Sunday, November 24, 2013

"We Don't Believe You, Get It'

Like most folks of the World, I’m not buying into the BS any more, from the controlled media. With the average network news programs on the 3 major networks. Drawing less than 5 million viewers  every night. Why are there so few viewers, because ‘no one is buying the crap anymore from the media’. Yet you noticed, that never stops the controlled media from spewing out the same BS lines nightly. The media plays-out 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Aurora Colorado and others, like the masses actually believe them. I’ve gotten to when ever I quote something I heard from the media or learned in school. I have to stop myself and wonder if I'm just perpetuating the same old tired lie. All the history I was taught in public school system is for the most part total crap. Ain't nothing in the newspaper I can trust, outside ‘box scores’, and those results may have twisted.

Do you realize just how many lies Obummer has told since arriving in office? Yet each day he can stand-up like a true psychopath, and spit out more lies. What bigger lie on the American people than Obummercare has been? Yet the whore Obummer will stand up in front of the public and say he never said, ‘so and so’. And if Obummeri gets caught in a lie like the media, the both of them just continue on like nothing happened. Obummer just sticks his head up in the posing position, he has been taught to make himself look astute. But in reality Obummer is no more than a ‘poser’. I see Obummer approval rate is 37%, problem is, whose statistics are these? Can I quote the statistic, it’s from the mass media? Just maybe Obummer’s approval rating is only 17% or less. With the controlled media making up most every fact they present, where do I chime in and say, yeah I trust you now’.

Looks to me like it took Syria and Obummercare to finally wake the sleeping American public up. But do you think for one moment that Obummer will stop lying to the American public along with the World, never. No the soulless puppet Obummer will simply continue on. Mindless, soulless, head pointed into the Sun, Obummer stumbles forward. It was great hearing him getting booed at a recent basketball game. Felt sorry for the children, but Obummer could care less about those children, there their for photo ops only anyway. Is Michelle Obummer in reality a man? (look at that adamsapple, shoulders, hips). (food for thought)

There just to much hate in the World now, this just ain't right , you know!!! The atmosphere has been destroyed, poisoned mentally and physically. This is the atmosphere these Beast operator in best. As the masses run amok, hating each other with religions and cults that were given to them to divide them. All this need for power, in Spiritual Universe. This need for power is striping the masses of there natural desire to be a Spiritual Being first. The child hears hatred and fighting in the womb. The bright lights of reality are with the child long before birth. And what do the Beast do to the child the moment the child is born, they stick a bright light into the child’s face. ‘Hello, were in charge here’, not the Hopi way.

Everyone looking to the Skies for some help,
no help appears near!!!
So I guess I’ll just get stoned,
turn on the TV,
I have no chance.
My neighbors don’t understand me anyway,
who cares anyway,
there crazier than me any day.
I can live in my own World,
I don’t need them.
I got my drugs and booze,
a sports team to follow,
fuck them.

Have the pressures of just living in the Modern World, turned the World we know, into the World above? And this is exactly why the World turns the way it does today. Control used to be over small masses, today everything has changed. Now the World can be feed the ‘corporate lie’ at once. Only a handful control all most all the media today. Keeping the masses divided now is a media event. Telling one group about atrocities that have been perpetrated against them, by there arch rivals. Then turn the tables right around. It’s been working for eons. Now everyone is scared of there enemies abroad and maybe even the guy next door. Isn’t the media great, when you own it. And the owners are the same ones who gave all the wars, Worldwide for ever. All these good men who marched off to war, thinking they were defending their homelands. All the sacrifices made by the families back home who had to grow up without a father or mother.

The World ripped apart by ideologies that were given to them and not from within. Fighting rich men’s wars for profit. I see in the mist an awaking of this fact, as hard as it is too many to swallow, it’s not a joke, lives have been robbed. A big ass joke on America and the rest of the World by the banksters. The banksters got everyone killing each other while they march off with the gold. Financing both sides, deciding who gets what weapons and who ultimately wins. The banksters decide who the enemy is, not some government they put in place with bribes and murder. The Federal Reserve was created in about 1913 or close, the World has been at war every since. A handful printing America and most other countries money, charging interest on paper they print. Then pit country against country, taking the wealth of the country with interest on there printed money backed by the American military, just ask Gaddafi. That’s right you can’t, the banksters had the American military kill him. Seems he wanted to start using gold for oil. How silly of him, what was he thinking?

You don’t think ‘Joe six-pac’ doesn’t notice little things like the murder of Gaddafi. Those little sublet things get imprinted in the back of Joe’s mind. Step out of line, ‘Gaddafied’. That’s why Joe hides out a lot, it’s safe that way, only making a statement with his favourite team’s jersey. You know damn well NSA and a bunch of other agencies are spying on you while you hide-out Joe. Got you backed into a corner do they, the ‘powers’? The ;powers’ been messing with Joe’s mind ever since mom and dad set him in front of Walt Disney propaganda at a very young age. Walt and his cartoon characters were great babysitters. Joe was being programed sublimely, a drip at a “Time”. And the parents can’t figure out why baby Joe has turned on them. The Mind Control is so sublet, Joe later in life puts his children in front of Walt’s new generation of Mind Control players. Then the same old cycle get started all over again. Sad isn’t it, sobering fact.

You walk through life working on your own bummers. You really don’t need all that outside BS in your life, life’s hard enough, just on it’s own. Unfortunately there are powers in the dark that want your mind and soul. There is a war going in fact for both of those items in your personal life.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 14
(Obstruction of the Womb)

Even though this introduction may have been given many times, due to the potency of strong negative past actions, recognition may be difficult. It is very beneficial, therefore, to repeat (the introduction) now, many times. Again, therefore, calling to the deceased by name, you should say the following words (at least) three times:

O, Child of Buddha Nature, if you have not taken to heart (the introduction) which has gone before you, from now on, the body of your past lives will grow more faint and the body of your next life will grow more vivid. At this, you will be dismayed, and you will think: ‘I am experiencing such misery! Now I will look for whatever body I can find.’ Thinking in this way, you will move haphazardly and randomly towards what ever appear and consequently the six lights indicative of the six realms of living being will dawn; and, according to your past actions, (the light of the realm) into which you are born will shine most of all. O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen! What are these six lights, you may ask? A dull white light indicative of the realm of the gods will arise. A dull blue light indicative of the human realm will arise. A dull red light indicative of the antigods will arise. A dull green indicative of the animal realm will arise. A dull yellow light indicative of the realm of the anguished spirits will arise and a dull smoky light indicative of the realm of the well-beings will arise. These six lights will emerge. And at this time, your present body will take on the color of the light of the realm into which you are to be born. O, Child of Buddha Nature, at this juncture, the essential points of the oral instructions are extremely important.

Meditate now on the light (that draws) as being Mahakarunika! Meditate on the thought that when the light dawns, it is Mahakarunika. This is the most profound crucial point. It is extremely important, because (this oral instruction) obstructs birth.

Alternatively, you should meditate for a long time on your meditational deity, whichever it may be. (Meditate on the deiry) appearing like an illusion, completely free  from inherent existence. This is called (the practise of) the ‘pure illusion-like body’. Accordingly, dissolved (the form of) the meditational; deity from the extremities (inward), until it disappears completely and abide in the (resultant) state of emptiness and radiance, where nothing at all substantially exist and where is no subjective apprehension. Meditate once again on the meditational deity. Meditate again on inner radiance. Meditate alternately in this way, and after this, dissolve your awareness itself from the extremity (inward, into emptiness and radiance). Wherever there is space there is awareness. Wherever there is awareness there is the Buddha-body of Reality. Abide nakely, therefore, in the state of unimpended Buddha-body of Reality, free from conceptual elaboration. (Abiding) in this state, birth will be obstructed and buddhahood will be attained.

“God” bless on the Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams  with soft landings.


PS: “Alien”

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