Sunday, May 6, 2012

"This and That and Future Bummers"

A friend who lives in Tucson sent me this video about Senate Bill 2109-45 ‘Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Act of 2012’. This bill was introduced on 14 February 2012. The bill as I mentioned yesterday was introduced by two well known soulless whores by the name of John McCain (Jew) and John Kyle (Mormon) both represent Arizona. And that is just a joke, they represent those who put them in office only and completely. They want the Native Americans who are living on the Hopi and Navajo reservations of northern Arizona. To give up there presence and future Water Rights, for Mining interest. Tuba City which is near Uranium mines. Already is having problems with poisoned groundwater from a uranium mine east of the city. This bill would spell the end of any Rights the two tribes would have to the use of any water on there own lands. The federal government would tell the tribes how much water they would be allocated, not the sovereign peoples of the Hopi and Navajo reservations. It would be so easy for the federal government in the future to cut off all the water too both tribes and force them off there traditional lands. And that is exactly where this bill is headed. Not only does it give the water rights to mining companies. It could be the tool to remove all the tribal members from there lands. This not me talking out my ass, this is all part of United Nations Agenda 21. To remove everyone from the open lands of America and the World.

Coal mining interests on the Hopi and Navajo lands are already stealing the groundwater from both tribes. If that wasn’t enough, the ‘powers’ want the surface water also. The ‘Little Colorado River passes through both the Hopi and Navajo reservations. (note: While I’m typing this, a giant Chem-trail X is being laid out over my condo.) Coal from the two reservations is powering two electrical generating plants in northern Arizona. The federal government moved in years ago and promised both tribes there would be plenty of jobs for an area with no job market. A few jobs here and there are a cheap price what was down the road. Complete removal of all tribes in America from the lands they were promised years ago. That was just a lie, because the ‘powers’ knew that in the future. Even the lands given the tribes would be taken away from them. And stealing the rights to all water on the reservations has been in there plans for years. No water, no sovereignty, no security, no self-reliance, simple stuff when you really think about it. You can read more about this from this story from the ‘Native News’

Yesterday I’d written about the trial of the so called mastermind and his codefendants behind 911. And I had called it a ‘Play’ being played out before the World on the ‘powers’ stage. It was as if the local newspaper was reading my blog yesterday (I’m sure many federal alphabet agencies and others do copy my articles. JDL, FBI, CIA, etc.) Here is a line from the Sunday morning paper. ‘The self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks and four co-defendants defiantly disrupted an arraignment that dragged into Saturday morning in the opening ‘act’ of a long stalled effort to prosecute them in a military court.’ Here the ‘powers’ let you know that this is only an ‘Act’. And in this ‘Act’ the five are being charged with 2,976 murders. Too the ‘powers’ they put there actors in place and the World is there audience. You never fix anything that ain’t broke.

Wanted to revisit the benefits of taking bread, pasta and other wheat based foods, out of your diet. In the short “Time” I’ve taken bread and pasta out of my diet. I’ve lost 2 sizes around my waist. I was up to size 37 waist in my Wrangler jeans. I was forced to go out and buy larger sized jeans. When I realized how many more sizes up I needed to go. I knew it was “Time” to do something about it. By simply removing wheat products from my diet I can now go back to my size 34 waist jeans. I noticed when I was still using wheat in my diet. No matter how much barbells I lifted or how far I rode my Mountain bike daily. I was still putting on the inches. If you do have a hard “Time” taking wheat bread out of your diet. Here is a link to how to make Sourdough bread. Turns out if you ferment wheat grains before making bread with them. Your intestine can absorb the nutrition from the wheat grains. One other way to enjoy wheat grain is to make sprouts from the gain seeds. This process is difficult and required to buy some pans to accomplish this. I had a hard “Time” finding the pans and when I did they weren’t cheap. here is a link to the site that tells you how to ferment and make your own Sourdough Bread

Last Sunday evening I was invited to call into my friend Jamie Havican show. Him and MJ do a show together on Inception Radio Network on Sunday nights. I’ve been on Jamie’s show a few “Times” talking about various subjects, mainly Mayan, Native American and Hopi topics. MJ started doing a show on Sunday evening to support his own business. MJ show is called Pang Radio and his products are mainly from Shaklee’s. MJ did his show solo with Jamie producing the show. Then added Jamie as a side kick. I was going to start my own show on Inception Radio and have Jamie produce it. It was going to be a Native American themed show. With a different member of a tribe on each week. Everyone agreed this would be great and should get a good base audience. Problem was getting Native Americans to commit to a certain date. That way Inception Radio could promote my upcoming guest and what tribe they represented. Then let the guest promote there art work or what ever they wanted to push. Had my my Hopi friends lined up, but it was downhill from there and the idea died. Here is the link to the episode I was on the 29 April 12. One good thing that came from this show, I’m going to try and do a live broadcast from the Hopi reservation next month. I might just set up at the market in Kykotsmovi where Earnest Honanie lives. And invite local Hopi to talk the audience. Jamie knows all the technical things to be able to do this. Jamie started Inception Radio Network and it will outdraw most other Internet radio show, even one like Rush Limbaugh. (Internet only)

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.





Cynical Asshole said...

Have you tried using almond milk, that is if you are a mill drinker. It is very good and is free from glutens. I even cut out my morning coffee, replaced it with a full glass, and the amount of energy I have in the morning hasn't changed. Even better there is no withdrawals at the end of the day.

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