We talked and talked, as I took photos. Then all of a sudden, Susan asked me, if I was looking for my home. Freaked me out, what did she know about me, she shouldn't of had, any knowledge of? Then she drew a swastika backwards, on a shop card. Pushed it over to me and asked, what does it mean? Does it have something to do with the Mayan end of "Time" 2012? First I said, the Mayans didn't have anything else wrong, why this "Time" line. As for the swatika, my reply was, Hitler and Hopi. Susan said we are way beyound that. (who's we) Then I said, it's on the Hopi Blue Star and the Blue Star, rotates backwards. You know like what, Nibiru is to the Sumarians, Wormwood in the Christian Bible. Susan was, quite aware, of all the connections. Smart lady, who had done her home work, or listened to someone who had. In my head, I keep getting this Mormon connection, with Susan. The Mormons and the Hopi, aren't that far apart, when it come to things of the Universe. The Mormons where some of the first settlers to the Four Corners area. Seeking to find a safe place to practice, their religious beliefs. I believe the Mormons, have taken many ideas, from the Hopi. And incorporated them into their own belief systems. Much the same way, as when two different Hopi clans dance together. Together they create a whole new dance, using parts from both.

The Mormons know these are the "End Times". They just want others to confirm this. My first question is, how did this all come about, meeting Susan? Devine intervention, dumb luck, why Susan's questions? Was this the reason I needed to go to Chaco Canyon. The Mormons did play in part of my youth. The Mormons know I have no birth certificate. Hell they pray for everyone, including their ancestors. They know I don't have any ancestors, to pray for. (Mormon genealogy) If their is one group on this Planet that is prepared for "End Times". It's the Mormons and their great ability to store food suff and keep it from perishing. Did the Mormons learn of such "End Times", after their arrival to Arizona? Did they take the Hopi belief system, and incorporated it into Mormonisum? Is part of the modern day Mormon belief system stolen? Did they steal another part of the puzzel from me? Susan was correct, I am looking for my home. All this happens and I'm still in Gallup. What will tomarrow bring, at Chaco Canyon?

It takes about two and a half hours to reach Chaco Canyon from Gallup. The ride has pictureque reddish orange ciffs. Spotted with Juniper trees, are the view, as you leave Gallup. (7,000+ elevation) As you approch Chaco Canyon, you start heading into lower elevations. Chaco Canyon is at 6,200 feet elevation. With little cloud cover, tempertures in the low eighties, it seem hot, in the canyon. Lack of any moisture in the air, makes it feel even warmer. Here you will find the average American tourist. No orientals, with necks loaded down with, five cameras. Just white folks, who are some what educated, or fascinated with Native American culture. All dressed as if they where about, to go on some great hike. The system has folks scared of everything now. Even a walk around Chaco Canyon, you'll need to spend a small fortune. The tourist are all loaded with. The latest boots, walking sticks, back packs, loaded with water and first aid kits. In this day and age of National Parks, you won't be going far. Just as the Grand Canyon has been turned into a sort of Disney Land tour, so has Chaco Canyon. You can see most of what the canyon has to offer in a few short hours. The ability to connect with the spirits that where their before, will be hard. That's because of how mankind has become. Crowd control has become the name of the game in America's park system. If you let the tourist, they will remove every piece of history in short order. "God" bless, sweet dreams with soft landing. Take care of your self, the system would prefer you dead. bye

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did you get that over at squidoo? because i saw a similar article there..anyhow nice writing non the less.