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"God"(s) Put Mankind in a Dangerous Place"

Or, mankind was already here on Mother Earth in a much lower Ape type creature. If you were to believe Zecharia Sitchin, the Annunaki upgraded the DNA of the ape type creature roaming the Earth. With their own DNA to create what you have today, Mayan tales tell how the “Gods” made three attempts, before what you currently have today Modern Human. However mankind happen to be living on Mother Earth, Mother Earth is a ‘dangerous place’.

Every so often mankind gets wiped of the face of the Earth, some think ISON may, just do that. The planet goes into a deep freeze on regular cycles. The Oceans rise, they fall. CMEs come from the crashing down on the Earth. So just why would a loving “God” (s), put their creation in such danger? Or were these danger put in place to help the advancement of mankind? If everyone had everything in life they needed, the World would be a mess. Nothing would get accomplished, folks would just be hanging out, ‘happy, fat and dumb’. There would be no need for spiritual growth. Nothing to put the fear of “God” in anyone. Nothing like a Natural Disaster to get everyone thinking about the creator “God”. After all, when something happens to you bad, ‘don’t you always ask “God” ‘why he is punishing you’? Do you look to the sky for answers, I always do.

People probably don’t recognize how much effort has to have been put into Mother Earth to make her livable. The first thing that would have to happen to ensure life here on Planet Earth. Is to protect the Earth from the surrounding environment of space and thing hitting the Earth’s surface. If you look at other planets in our own solar system, they are covered with pockmarks from Meteor hits on the surface. Why doesn’t the Earth look like the Moon or Mars? That’s because the first thing done to ensure the  survival of first the plants, would be to put a protective layer of atmosphere around Mother Earth. That protection is called the ‘Ionosphere’. This is a concentration of ions and free electrons that are able to reflect radio waves. The Ionosphere helps remove the solar radiation from the Sun and reflect the Sun’s heat. The Ionosphere is 50 to 600 miles above the Earth’s surface, just above the mesosphere. Without it, would be like being in microwave oven constantly, nothing would grow.

Outer Space is loaded with asteroids, meteors, comets and other space debris. The Atmosphere is what breaks up the debre fields from impacting the Earth. Not all Planet have this protective layer made up of, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, helium, krypton, hydrogen, neon, argon, carbon dioxide and argon. What are the odds like Darwinism of this happening all on it’s own to Mother Earth? I would have to say, ‘slim and none’. The reason these items that surround mankind in space do not impact the Earth. Is because the debris burns up as it passes through the atmosphere. What happens is, as these object move through the atmosphere, atmospheric gases compress quickly. This generates a great deal of heat that burns the debris as it passes through the atmosphere. Temperatures can reach 3,000 degrees F. Some idea of the heat, silver melts at 1,400F, steel beams at 2,800F (911?). Here again, is this all just coincidence? Does this show more evidence of a greater power or creator? Here are some more layers above the Earth that is protecting mankind.

Roposphere: Is where mankind live is 0 to 7 miles above the Earth.
Tropopause: Lays above the roposphere and contains the Jet Stream.
Stratosphere: Lays 7 to 30 miles above Earth.
Mesosphere: Lays 30 to 50 miles above Earth, helps protect the Earth from falling debris          (meteoroids)    
Thermosphere: Lays 50 miles and up. Ultraviolet radiation is cooled here.
Ionosphere: Lays 50 to 330 miles, here gas particles absorb ultraviolet and X-ray from the Sun.
Exosphere: Lays 330 miles and above and is where the satellites are in orbit.

As you can see, quite the complicated task putting together the protective layers around Mother Earth. And all this being put into place before the first plant sprouts from Mother Earth. Now that “God”(s) create this livable environment on the surface of Mother Earth. Does the creator simply walk away from this incredible project, out here on the edges of the Milky Way? To let the inhabitant of Mother Earth to fend for themselves?

This is the question that confronts mankind, ‘is mankind alone’? Left out in space, with fate deciding who lives and who dies? Can the species known as human race, continues throughout history of the Universe, with no outside intervention? I believe there is intervention on a daily bases. This interaction is only on a personal level. The environment was created for the development of each individual of the human race. And each individual has their own ‘Spirit Guide’, that is up to the individual to discover as part of the personal development of the individual. Tasks are put before mankind on a daily bases, a constant Yin-Yang, plus-minus, good over evil. You personally have choices constantly to either be positive or negative toward life in general and other human beings. Someone drops a valuable in front of you, you keep it, or give it to the individual who dropped it? Do you say a simple prayer before you eat, sleep, drink? Do you believe this creation was created for you alone? Do you lust after personal things, sex? There are a barrage of confrontations put in front of mankind constantly. All there for only one purpose, ‘mankind’s own Spiritual development’. Those who do not take the Upper Road of Truth, will be stuck.

Yes this is a test, what else could it be? If you believe the constant propaganda that mankind is just a ‘freak of nature’. That is now being pounded into everyone minds constantly. Not that Mother Earth was created for the persons ‘personal spiritual growth’. Just work, pay your taxes and die, that is all your life is worth. That’s what the ‘powers’ want the human race to believe. And you can see that, by most folks living in a Material World and not a Spiritual World as it should be. Consume and die, look around you, see anything different? Mankind deserves so much more, Mankind deserves to be free in every respect. it’s your Spiritual development that is being robbed from you.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 17

It is extremely important to clearly repeat these verses aloud, to arouse your memories (of past virtues), to meditate on this (prayer) and to experimentally cultivate its meaning. The meaning of your verses is as follows: the line ‘now as the intermediate state of rebirth arises before me’ explains that you are now roaming in the intermediate state of rebirth. As an indication of this, if you look into water, you will not see your reflection. Your body does not even cast a shadow. These are both signs that you do not have a solid body of flesh and blood, but that you are roaming, with a (subtle) mental body, in the intermediate state of rebirth.

Now therefore, you ‘must with one-pointed intention concentrate your mind’, distractedly. At this moment, this (singularity of) intention is by itself the most important factor. It is like a horse being controlled by the use of a bridle.Whatever your intentions focus upon, this will come about. Do not turn your mind to past negative actions! Call to mind, now, your connection in the human World with the (sacred) teachings and instructions, remember the empowerment and oral transmissions (previously received), remember (your connection with)  this Liberation by Hearing in the Intermediate State, and so  forth. It is extremely important that you ‘resolutely connect with the residual potency of your virtuous past actions. Do not forget! Do not be distracted! The present moment is the dividing-line between progression and regression. The present moment is the time when, by lapsing into laziness, even for an instant, you will experience constant suffering. The present moment is the time when, by concentrating with a singular intention, you will achieve constant happiness. Concentrate your mind with a single-pointed intention, ‘Resolutely connect with the residual potency of your virtuous past actions.

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“God” bless

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