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"I'm Really Good at Killing People" Obummer (It)

This mindless, soulless freak America call’s president, is a soulless killer who brags about this fact, in his new book ‘Double Down’. Never cared for the look in Obummer’s eyes anyway and this just confirms my intuitive thought on Obummer. From now on in my writings I’ll refer to this mindless whore Obummer as ‘It’. ‘It’ does not appear to be be human with all the flaws humans have, like a conscience. And by now most Americans have no faith in this non human, ‘It’. Some reports say that over 12,000 civilians have been killed by Drone strikes in Pakistan alone. In government reports that can never be trusted, they claim fewer than 4,000 innocent civilians have been murdered from the air.

These murders and that’s what they are, as America has never declared war against Pakistan. ‘It’ was the Nobel Prize winner for 2009. Even before he had been in office long enough to prove he was a man of peace. The same whore who said he was bringing the troops home and closing down Guantanamo base in Cuba. Yet within days of taking office, ‘It’ sent drone strikes into Pakistan. ‘It’ has ordered over 326 Drone strikes in Pakistan, 145 Predator Drones strikes in Libya, 93 in Yemen(?), and several Drone strikes into Somalia. During killer Bush II, he only sent out 52 Drone strikes his entire “Time” in office. At about 1 million a copy for the Drones, ‘It’ has spent approx. 650 million on killing people on the  ground. That they cannot prove who exactly they have killed. How far would 650 million go in upgrading the school systems, bridges, highways, health insurance, etc.. ?

Author Jeremy Scahill (‘Dirty Wars’) has said that ‘It’ will, ‘go down in history as the president who legitimized and systematized a process by which the United States asserts the right to conduct assassinations operations around the World’. Not only can these murders been done in foreign countries, American citizens can be taken-out by a Drone also. No trial by, jury, no rites as an American citizen, just your dead, tough. In 2011 American born al-Qaeda (al-CIAda) propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki and his American born son were killed two weeks apart by Drones. Obummer’s thirst for killing had him take-out a 16 year old kid. What was the point of murdering the son and the cost of 1 million?

When you listen to a definition of Psychopath, ‘It’ fits perfectly. For psychopaths a lie means nothing as long as the psychopath gets his or her way. I never realized what a psychopath ‘It’ was until listening to someone compare ‘It’ to a psychopath. Now I see others around me who could fit the definition psychopath. In fact much of the youth of America could be compared to a psychopath. As the youth through the controlled mass media, have been brainwashed into thinking, that winning is everything. And what ever harm you bring to those around you, that’s OK. Look how well the movie ‘Hunger Games, Catching Fire’ has done, taking in 252 million dollars already. All just part of the collective mind control on the youth of America and the World. For anymore it doesn’t matter what country you are in now days. You will think you're back in America with all the fast food restaurants in most developed countries of the World. With the food being used to dumb down and sicken the society. That’s why it’s cheaper to take the family out to a fast food restaurant now days. This was done for a reason, it helps break-up the family unit. And the poor nutrition, one gets  from fast foods, keeps the family in poor health. You can’t have healthy family units if you want to control the masses. These are psychopath who are also just as guilty as ‘It’, they are also MURDERS!!!.
Not only is ‘It’ a ‘Really Good Killer’, those who surround the psychopath “It’ are also. Those officials who are elected (appointed?) to congress, are psychopaths themselves. If it wasn’t for the general public standing up together and saying no to the invasion of Syria. American troops would be in Syria today, killing innocent civilians. For congress made no attempt to stop the invasion of Syria. That just show’s what psychopath those in congress are. The death of thousands of innocent children and women would have no mental effect on  psychopaths in America’s congress. While the average citizen of the World could never commit these types of atrocities. It’s all about killing for the ‘powers’ today, killing has been glorified  throughout the media. And most hapless Americans have jumped onboard the ‘killing machine’.
Been following the ISON Comet journey through near space. And just like always the propaganda newspaper insist that ISON is just another Snowball traveling through space. Yet ISON obviously just passed within 6 million miles of the Sun, which is at 5,000F degrees. If ISON was a snowball, it would have disappeared long ago. Just like the constant lies from the congress, the Az. Republic is still calling ISON a snowball..That is why the controlled media get such a small following now, they just don’t have any idea of the truth mattering. (Evening news networks CBS, NBC, etc., average around only 3 million viewers each.) ISON is now looking like it has been fractured as it went around the backside of the Sun. What absolutely amazes me, is why the Sun defends itself while ISON and other Comets approach. It’s like the Sun is alive and protecting itself from attack.
ISON has proven without a doubt that the Universe is Electric. As the tail of ISON would get blown off with a Solar Flare (Baby CME) from the Sun. Yet as the Comet ISON moved along it would regrow it’s tale. And we now know that the Sun is full of negative and positive particles. Infact the Plasma the Sun is made up of, is no more that an electrical charged field. If the Mayans were correct, ‘all DNA comes from the Sun’. Then that means that local life on Mother Earth, the Sun was there creator. You could call the Sun a ‘Local God’.
The ‘j$$$$$$w police got me again, banned me once again from GLP. I must be the most banned person on the site. In response to American once again sending troops into Iran, my response was ‘F--k Israel’. Within 5 minutes I was banned, but is nothing compared to what Kuala Lumpur just declared against Israel.  Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, a city of 1.6 million inhabitants (2012).

“The perpetrators had committed acts against the Palestinians, with intent to kill, cause serious bodily or mental harms and deliberately inflict conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of the Palestinians as a whole or in part.”
“The Tribunal recommends to the War Crimes Commission to give the widest international publicity to this conviction and grant of reparations, as these are universal crimes for which there is a responsibility upon nations to institute prosecutions.
The Tribunal deplores the failure of international institutions to punish the State of Israel for its crimes and its total lack of respect of International Law and the institutions of the United Nations.”
This is the base for the charges against Israel. It’s great to see a country stand up to Israel, when most including the U.S. just sit by and watch. No other country in the Middle East has brought so much destruction to the area than Israel. Israel and it’s Zionist controllers want to evently genocide most of the neighbors and turn there countries into part of the Israeli State. The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal on 20 November 2013 to hear charges against Amos Yaron (first defendant) and the State of Israel (second defendant). The first defendant was charged with war crimes against humanity and genocide, while the second defendant Israel was charged with crime of genocide and war crimes.

Amos Yaron who was the camp Commander of both Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Israeli occupied Lebanon in 1982. When knowingly permitted large scale MASSACRE of the residents of both refugee camps Yaron was in command of.

Israel is charged with from ‘1948 and continuing to the date the State of Israel carried out against the Palestinian peoples a series of act namely killing, causing serious bodily harm and deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical harm. The defendant Israel carried out intentions of destroying in whole or in part the Palestinian peoples. These acts were carried out as part of a manifest pattern of similar conduct against the Palestinian peoples’. (more info on this subject)

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 15
(Obstruction of the Womb)

Yet those unfamiliar with meditative experience and those very weak in there practice will not be able to understand (and apply the above introductions). Once again, overcome by confusion, they will wonder towards the womb entrance. Thus, the teachings which obstruct the womb entrance become of great importance and you should, once again, call to the deceased by name and say the following words.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, if you have not attained recognition (as a result of the introduction) which have gone before, then, based on the potency of your past actions, the perception will arise that you are moving upwards, ot moving horizontally or moving downwards. As this occurs, you should meditate on Mahakarunika. Remember this!

Yet again, as prescribed before, the experience will arise of being pursued by whirlwinds, blizzards, hail, or fog; and a crowd of people, and you will be trying to escape. Those who are lacking in merit will experience that they are fleeing towards a place of suffering. Those with merit will experience arriving at a place of happyness. O, Child of Buddha Nature, now, at this point, the signs of the environment into which you are born, on one amongst the four continents, will arise. Specifically for this moment, there are many profound essentials points of oral instruction. Therefore listen now, without distraction. Even though, previously, you have not taken to heart the essential instructions introduced to you, you can do so now, for even those whose practice is very weak can understand (and apply one of) the following essentials instructions. So listen, without distraction.

At this stage, it is extremely important that you carefully employ the methods for obstructing the womb entrance. (Principally), there are two such methods of obstruction. These are: (first), the method which obstructs the person who is to enter the womb and, (second), the methods which obstruct the womb is to be entered.

“God” bless


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