Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Hopi Navajo Dispute, Arab Jew Dispute"

The never ending battle in the middle east. Can be compare to, the same battle. Going on in the American southwest. The Hopi and the Arabs, where the first to live on their embattled lands. The Jews, who will never have a permanent home because. They have the same problem the Navajo have. Both where wandering peoples. Both are ruthless and soulless. The Navajo never where meant to be farmers, living in one place. The Jews where never meant to be, farmers living in one place. They both prefer to let others, do the hard work. While they both, watch from the side lines and invade. When the crops are ready for harvest. America's wealth was created by the hard working citizens. Not the Jews (Zionist) hard work. The Zionist of today are also. Destroying the very folks, who labored their hearts out. To make America, what it is today. The same can be said for the Navajo. The Navajo's like the Jews are wanders. The Hopi are a passive type. Just like most of the their, hard working American, counter part. Both are under attack from, uncivilized lower forms of humanity. Both their enemies, have no real "God". And are awaiting their "God's" arrival. Both are ruthless murders, as their pasts have shown. And now both want something that belongs to others. The Navajo would go on murderous raids against the tribes of the southwest. The Jews do the same thing to their neighbours. Neither group will ever have souls. Their DNA is far to inter twined and dead. This is the reason they are both so heartless. The American system has tried to paint both as loving caring tribes. (Navajo, Jewish) The Jews want to believe, that the Hopi are their long lost brothers in the west. When in reality, their long lost white brother, is the Navajo. The Navajo and Jews, are just to similar, for this not to be true. The Navajo have always been hated by, other tribes from the southwest. The Jews have always been hated by everyone, they have ever associated with. What does this say, about their tribes? Everything!!!

Here is another good comparison, between the Hopi and Navajo. And America, as it stands today. America was built on a protestant belief system. Supreme Court today, has only one protestant member. The rest are made up of, six Catholics and two Jews. America was once dominated by the Hopi. Now has only a population of approximately 7,000 Hopi. While the Navajo counter part, has grown to over a million. The Hopi reservation is tiny and surrounded by Navajo reservation. With Old Oribia, (Jerusalem too, both tribes) being smack dab, in the middle. The Zionist surround congress, with their Zionist lobbyists.

If you ever wonder how the average American citizen. Went from being the most educated and healthiest, in the World. Watch the video called, 'King Corn'. It will show how a food substance once known. For it's part in a healthy diet. Has turned Americans, into the country of the sick and obese. GMO corn, changed Americas food habits. When you see the term, 'high fructose'. It simply means, corn tuned into sugar. Go down any convenience store isle and try and find a product. That doesn't contain modified corn starch in it. The corn DNA has been so modified that young cows, now only live to be one year old. The reason, they are put in feed lots and feed corn and corn by products. Their bodies cannot absorb the nutrients from the GMO corn because. It has been so rearranged, even corn farmers won't eat their own farm corn. What it does along with the steroids. Is take a baby calf and in one years "Time". Turn it into a ready for slaughter full grown cow. What used to take three to four years to happen. Is now accomplished, almost over night. And with the system, constantly telling the American citizen they must eat flesh to survive. The 'powers', have turned Americans, into a gold mine. For both the Cooperate farmer and the Medical system. They are the big winners in this game called. 'Poison the citizens with tainted meat, and GMO foods.' Then treat the sick and obese. Just the same way the system has changed the length of life, for the average cow. They have done the same to the American citizens. Look at Americas off spring, sad. Your child is thought of, in the same way the cattle are thought of. How can we get the biggest financial gain from both. The average American diet, tells it all. Fast food, fast food and even faster foods. (micro wave food)

Since my last letter home. The Crop Circle continue to get more and more sophisticated. It is easy to tell, that someone is trying to warn someone else. Leading some scientist to believe that 7 July 09. Will bring a giant explosion on the Sun, on that date. A Solar Flare so large, it will effect life on Earth for ever. You can go to NASA site and see the activity. Now they are classified as a type 'B' Solar Flare. Others believe this is just a precursor, for larger things to come. The Mayans understood the significance of the Solar Flare and their cycles. The Mayan believed the DNA up grades, came from the Sun. So rite in line with the coming of 2012. Is this the coming Solar Event, to do just that? Bring the change the Mayans and many other ancient cultures always talked of? I've rarely talked to any one over 30 years old. Who doesn't feel something in the air. All agree, "Time" has been speeded up. One thing for sure, two Cats and a board. Aren't creating the incredible formation, now or ever.

A quote from Bill Clinton, 'when your the leader of a large country. Someone else makes all the decisions.' Just came to me while typing that. Both Clinton and Obama are fatherless children. They both can be easily lead around, because of this. They never had a father to teach them rite from wrong. Both have tainted pasts, both can be easily manipulated, because of their past. Both where created from no where, over night. A Governor from little state in the south and a junior Senator from Illinois. Here is Obama's real name, 'Barry Soetoro', from his Occidental College transcripts. A great video to watch on You Tube, is 'UFO Watch UK'. "God" bless. by

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Anonymous said...

This is illiterate, antisemitic garbage.

One would hope that there are Navajo that rise above this.