Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Sacred Smoke"

As many people of the World know. Native Americans have always used, smoking in ceremonies. It was mainly tobacco, as seen in American movies. There other substance used also, like Marijuana, Peyote. And a few kind of wild plants, that grow in the south western America. I have had friend try smoking some of the native hallucinogenics. That grow wild here in Arizona. They wanted only to get high. While the Native Americans, only used them in certain ceremonies. Think about how high you got, from tobacco as a child. When you first sneaked out and inhaled your first cigarette. You had no idea that you were activating your Penal Gland. That's in the center of your brain. Some "Times" called, 'mankind's third eye'. That's why smoking can be so addictive. The natural chemicals in tobacco. Are a type of mild hallucinogenic. In today's World of greed. The tobacco companies add chemical to a substance. That on it's own, can be additive. Thus making a natural product like tobacco. Far more addictive than the original plant. In the movies you would see the Native Americans sitting in a circle. Passing around what was called a 'Peace pipe'. I'm sure the Native Americans never called it a Peace pipe. That was surely some Hollywood craps added. To make it seem more plausible to the general public.

'The Sacred Weed' is what the Blackfoot called tobacco. To the Blackfoot, the smoke was the 'Great Spirits' breath. Here again referring to the activation of the Penal gland. With a pipe in hand, a man could speak nothing but the truth. According to the Blackfoot legends. Much like what Peyote and other natural hallucinogenic do. Try being high on Peyote and talk a bunch of crap. It's impossible, because your mind has traveled into another dimension. These are the same dimensions, the Mayans and Hopi claim. Will soon over whelm the Worlds population. While the Native Americans never had an addicting to tobacco. There White brother from across the pond. Would easily become addicted to the same tobacco. The Native Americans held tobacco as something Sacred. Like how they treated the animal and Mother Earth. While there White brothers, held nothing to be scared. To there White brothers. The animals, the land, the water and every other natural part of Mother Earths bounty. Were only to be exploited. Miss used and discarded. The Whites called the Native Americans savages. When in reality, the Whites were the true savages.

Now here is the story told by the Blackfoot. How tobacco became a way of reaching the Spirits, on the Other Side. There were four brothers who were Spiritual in there ways. The first brother had a dream. A voice said to him, 'there is a sacred weed, go and pick it'. The second brother had a dream. A voice said to him, 'take this herb, chop it fine, put in a hide bag'. The third brother had a dream. A voice said to him, 'take a animals bone and hollow it out, then make four of them'. A forth brother had a dream. 'You four brothers, light the tobacco and inhale'. Let the smoke ascend you into the clouds. Then the four brothers were taught songs and prayers. That went along with the ritual of smoking the magic weed. Thus turning the four brothers into 'Medicine Men'. The four Blackfoot brothers named the magic weed 'Nawak'osis'. The weed made them clear minded and powerful. They did not want to share the magic weed with other tribal members. They hide the places were they grew the magic weed. They guarded the songs and prayers that went along with the magical weed. They became the 'Tobacco Society', just the four of them.

There was war and anger in the Blackfoot tribe. Restless spirits that roamed the long nights. Nawak'osis was meant to calm the Blackfoot. Make them worship and say prayers to the "Gods". A young man called Bull-by-Himself. Said to his wife, these four brothers are hiding something. From the rest of the Blackfoot tribe. Bull-by-Himself moved his tipi to near the lake. And started going out every day and looking for the magic weed. One day while Bull-by-Himself was out hunting. His young wife heard singing in the woods near there tipi. She searched every where, looking to find were the beautiful music was coming from. She found a Beavers house near the shore of the lake. At first she though for sure. The beautifully music was coming from the Beavers home. Her husband returned home with plenty of meat. She told him of the beautiful music she had heard that day. Bull-by-Himself told her. You are imagining thing, I heard nothing while out hunting. She took her husband to the Beavers house. Told him to put his ear against the Beavers home. So he also could hear the beautiful music. Again he heard nothing. So the wife took a knife out and cut a hole in the Beaver House. Through the hole they not only hear the beautiful music. They could also see the Beavers dancing. She asked out to the young Beavers. Could you teach us your beautiful music and dance. The beaver replied yes, but first you must close the hole, you made in our home. That night the four beavers came to Bull-by-Himself tipi, near the shore. As soon as the four Beavers came inside Bull-by-Himself tipi. They transformed themselves into humans. One of the four Beavers asked Bull-by-Himself. What have you came here for. Bull-by-Himself replied. I've come looking for the magic weed. The Man Beavers said to him. You have come to rite place. We will teach you how to find the magic weed, but first. You must learn the magic dances and songs. They go along with the magical weed. Then we will take you to the magic weed. Bull-by-Himself told the four Man Beavers. There are four brother in our tribe who are keeping the magic weed to them self's. The Man beavers said to Bull-by-Himself. That is wrong, the magic weed was meant to be share by everyone.

So the Man Beavers instructed Bull-by-Himself to collect. Every type of animal skin near the lake, except of course a Beaver skin. His wife then dried and tanned the skins as instructed by the Man Beavers. These skins will represent life, water and Sun. And together they make things grow. When that was completed the next step. Was to teach the songs and dances to Bull-by-Himself and his wife. Now that all was ready. The Man Beavers returned with sticks that had white seeds on the ends of them. These are the seeds you are to plant. They told Bull-by-Himself. They instructed him to plant in an area with not to much Sun, or to little Sun. Mix both black and brown soil. Also keep the soil loose. Bull-by-Himself was the take a Deer antler. To make holes in the ground for the seeds. While you drop the seeds into each hole. You are to keep singing as you plant. Then the both of your will dance softly over the soil, your seeds have been planted in. Now you will wait for Nawak'oisi to grow.

The four medicine-men brothers heard the song that Bull-by-Himself and his wife were singing. They knew the songs sounded familiars. They wondered what they were planting. So they send a spy to find out. The spy came back and said. That Bull-by-Himself and his wife. Were planting the magic weed called Nawak'oisi. The four bothers said that is impossible. They are surely planting some useless plant. At harvest "Time" there was a great hail storm. That destroyed the four brothers Nawak'oisi crop. They had not prepared for such a happening. And did not save any seeds for future crops. They sent a messenger to see if Bull-by-Himself crop was also destroyed. Not a drop of hail had fallen on there crop. This is how the Blackfoot got the magic weed called Nawak'oisi. Does this story sound all to familiar. It's the story of sharing and always remembering to say your prayers to the "Gods". "God" bless on the Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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