Monday, September 7, 2015

"23 September 15"

New Doom is on, 2012 came and gone, but what about the next Doom Date 23 September 2015? The date is most differently being put into everyone's heads now, for sure. Even those who could care less about any conspiracy, seem to know something about the date 23 Sept.. It is so easy to control the Minds of the Masses, just look at American history. You can plainly see the American citizenry being led around by the nose, throughout America's history. Lies and deceit were used against the Native Americans of the Americas. The Local were said to be Savages who must be wiped off the face of the Earth. And with that little bit of propaganda, nearly 14 million Native Americans were killed off. , Bullet, starvation, diseases and constant pressure, did the trick. Now you can see the beginnings of that being done to the conquering Americans and the rest of the World's population. That was how the 'powers' culled the Native American populations. Now the entire human race for some reason is being Culled.

Wars, disease, starvation, religions, forced migrations, (now) vaccinations, are all being used on the World's population. Now the Catholic Pope Frances will be warning of a 'World Crisis', as he addresses the United Nations on 25 September 15. On 23 September Pope Frances will meet personally with Obummer. On 24 September Pope Frances address the Congress of the United States??? (First  Israel's murderous Benjamin Netanyahu, now another murder addresses the U.S. Congress. In the same year.) On second thought, why not, who else is in the same league with the 2 murders, U.S. government. Of course many will say America is under control from the Vatican with the Israeli support behind every door. You can see that in the wars of American in recent history. Once Americans were programmed to hate those with Yellow shin and slanted eyes. Now you have a Dark skinned Muslim terrorist behind every nook and cranny. The 'Crusades' never ended, just took some detours.

So just what is in store the World's population now? Will it be an "Alien" Invasion, how about some massive Comet about to hit Mother Earth. Maybe Planet X has finally arrived, without anyone noticing, looking at the night sky. One thing for sure, it will just be another 'Made-up Crisis'. Something to instill the emotions in the masses hearts, something that can motivate billions of the Worlds citizenry. As the World awakens to the fact, most World affecting events, seem to always happen on certain dates or numbers like 911. So how does 23/9 work out in this sequence. Here are some examples I've found.

2015 - 1776 = 23/9 239 yrs.

Pope arrives to America 923 days after elected

239 yrs. of American Independence 1776 -2015

239 victims. on flight MH370

239 is the atomic mass number plutonium-239 is used to make nukes

13 may 2014 French Foreign French minister Laurent Fabius 'we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos' 13 May 14 = 25 Sept. 2015

23 Sept  Astrologically Sun "God" transverses into Libra, 'weight and scale'

23 Sept 2015 Day of  Atonement or Yon Kipper. every 7 years this is #7 sabbatical = 49 last one was 49 years ago, '6 Day War'.

Pope Francis meets with Obummer 23 Sept

266 day of the year, Pope Francis is the 266th Pope

Just like the Heroes of Tombstone in it's days of glory. The Heroes are criminal who have stolen the town. The Earp Brothers were no Heroes, they just happen to have the most and biggest guns. The Earp brothers rode into Tombstone and took the town over. Today you have the United States of America, it rides into your country and installs democracy, American style democracy. You have freedoms as long as you simple do as you are told. Step out of line, you are silenced. As Bush #1 said, 'and we will be successful'. When announcing to the World at the same United Nation assembly as the Pope Frances is about to do on the 24 of September. 'The World will be under one form of government (Mind Control), with one power that controls all others'.

Tombstone to the Catholic church is reminiscent of the lawlessness that ruled the streets of Tombstone, until the Earp brothers rolled into town. Their is only one group that is capable of attempting to rule the World's population. That would be the Pope and the Catholic church. No other religious group is large enough or organized enough to do so. Besides the Catholic church created all the other religions for control through divisions. Now as the numbers instruct, now it is near to the "Time". For the same Catholic church who created all other religions, take control of all the religions the church created. The Pope will instruct the World to take in all those who are now refuge or migrants, looking for a better life. When in fact the Catholic church as created the problems via Israel's and America's militarizes counties. ISIS, al-CIAda and other controlled groups are pawns in a much larger picture. They help the chaos that enables the controls to be put into place. (WWII was all about killing Whites off and the creation of Israel.)

As the days that have been pushed down everyone's throats approach. The World will see if another date that has been propagandized down the throats of the populaces come and goes. Maybe the World's population is being conditioned to ignore such dates put on them. Until one day when an Event does happen, no one was prepared for it. Who really knows for sure. Just simple always have plenty of food, water and other supplies you think you might need to get by with. When one day the government is truly your enemy and not the friend you may think it is now.

Americans are celebrating 'Labor Day Weekend'. A date given the Americans as an award of some sort, for being such good Slaves for the rest of the year. Just another example of the type of Mind Control the citizens of America are under. These Satanic dates are all set aside for the masses Control, Mind Control. The best Slave,is the Slave that doesn't know he or she is a Slave (reminder), the World today. Is enslaved with religions or money, it's just all the same. The 'Golden Rule', those with the Gold 'Rule'. And the American propaganda machine constantly tell the citizens of America, 'Gold is such an old school, you need (worthless) paper dollars'. The 'powers' print it, Americans buy the paper at interest. The only true conspiracy, is living in America today. To where all the government's Conspiracies are true, as long as the government says so. Anything you might have to say concerning the truth, the 'powers' just doesn't have "Time" for you.

"God" bless



Anonymous said...

Hello rd47,

We can't comment on Youtube so we choose to comment on this way.

It was very good to hear what Ahkima had to say throughout his Videos. Thank you that you uploaded them.

It would be nice to hear from Ahkima again, because he speaks honest.

We will at least visit your channel once in a while and see if there are some News on the Hopi.


Anna och Moritz from Sweden

rd47blog said...

Thanks for the kind words, I be back up to visit Hopi next summer, if not be fore. Next from Ahkima will be him interviewing me. We want to get some messages out to the Hopi Youth. To help them understand what his being done to the Hopi and the rest of the Native American population. Starting with diet that has been designed to shorten everyone's lives. Nice to hear that Ahkima has those who understand what is being said. thanks again RD

Anonymous said...

September 28th this year marking the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the last blood moon of the year. The 23rd is just the first day of Autumn or Fall.

Ask Ahkima who the next elder is? I need to know where it was found and which tribe of people found it.

Thank you for your time,

rd47blog said...

Ahkima would have no idea, "God" bless Ahkima, but he lives in the Wrong Village. Village and Clan are most important.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty sure that Ahkima lived in Hotevilla, but didn't believe he was of the same clan. I believe it will be much harder in the long run for him if he isn't living in that Village, but maybe there will be enough young people to bring things about in his Village. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It's Sept. 24th and we're still here!