Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Has the World Gone Mad?"

The pressure is mounting daily now, the mass media will not stop reporting nothing but bad news. Got a call from a restaurant manger that I've know for years. I'd wired the Black Bear Diners years ago when the franchise first came to town. He was in a panic on a Saturday morning, had electrical issues at the Goodyear store. Having so much work now, having trouble keeping up with my contract projects. Their was a "Time" when I needed the Black Bears for income, not now. I'd taken tons of money out of the Black Bears, so I figured I owed it to the chain to respond on a Saturday morning. So I loaded up some tools and electrical testers to find the the problem. As always the Goodyear Black Bear had folks lined up outside waiting for breakfast (to be poisoned). Jim the manager and I used to be good friend, as he knew corporate always wanted me to do the electrical repairs on the chain. Today I meet a new Jim, a Jim I'd never meet before. This Jim was like the superintendents on construction job sites, 'the end must be near'!!! Supers are under so much pressure to bring their jobs in on "Time" and budget. That you can hardly deal with them as the project winds up. This new Jim, was out of control. As I watched him race around the kitchen of the restaurant, screaming orders, this was sad. Things were said, that would have never been said before between us. Mainly because Jim was now part of the system Americans are being forced to live in. Run over those around you, to protect the Mother Corporation. The hell with those who before helped and protected you. The Corporate World has no "Time" for compassion now. It's like the working class have all be players on TV's Survivor. It's all about me, syndrome.

But the reality of things today, most folks with any kind of power, are much the same. Folks do not realize what is being done to them. They are being pushed to the brink, for what? A couple of extra dollars, pride or ego? Living in constant fear of either loosing one's job or ISIS around every corner. The constant bombardment of bad news coming from the controlled media, keeps everyone on edge. Do you think for a moment that my Hopi buds like Lonnie, even know who ISIS is? Is Lonnie and his buds on Oravyi (Old Oraibi) living in constant fear from the ongoing Fear Mongering? No they live for the moment, as it once was for all mankind.

Before mankind was reduced to Slavery, folks were free to do with their lives as they pleased. In today's World, you must always be politically correct. Don't even question the authenticity of the j$wish Holocaust. Never question what Obummer says or does. Americans are reduced to simply Obeying everything that is said to them. Questioning authority is now out of the question. You are told that your government and leaders know what is correct for you as an individual. The Flicker Rate on Americans TVs are hypnotizing the watchers. White Americans are being slowly killed off with their diets today. A White America is being sold the idea that they need minorities to be more homogenized. If you went into Mexico and told the Mexican peoples their are far to many of them and that the Whites should become the majority of the population. How well would that go over with the Mexican peoples?  yet the once White America, via the TV are being programmed to accept that they should be a minority in their own country. This is the Zionist movement trying their best to stop the American White brain power from stopping the enslavement of all Whites. That was accomplished in the country of South Africa. Now that once powerful nation, has been turned to ruins with Black leadership. In that way, minority control, the Zionist outsiders then can move in and take control of the peoples and all of the countries natural resources. That is why the White population of America is so under attack. Only the Whites have the ability to see what is being done to them and to try and stop it.

As history has shown, most minorities can be easily bribed into doing what they are instructed to do. Look at any large city in America with a minority mayor and leadership. Those communities like Detroit and others are soon tuned into ruble by the constant corruptions. Just as all of the Navajo leaders have been removed lately from office for financial corruption. Same goes for the rest of the countries with minority leadership. Yet the j$wish controlled media, is in constant attack of the Whites, who they fear and should. This will soon start to come back on the j$wish interest. You can already see the beginnings of this. That's why the j$wish evening new such as ABC, NBC and CBS have such a small viewership. Whites are tiring of the constant pressure  and attacks on them. You rarely ever see a White couple on TV adds. Their is always a beautiful White girl next to some dumbed down Black Cat next to her. Blacks being portrayed in the media like some pure as 'driven snow' idea. That is because the j$ws have throughout history, treated the Blacks as their own personnel Slaves. Just look at the music industry. You have all j$wish ownership and management, with the Blacks being the product. To be created or destroyed with the flip of a button. Now you see the j$w's Black superstar, now you don't. And if a Black entertainers like Tupac or Michael Jackson does speak out against their j$wish masters, well you know that answer to that.

In the new 'Mad World', being the best don't count any longer. It's who controls the media and lets the World see who they want to, is now the norm. If you don't do as instructed, no one will ever know who you are. Obummer and his husband are the perfect Black Slaves for the j$ws. That's why Obummer is president, not because he was elected, because he was chosen. He was a good Slave in the past and now makes a good Slave in the presence. All the World leaders are interchangeable actors, playing role given to them all. Even Putin cannot be trusted, as he may just might be the 'Controlled Opposition'. When you control the World, or who ever pushes the Zionist buttons. The best opposition is the opposition you put into place. That's why America has only two political parties. In that way, they are both 'Controlled Opposition'. Letting Democrats look like the Good Guys for awhile, then letting the Republicans be the Good Guys, such as you have now. The Democratic ruled congress (sort of) for years and in the last election. The American dumbed down population was lead to believe that the Democrats were swept out of office by the Republicans. All just games for the 'powers'. Games that control how well your family eats tonight.

 The main problem today is the fact that most of the younger generation, will not take the "Time" to educate themselves. They totally rely on others to tell them what to believe in and what not to believe in. Instead of taking the "Time" and energy to find-out for them selves, what is the real truth. The energy the youth needs to educate themselves isn't there. That energy has been taken away with poor diet and letting every child get by in school. 'No Child left Behind' means, never let any of the children get very educated. Or they just might turn out like my generation, and be in the streets protesting. If the generation the 'Baby Boomers', had what is going on today to the population. Their would have been blood flowing in the streets. Not this generation, they just let themselves be pushed and shoved around like Lab Rats. Their more content, looking like some fool with all their tattoos and piercings. Just as the 'powers' planned out for years. What you have now, didn't just happen. This has all been very well planned out long ago. For the take-over of the World by the 'powers' is centuries old. The only thing stopping the Snowball of the NWO is their stumbling and not some sort of organized resistance. As many believe Putin will be the one to stop the NWO of one central government from happening. And that the World must endure WWIII. I guess the World will watch as this unfolds in central Europe and the Middle East. As some Hopi believe, through ancient prophecies, that the final battle for the World will happen on America's soil. And that only the Good Folks will survive (be saved) into the 'Fifth World'.

On a final note this week, their are rumors on the underground news or alternative news. That Putin has been missing for days now and it is a fact that the Russian flag is not flying over the Kremlin. I've searched the controlled media and find nothing about the missing Putin. Funny how the Free World citizens attach their faith to an unknown such as Putin. Mainly because of the stories they hear about Putin. The problem is, these stories come from the very same press that is used to control folks day to day lives. The 'powers' give the masses something to believe in and the next moment, take that hope away. Always remember what happened to John F. Kennedy!!!

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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From Russian Media:
Putin was in a bunker somewhere in the Tver region Russian President Vladimir Putin is now hiding from the Russian public in the Tver region is still unknown for journalists