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"Who Really Fights, America's Wars"

With American troops being slowly removed from both Afghanistan and Iraq, is America finally winding down from these decade long wars? The fact of the matter is NO! American troops are secretly being replaced by mercenaries of war. Recent reports by both the GAO (Government Accounting Office) and the CRS (Congressional Research Services) prove my point. There are currently about 66,000 American troops still in Afghanistan. There are 108,000 private contractors working for the U.S. government's military, inside the country. Of that number, only 30,000 are American citizens, the rest are foreign nationals. 18,000 of those mercenaries are Private Security companies. In fact when American congressmen visit Afghanistan and Iraq, private security temps guard them, not American troops. Here is the craziest part of the mercenaries, the Pentagon has no idea what they are even doing their. Or how long after America turns Afghanistan back to the peoples of Afghanistan, will the mercenaries remain?

The DOD (Department of Defense) spent 160 (BILLION 160,000,000,000) over the last 6 years. I’d do the math for you on what part of that amount you owe, but it would make us both ill. CRS discovered there was no ability to track what each individual contractor was doing in support of American troops. For all anyone knows, they mercenaries may not even be in the countries mentioned, who is there to take roll each morning? Bottom line, the Pentagon has no idea where that 160 billion went and for what!!! Here is a link to the recent CRS report.

What you will soon have in both Afghanistan and Iraq is  a ‘de facto army’, (‘or in effect’). A army that is not part of the American military. And whose orders do come directly from some hidden branch of the Pentagon or presidential order. With these private contractor immune from the same prosecution or Court Martial, as American troops. You have the atrocities you hear about coming out of Afghanistan and Iraq. And “God” only knows what other ones the World never hears about. Plus using private contractors does not  insure no casualties. There were approximately 300 private contractors killed working for the U.S. in 2012. Photos of American private military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

71 Civilian Contractors killed Oct. - Dec. 2012
121    “              “              “     July - Sept.    “
59      “              “              “     Apr. - June    “
49      “              “              “     Jan. - Mar.    “
418    “              “              “     Jan. - Dec. 2011

As the old line goes, ‘War is a Racket’, here are the top 10 companies profiting from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

#10 - United Technology arms sales 11.6 billion
#9 - L3 Communications arms sales 12.5 billion
#8 - Finmeccanica arms sales 14.6 billion
#7 - EADS arms sales 16.4 billion
#6 - Northrop Grumman arms sales 21.4 billion
#5 - Raytheon  arms sales 22.5 billion
#4 - General Dynamics arms sales 23.8 billion
#3 - BAE Systems arms sales 29.2 billion
#2 - Boeing arms sales 31.8 billion
#1 - Lockheed Martin arms sales 36.3 billion

As you can plainly see, war is all about profit. You don’t need American troops on the ground to accomplish these kinds of financial gains, you just need a ‘WAR’. Any old body willing to die for financial gain will be just fine in war. Most of the fighters in places like Syria are all hired mercenaries, not some men fighting for some religion. No these are men fighting to feed their families. And if you just happen to be an American vet who has been discharged. You can make a six figure income in Afghanistan or Iraq. Doing the same thing you were doing for slave wages in the military.

Yes Obummer tells the unknowing public that American troops will soon be out of both the war fronts. It is just another one of Obummer’s lies, the soulless president spits out, with no conscience. There is far too much money to be made in both countries, especially the heroin traffic coming  from Afghanistan. America has been invaded herself, by outsiders who see Americans as no more than ‘cannon fodder’ to financial line there whores pockets. ‘Land of the Free, not hardly’. If enough American youth do not provide enough bodies for the ‘Military Industrial Machine’. The ‘Machine’ will have their puppets in congress, reinstate the ‘Draft’.

When you buy a home with a mortgage, you go to your bankster because. You do not have all the money to pay for the home, so you are asking the banksters to buy it for you. You are actually co-signing for the loan. The bank bought your home and holds your mortgage. A title to a home, that you have never seen, and you may never see, even if the home is eventually paid for. When you get behind on your payments, the banksters can take your home, with never making a payment. And all they did to acquire the home you wanted, was to send some electronic money for the purchase. It is up to you the buyer to provide the real tangible funds. Now you have to taken care of the banksters property for them, even improving their property. Paying all the taxes, insurance, tons of fees built into your mortgage you’ll never understand or even want to know. It’s basicly, ‘how much does it cost to live here a month’, bottom line. Humans are like Dogs with their finances are, ‘always at the end of the leash’. (Took me decades to figure this out.) And the banksters are always dangling the carrot out in front of your nose. So folks are willing to do almost anything for the carrot and the banksters know this.

The Deadly Yarnell Fire Report  was released this last week. It was not a good report on the agencies that were tired to the death of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew members. In fact the statement said there was ‘Non Stop Chaos’ during the battle against the fast spreading fire. A fire that had plenty of fuel (more on that later) with winds  whipping at over 50 MPH and changing directions constantly. This was for Arizona, a relatively small forest fire. Yet 19 Hot Shot members died and 127 homes were destroyed. In the chaos the report says, Slurry Bombers were laying down retardant on the wrong targets, fire commanders had no safety plan put in place, Fire Line supervisors argued, some fire crews had no maps, no one knew who was incharge, most every firefighting crew was having radio problems.

Blue Ridge Hot Shot crew said the air battle was in total chaos, with a near miss between aircraft. Blue Ridge said there was a bulldozer operator with no maps, radio or knew what his assignment was. Aircraft pilots had no idea which crew was fight in which area. The pilots were not informed to where to drop their retardant.The pilots didn’t even know that the Granite Mountain crew was fighting the fire. Fire commanders didn't know the location of the Granite Mountain crew. Because of all of the chaos, over 60 lawsuits have been started by family members of the lost Granite Mountain crew, approx. 200 other lawsuits have been filled by homeowners who lost their home in the fire. One thing that was brought up during the investigation, was the amount of fuel laying in the area around the homes that were destroyed. And that there was never any effort to confront the deadly fuels that laid around the homes of Yarnell. When in fact local official should had local authorities, to make sure these fuels were removed from near the homes. In the end, the lawyers will get the majority of the settlements, that’s just the way America runs nowadays.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 18

Now is the time when you must obstruct the womb entrance. It is said (in the verses) that you ‘must obstruct the womb entrance and call to mind the method of reversal. This is the time when perseverance and purity of perception are imperative’. You have now arrived at that stage. Your priorty now is to obstruct the womb entrance. There are five methods which will bring about obstruction of the womb entrance, so keep them carefully in mind.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, at this stage, the perception will arise of a male and a female engaging in sexual intercourse. Upon perceiving this, do not enter between the male and female, but be mindful and ‘meditate on’ the male and female as being your ‘spiritual teacher with consort’. Prostrate yourself before them and make offerings, emanating these with your mind. Be intensely devoted and request instructions from (your spiritual teacher and consort). Just by intently focusing your thoughts in this way, the womb entrance will certainly be obstructed.

Should (the womb entrance) not be successfully obstructed through this method and you are nonetheless drawn ever nearer to entering the womb, them meditate now on the spiritual teacher and consort as being your personal meditational deities,  whichever these may be, or (if you do not have a personel meditational deity), meditate on the spiritual teacher and consort as being Mahakarunika and his consort. Again, make offerings, emanating these with your mind and generate the thought very intently: ‘I request (the attainment of your) spiritual accomplishments!’ Thereby, the womb entrance will be obstructed.

“God” bless


PS: “Time”, “Alien”

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