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"USS Ronald Reagan"

Fukushima Daiichi happened on 11 March 2011, or 3/11 as some refer to the date in history. Of course there are many who believe that the disaster in Japan was no coincidence. That some sort of nuclear device (or other type) was place in a fault line, just off the coast of Fukushima Daiichi. After the nuclear explosion a Tsunami quickly followed as the World watched live in horror. Myself, not to sure about this, but the date is quite interesting. As by now these major events like London Bombing on 7/7, America’s  911, triggered major changes in World Events. London and 911 were well planned in advance by the ‘powers’ who are currently running the affairs of the Planet Earth. And those dates are no coincidence, how about 3/11? If predictions are correct, the entire Pacific Ocean could soon be off-limits for harvesting fish and other seafood products. First you had the Gulf of Mexico declared unsafe because of the Corexit being sprayed to break-up the oil spill. (Saw plenty of folks fishing in gulf from Corpus Christi to Aransas Texas.) Now with all these reports of irradiated fish being caught, the Pacific ocean will surely be called off-limits soon. (Radiation Plume pics)

How does the USS Ronald Reagan fit into this puzzle and what was the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan doing in the waters just off of Fukushima Daiichi? All American aircraft carriers have the ability to deliver a nuke, via their aircraft. There is no proof that the USS Ronald Reagan had any part of the disaster in Japan. Is all that is know is the USS Ronald Reagan was in the area with her support ships. It is reported that the USS Ronald Reagan was ordered to the area of the Fukushima to help in the rescue efforts. And that the carrier passed through a radiation plume itself.

The USS Ronald Reagan is a Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier. What is meant by Nuclear Powered is nothing special. Uranium Rods are placed into water to make the water boil and turn to steam. Then the steam is directed to turn the massive Screws (props) that move the aircraft carrier through the water (60 knots +). Nothing nuclear about it, just old fashioned steam powered, just like a 100 years ago. The fact that the USS Ronald Reagan was nuclear powered, meant that it would have had all kinds of monitors throughout the ship incase of a nuclear leak. So how did the carrier get so polluted with radiation, when everyone onboard would have heard the monitors going off? Yet somehow the carrier sailed right through the radiation. The carrier groups was 80 mile offshore from Fukushima when the alarms in the ship did start to go off. 3 Helicopters were sent to the area of the disaster from the carrier. The 3 helos would have to be destroyed because of the radiation.

As the giant USS Ronald Reagan sailed through the waters off Japan. The waters were filled with radiation as the carrier group sailed towards Fukushima. The carrier was pulling in water from the ocean to cool the twin nuclear reactors and for the making of fresh water for the ship and crew members. Nuclear Isotopes were pulled into the ventilation system, throughout the ship. The open bays under the flight deck were being exposed to the same radiation levels. The USS Ronald Reagan was being made useless, by the high levels of radiation. If the ship was being destroyed, so were the crew members aboard. So far 51 sailors from the ship have come down with thyroid cancer and are suing the Japanese Government along with the US Navy. The USS Ronald Reagan might as well, have be sunk by the Japanese, in fact that might have been better.

For over 2 years the USS Ronald Reagan was off the sailing charts. The radiated ship sailed to the South China Sea, Gulf of Aden, Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Then showed up in San Diego, like nothing ever happened. Where was the USS Ronald Reagan for those lost months? The carrier was docked at Bremerton US Naval Shipyard near Seattle Washington for 18 months. There it was decontaminated supposedly. Shipyard workers replaced the ship’s air ducts, pumps, pipes, gaskets, hoses, anything sensitive to radiation. Crews washed the ship down, dumping the water into Puget Sound.

With the vast amounts of material and liquids that were removed from the USS Ronald Reagan. Where would all this radiated material go? All the materials were loaded onto a fright train and sent to Hanford Nuclear waste Site for burial. There was no official release of this information, going totally along with the coverup called the USS Ronald Reagan. Shipyard workers released the information about where the irradiated materials were being sent, not by the US Navy. (Pics of Hanford Site)

When the carrier commander knew of the ship moving through the radiation plume. The ship should have been abandon immediately, for the safety of the crew members. The Japanese government would not allow the USS Ronald Reagan into port in Japans for weeks, because they knew of the problems on the Reagan. Instead of abandoning the ship, you now have 71 sailors who have come down with thyroid problems and cancers. (link) Who knows what will happen to the entire crew years from now. And you know the government will do their best to cover up and try and deny the sailors help, just look at the troops coming home from America's illegal wars. A judge has already thrown out a suite by 51 sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan.

As for the cover up, the Navy claims that the Reagan is fine and is currently tied up in San Diego. The Navy claiming that the fighter squadrons attached to the carrier are being decommissioned in military cuts. So there are no aircraft to be placed aboard the ship. The government might as well take the carrier out to sea and sink her. That’s never going to happen, because that would be admission to the failures of the Captain of the carrier and all lawsuits could not be denied. Just one more cover up by the American government, just like 911 is.

This last Monday night at about 1:30 AM (tuesday morning) I was getting ready for bed and listening to a Internet program live. When a guy from the Phoenix area called in about how the Moon looked so different. I jumped up and went outside to discover what the caller was talking about. The Moon was on it’s side, sort of. Instead of the Moon’s dark part being on the side verticle like normal for phases of the Moon. The top half of the Moon was in shadows, here is the first night I recorded the oddity. Next morning I decided to post what I’d found on GLP for reactions. Just for your information, the average “Time” on GLP front page is about 15 minutes. My posted thread lasted on the front page for over 8 hours. There were over 2,500 hits on the thread, with all kinds of theories about what had cause the strange effect on the Moon. Things like this proves Nibiru is now in the play, inside the orbits of the planets around our Sun. Either the Earth or Moon had suddenly tilted and many more. One thing that could not be proven, is why this was going on. The Shills hit me hard with all kinds of BS explanations. Calling me name, which made no sense at all. I was even accused of turning my camera sideways or I was recording some other object in the sky. Bottom line, no one has came forward with a feasible answer yet. Here is the link to the next 2 night I recorded the Moon.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 18B

Should even this not obstruct the womb entrance and you are still drawn ever nearer to entering the womb, the third method, which reverse attachments and aversions, is now to be revealed to you. There are four modes of birth: birth from the womb, birth from an egg, supernormal birth, and birth from warmth and moisture. Among these, birth from an egg and birth from a womb are very similar, in that in both cases you will see the male and the female engaging in sexual union, as (described) above. If, based on either attachment or aversion, you enter the womb at this time, you will be born as a horse, bird, dog, human or whatever is appropriate. If you are to be born as a male, you will experience the perception of a male. You will feel intense aversions towards the father and you will feel jealousy and attachment towards the mother. If you are to be born a female, you will experience the perception of a female. You will feel intense envy and jealousy towards the mother and you will feel intense attachment and affection towards the father. This (emotional arousal) will cause you to enter the womb. Here you will experience the ‘co emergent delight’, in the midst of the meeting between the sperm and the ovum. From that state of bliss you will faint into unconsciousness and as time passes, the embryo will come to maturity in the womb. Moving through (various stages of development), that is, the clotting of the embryo, the oval elongation of the embryo, and so forth until finally, you will emerge (from the womb) and open your eyes. Now, you have turned into a puppy. Previously having been a human being, you will now have to become a  dog. So consequently, you will suffer in a dog kennel, or similarly, in a pigsty, or an anthill or wormhole, or else you might be born as a baby bull, a goat, a sheep, and so forth. There is no way back. You will experience all manner of suffering in a state of great obscurity and delusion. Through this process you will continue to remain within the six classes of living beings, including the realms of the Hell being and anguished spirits. You will be completely drained by boundless suffering. There is nothing more awesome or freighting than this! Oh dear! This is truly terrifying! Oh, dear! Oh, dear, in this way, those who lack oral instructions of a genuine spiritual teacher will indeed fall into the great abyss of cyclic existence and be tortured unbearably by continuous suffering (sounds like the Christian bible). Rather than this, listen to my words! Understand this instruction of mine. I will reveal now a oral instruction which obstructs the womb entrance, through reversal of attachments and the reversal aversion. Listen and understand this well!!! It is said (in the Root Verses of the Six Intermediate States:

I must obstruct the womb entrance and call to mind the method of reversal.

This is the time when perseverance and purity of perception are imperative.

I must give up all jealousy and meditate on my spiritual teacher with consort.

“God” bless


PS: “God”, “Alien”

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