Sunday, August 24, 2014

Warning: "This Is A Test"

Just how smart are the 'powers'? With no TV, this past week was great, live feeds from Ferguson Mo. made my week. The kid from VICE was on the spot with his ability to move around and catch all the action from street level. Mike Brown was set up with the rest of the MSM press, who were marched around like pawns from one location to another. I guess the big question is, 'was this all staged', like Sandy Hook? The kid Michael Brown, that was shot and what this protest was all about. Was let to lie in the street in a pool of blood for all to see for over 2 hours. No sheet was put over the body, the body just laid there, with Brown's face in a pool blood. What happened that lead to all this, only 4 people know and one of them is dead. The killing of a young Black man is nothing new to America. It seems to happen daily now, so why all the protest and media attention in Ferguson the last week or so?

In the beginning, I'm sure it was just another Cop Killing, another Black Cat, murdered by police execution. This Execution was some how different in Ferguson. After all, how many Black Cats are killed by police in Chicago or any other major city each month? Why aren't the citizens in almost all major cities, in the streets protesting like those in Ferguson? What prompted the Black and White folks of Ferguson to hit the streets? Why the sudden looting of a few businesses? Why did the good citizens of Ferguson have to protect the businesses that were being looted? Why weren't the cops who were only less than a block away, stop the looting? You would think the police would with all their military equipment, looking like Storm Trouper, stop the looting? Why is it taking so long for information about the killing, taking so long to be released?

Their are more questions than answers. Rumor has it that one of the kids with Michael Brown, the day the shooting. Finger prints have shown up on the police officer's (Darren Wilson) gun, that shot Michael Brown. Rumor has it, officer Darren Wilson orbital eyeball socket was shattered in the confrontation with the three kids. A video a few days later showed Michael Brown stealing (Strong Arming) cigars   Why are the facts being leaked out so slowly? Could it just be incompetence of the small town police force? Many have suggest, much more is going on here. Maybe even a 'False Flag' event to see the reaction of the citizens of Ferguson.

What I learned from each night watching, is the police were using different tactics constantly. You would see the police line set-up, them all of a sudden one of those unneeded M RAP police vehicles would come through the police line. Charge down the street, then suddenly stop, what was the point of this? You would see a police line in front of McDonald's protecting it from looters, but not locally owned business who were allowed to be looted. Why do you need a 50 caliber roof mounted Sniper Rifle on a M RAP? Afraid some Black Cats are armed with Mortars? Why is a town of only about 8,000 with over 80% Black, have a police force that's over 80% White? Why bring in the National Guard, when the police already out numbered the protesters. In fact their were far more police and media than their were protesters.

I think that what might have started out as an Organic incident. Was quickly jumped upon by the 'powers' and turned into what the World witnessed. One thing that stuck out the most, was the ability to see how the protesters reacted to how the police were dressed or to the approach of the M RAPS. Each "Time" the protesters were confronted by the Storm Troupers dressed for combat. The reaction was much more aggressive by the protesters. Until at the end of the confrontations on Thursday night, when the police were in their normal clothing. It didn't take long for the idea of the j$$$$$$wish (Israeli) trained police force. That acted like a para-military group, was doing nothing to improve the situation. Once the police realized it was best to look like the average cop on the street, things calmed down very quickly. Folks do not want their police force to look like a Israeli soldiers killing innocent civilians in Gaza. Or the video of this cop in Ferguson threatening to kill the media members

Was this all just a test to see how far the citizens of American can be pushed into a corner. One very effective tactic by the police, that the protesters agreed to. The protesters were told they could march as much as the pleased. The kicker was, 'the protesters had to keep moving'. As one group march by singing, 'were young, we can march all night long'. Was no where to be found the second night, along with most other protesters. The first night of the agreement, every "Time" the protesters stopped moving, you could hear the cops going, 'keep moving' in stern voices. The protesters never had any idea that the majority of them would tire so quickly from the constant marching. The older Black preachers never had a chance, being so over weight and out of shape. And they were the ones who thought they were keeping the protesters in a Peaceful Mood.  Night 2 of the agreement and the Black preachers were no where to be found.

What was so obvious was the fact the cops were not real sure what tactic would work. All this disjointed movements by the cops made no sense. One moment the protesters would be occupying a parking lot. The next moment the cop would tell the protesters they had to leave the premises, or be arrested. Next night the protesters would back in the same parking lot. Tear Gas was used on the protesters with the police denying the Tear Gas was used. Turns out that use of Tear Gas on citizens is against International Law now. This didn't stop the cops of Ferguson from spraying the crowd with Tear Gas and then denying it. Saying they were only deploying Smoke Bombs.

In the End, the police won out, by letting the protesters wear themselves out marching. The idea that the protesters agreed to their own demise, was brilliant move. The protesters not being very well organized, while the different police organizations, worked closely together to quell the riots. Like the 'powers' love to do, knowing "Time" will always be their greatest partner Is all the 'powers' needed to do was wait out the obvious. "how long can this protest go on'. In the End, the cops out numbered the protesters. And the police and system leaned many valuable lessons for future use against the citizens of America. As the future collapses of America will occur, when a father can no longer feed his children. Then America will fall into chaos, that's why all the government agencies are being armed to the hilt. The 'powers' are so many moves down the road, they'll know when the 'father' will be willing to kill to feed his family. Take the father out of the equation and you have what you have today. Families with no 'father' image to say, 'Enough is Enough'. Single moms instead, with their collectives hands out to the very government who enslaved them, 'please help me'!!!

I ran into a kid yesterday who had just gotten out of the Marine Corp. What he told me about the direction of the Marine Corp, falls totally in line with the Events in the streets of Ferguson. He told me the Marines were getting rid of the Tanks and armored divisions. Instead the Marine are being trained in 'Door to Door' combat at a base in SoCal. Why 'Door to Door' combat training, for obvious reasons, the break down of America. To where the fighting won't be between heavily armored divisions. But more like a battle with the citizens of America in 'Door to Door' combat. No matter how many bombs you drop from the air, you still have to secure the ground. This is why America's good citizens will never be taken down and enslaved. Just as has happened to troupes in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The only secure place for the troupes in both places, is on the base. Go outside the base and the American's control stops. You would have the same thing in America. With a gun pointed out of every windowsill.

'The Chiricahuas Mountains'

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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You baby boomers are the most selfish generation to ever exist. You destroyed your own children's and grandchildren's future with your short-sighted selfishness and immaturity. And then you expect them to pay for your retirement????

Can you baby boomers just hurry up and drop dead, please?