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"Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Hero or Cold Blooded Murder?"

The controlled media is blasting the praises of Nelson Mandela’s life and deeds. The press speaks of this honorable man, who sweep the Whites from power in the nation of South Africa. How this poor man spent 29 years behind bars. Then peacefully lead is ANC followers against the White Apartheid in South Africa. I myself was buying into the hype most of my life until I started doing some research on him. Listen to every Internet program I could this week to get a handle on Mandela’s true story. Because I don’t have a TV, most of what I found out was not very good about the man. In fact there was more facts about his bad doings than positive things. And most of all was the j$$$$$$wish connection. And how Mandela was financed by the Zionist it appears. You see a j$$$$$$wish handler (Joe Slovo) near Mandela always, just like Obummer (Biden). In fact both Mandela and Obummer were created by the same organization, to destroy the White’s base of power in both South Africa (Mandela) and America (Obummer).

Why would the Zionist  j$$$$$$ws want the white power base destroyed in South Africa? Gold, diamonds, oil, etc.. Nelson Mandela and Obummer went through the same grooming process and played (keyword, puppet) the same role. j$$$$$$wish Communism and j$$$$$$wish capitalism-communist expropriation and capitalist ‘privatization’ are essentially interchangeable in terms of their results. Both are simple ways that j$$$$$$ws appropriate the wealth and power of a nation, which also destroys there rivals. And now what’s going on in America, the same thing. The race cards are being played out every day in the media. You see constant planted stories on most internet chat rooms such as GLP. Like how a bunch of blacks raped a young white girl or raped and murdered the child. Black gangs roaming the streets looking for whites to knock-out in one blow. There is no way to prove or disprove these types of accusations. I always ask the poster if they are a j$$$$$$w, never had a response yet. As Mandela was instructed in South Africa, ‘divide and conquer’.

Here are some of the facts I’ve found out about this so called hero Nelson Mandela. Mandela was the leader of ‘Spear of the Nation’ (created by Mandela and Joe Slovo) the terrorist wing of the African National Congress or ANC. It was propped up by the j$$$$$$ws, in a campaign to destroy the once great White country of South Africa. Mandela, Winnie Mandela and Joe Slovo led a brutal campaign across the country of South Africa. Murdering and crushing Whites along  with blacks who were against the ANC. One of Winnie Mandela’s favorite ways to kill those opposed to her and the ANC, was called a ‘Neck-tie’. Where you would through gasoline all over someone, then put a tire around there head.

Another method used against Whites, were the use of planted bombs in buildings. The ANC could care less who they killed with these explosive devices were placed in movie theaters, railroad stations, public gatherings, banks (?), shopping centers, etc.. Killing women and children by the score. This is the same Mandela the press say’s he was such a great man, a man of peace. Here is the so called ‘man of peace’ leading black ANC members in song about killing Whites.

Both Mandela  and Obummer won Nobel Peace Prize, yet both have been responsible for the murder of thousands of babies. Mandela wrote about ‘How to be a Good Communist’  In 1985 the government of South Africa under presure, offered Mandela’s release from prison, he refused, his myrterism began. In 1990 the government released Mandela from prison. He vowed to fight on for the ANC. In 1994 both Mandela and the president of South Africa F.W. de Klerk shared the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1996 Queen Elizabeth II hailed Mandela as a Great Statesman. So you can see just how far down the Rabbit Hole the Mandela’s life went and how the ‘powers’ used him. Although he was surely a willing partner in all of this, because of his hatred for the Whites of South Africa.Mandela and his j$$$$$$wish friends openly advocated the genocide of the White South African population. The j$$$$$$ws praised this lower form of humanity in there school system. Called him the ‘Chinese looking eyes’, who was imprisoned for his political views, not the murder of thousands of both Whites and Blacks in South Africa. When Mandela was arrested, he was in possession of a huge stockpile of Soviet munitions and explosives.

When Mandela was released in 1990, his promise of terrorizing the White population began in earnest with j$$$$$$wish money backing his army at ANC. A campaign against the White farmers was carried out. White farmers were driven off there land by the thousands. They were murdered, forced to work on lands they once owned. Whites were forced into newly formed white ghettos in the larger cities. 75,000 Whites were murdered by Black gangs. With the Whites knowledge of managing the country and the farms. South Africa now resemble Detroit, both now having Black leadership only. Without the White brain trust, South African who once was a strong and powerful nation, even having an nuclear arsenal. Now the country is in disarray, just like Detroit.

Now that Mandela is gone, what happens to South Africa? More than likely the country will be torn even further apart. As Black leaders from various groups try and take command of the countries population. And the genocides of White will continue, throughout the country. Many Whites have fled the country, with most wanting to come to America. But America is unwilling to let that many White South Africans in the country. Instead America welcomes the Muslims, who are determined to undermine the government, just what the Zionist want. Not a bunch of hard working Whites who transformed a desolate country into a World power once. Now Africa will just be another Third World Country, with the Black leadership in place. The j$$$$$$ws will keep the Black down just as they have done with the Palestinians in Gaza. South Africa will still have an apartheid type government. Instead of Whites controlling a once prosperous country. It will be a Black Apartheid country. And the Zionist will be laughing all the way to the bank, as there black slaves work for them now. It’s coming to America via Obummer and his j$$$$$$wish handlers. By the way, Mandela was married 3 “Times”.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 16

The oral teachings for the method which obstructs the person who is to enter the womb, is as follows.

O Child of Buddha Nature, (call to the deceased by name) visualise now your meditational deity, which ever it may be, with vibrancy. (Meditate on the deity) as (vividly) apparent, yet completely lacking in inherent existence, like (the reflection of) the Moon in water. If you do not have a specific meditational deity, then visualize the lord Mahakarunika, again with great vibrancy. Then (gradually), dissolve (the image of) the meditational deity from the extremities inward, until it disappears completely) and then meditate on the (resultant union) of the inner radiance and emptiness, which is utterly free from any objective referent. This is the profound essential point. Meditate in this way, for it is said that by these means entry into a womb will be averted. (???me)

Should even this (introduction) not cause obstruction and should (the deceased) continue to draw closer to the act of entering a womb, there are also the profound oral instructions which obstruct the womb entrance. These are as follows:

(O Child of Buddha Nature,) listen (carefully)! in the recitation of the Root Verses of the (Six) Intermediate States, the following lines are spoken. Repeat these, now, after me:

Alas now, as the intermediate state of rebirth arises before me,

I must with one-pointed intention concentrate my mind,

And resolutely connect with the residual potency of my virtuous past actions.

I must obstruct the womb entrance and call to mind the methods of reversal.

This is the time when perseverance and purity of perception are imperative.

I must give up all jealousy and meditate on my spiritual teacher with consorts.

Here is a link to my bud in the Netherlands freezing his butt off now, Hans Bergman’s site.
‘The Fusionrocket (fusieraket) of Lemuria’ (were both Martians)

I want to thank Santos Bonacci for his help on this subject. Santos believe that soon all the evil of the World will soon dissipate, I sure hope so.

“God” bless

PS: “Alien”

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